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    Discussion [XBOX ONE] Zombies Easter Egg Service

    Hey wonderful people, I sit this whole day at home playing Black Ops Zombies since days already since quarantine time. So I thought myself why not help people complete their easter eggs. Just add me on Xbox One my Username is : xXZombonicXx This whole thing is completely free ofcourse I just...
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    Discussion Help im trying iso mod my waw game in 2020

    Im trying to use mod waw. Ive done everything that has to be done on computer with abgx360, wx360 or back up creator, changing the files and then the burning. I couldnt use some programs on mac so I had to do it on my pc that doesnt have a dvd drive or whatever so I put the iso and DVD file in a...
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    Working How to GET UNLIMITED DEATH MACHINE on ALL MAPS in Black Ops 3 Zombies!

    Hello everyone, Here's the full tutorial on how to get Unlimited Death Machine on All Maps/Unlimited Skull/DG-4s/Gauntlet/Unlimited Beast Mode/Indestructible Shield in BO3! Requirements: - 2 Controllers - First of all, go to your settings and turn off your internet - Then, start Black Ops 3 -...
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    Unsolved Black ops 2 zombies nuketown not showing up

    So ive tried hex editing it and that didnt work and ive tried using xm360 and 360mp to unlock snd it still does not show ive play it before not to long ago but recently i haven’t seen it in the map selection any tips ? update: I am on title update 18
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    Unsolved Call of duty : BO 2 zombies

    hello every one , thats my first post here so i have a network game center we play here via system link its only inside the game center not onile so the problem is > when i link more than 2 consoles into bo 2 zombies it get me out of the game and says fatal crash data and sometimes just the...
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    Requirements: - 1 Friend Steps: - First of all, join a friend in the zombies menu - Then go to weapon kit/secondaries/RK5/Paintjob & press "create new" - Once you've done that, ask your friend to go in Multiplayer with you - Once you're in multiplayer, press "back" a few times - Now there...
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    Unsolved defaultweapon_mp Error

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me with my problem. I am trying to install the Nuketown zombies dlc but when I try to start the map it says "Error Could not load default asset type 'weapon' (defaultweapon_mp). I was successfully able to install NukeTown for multiplayer though. (edit) I...
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    Discussion Blackout & Zombies

    It's has taken me 9 days to get to level get to level 81 in Blackout. I have 117 wins. I've been playing Blackout before Blackout the xp overhaul. Anyways. I play solo (but in quads) and have a positive K/D in Blackout. When I was level 23 someone added me when he was level 49. I'm now...
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    Waw Zombies -Modded Lobbies- Elasticity v1 - Msg for Invite -

    [email protected] Zombies Modded Lobby —————————- :Msg me for invite: PsychoEwe8001 — | Will infect if you ask | — | Lobby goes until I get bored, but you can get back in just join off of my profile | ————————————————— o(^o^)o (^^) _________________________ ( FREE CO-HOST ) When we get...
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    Zombies stat editor ?

    Im looking for any PC zombie stats editor so I can reset my rank/ change my rank. I know its late but anything will help :)
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    ☄Swerve's Modded Zombies & Multiplayer EXP Lobbies! [CLOSED!]☄

    Vouches: This is a FREE service, so please no ridiculous demands. Any hate or trash talk will get you a shiny little perma-ban from my lobbies. It's all about love. <3 You do not need to have a mic so that I can confirm if you are from Se7enSins. I'll check usernames. If you have a mic, no...
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    Unsolved Classified Easter Egg With Bots

    Hi, I know doing EE's can be complicated with bots as you have to all interact at the same time which bots don't, but Classified you just get to round 150 and the cut-scene triggers right? I haven't done it yet but I'm planning on with the support of bots, I'd be playing classic difficulty so it...
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    Solved Is there a custom mutations glitch that still works today?

    I never got to experience the custom mutations glitch before it was patched, is there a currently working version?
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    - Fyrepit V3 - Infection Using (Elasticity V1) Zombies Only

    Hello all se7ensinners :biggrin: Today I will be hosting - Fyrepit V3 - (Infections) Using 'Elasticity V1' How to join my lobby? 1. Send a message to my gamertag saying 'Se7' so I know that you are from the website :smile: 2. Please do not spam my inbox with messages. As it could get...
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    Unsolved I want to play zombies on a cracked game

    hey guys! i am currently downloading bo3 and it's a cracked version, but i am only downloading it for the offline zombies(going to play only zombies). i tried searching if it's possible and people are telling that you need to use cheat engine and stuff to make it work! and there are others who...
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    Elasticity V1 / Zombies Infection

    Post you're gamertag below and wait patiently for an invite to my lobby OPEN Infection: Fyrepit v3 Rules: No screaming No Spamming Messages If any issues message me Instructions: When infected go to solo zombies and once in the game press the back button on you're controller Take time to...
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    Solved Workaround to mod zombies without resuming campaign?

    The sad state of my Bo1 disc is holding me back from doing any real modding. I've been getting familiar with GPDs in the meantime and scouring the g,interwebz for a workaround to my issue. Oooook so >console got bumped >oh****.jpg >zombies keep spawning I keep slaying >day or 2 later jump on...
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    Unsolved Any way to save a game state to reload later? rgh xbox 360

    I've been playing black ops zombies split screen a ton on my rgh with my room mate. The issue is we will often get to round 20 or so on ascension and then have to pause for class, then come back and finish till we die. We usually don't have enough time or energy to finish an entire game in one...
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    Video NEW BO4 Voyage Of Despair Glitch

  20. Black Ops 4 Zombies Update And Event Now Live

    Black Ops 4 Zombies Update And Event Now Live

    Treyarch has rolled out a new update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. As the developer previously detailed, all three of the game's modes have gotten some attention with this week's patch, but the most were saved for Zombies, which has received a new in-game event and other content. Beginning...
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