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    Tutorial you need to have the DG-5 and a frag grenade and a friend you come to the spot where in the video let your friend use the frag use nowhere but there you should be outside the map then down yourself so your friend can go outside the map too go to the corner and run jump use the DG-5...
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    Discovery Black ops 3 leaderboard glitch?Multiplayer & Zombies

    I was searching through the leadarboards on zombies and i went to all and the top of the list on kills and it showed some hackers so i backed out of the leadarboards and the about 2 minutes later i went to goblegum and it showed a kn44 as a goblegum and it said i had 42000 kills and more and...
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    1st Glitch Tutorial : 1. go to the fire well area near spawn 2. make sure to dolphin dive across the well on the small rigid broken plank shown. 3. if done correctly the zombies will all pile up and you can hop out whenever. 2nd Glitch Tutorial : 1. go to the area with weapon damage perk...
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    Working WWII ZOMBIES - New Solo Wallbreach method for secret room

    Make your way to the room with the hole in the floor after getting armor and great weapons... if solo make sure to have quick revive!! Go against the bar and move right until you get stuck then turn towards the van and down yourself .... as you begin to revive make sure you are pulling back on...
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    Working 3 Still Working Rave In The Redwoods Out of Map Glitches

    VIDEO TUTORIAL TEXT TUTORIAL Glitch #1 1) Get a transponder grenade 2) Head over to the docks 3) Throw your transponder behind the boat into the water 4) Activate your transponder Glitch #2 1) Get a transponder grenade 2) Head over to the mine entrance by Camp Owl 3) Throw your transponder...
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    Working Attack of the radioactive thing - new pileup at pool

    Make your way to the pool area then simply walk up the stairs and look for a free standing pole ... walk inside of the pole slowly to ensure you are exactly in the middle for pileups !
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    Working Unlimited Skull afterpatch

    Requires widows wine and gas mask (Gas mask after unlimited skull) 1. Acquire skull 2. Hold skull, pop a spore and as your player coughs hit triangle or Y twice 3. Run down skull to 3 , get group of zombies and then hold r1 and let a zombie hit you to make widows wine stop a zombie while...
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    Working Origins - New Walk in pileup

    Head over to the generator I do and simply hop up on the broken board, if you line up in the right spot all zombies will Pileup and freeze .. that simple so enjoy before it's patched
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    Working Moon - Create your own pileup in map

    1. Leave the door closest to the teleporter closed on the moon 2. Have a friend go to the edge of the jump pad and launch themselves 3 pads and get to the sky barrier 3. All zombies will pileup up where your friend launched from , stand against the door that wasn't bought and enjoy AFK and...
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    Working Origins - God mode Wallbreach

    1. Get panzer to spawn and head underground where I do then simply walk back n forth behind corner of the wall and let the panzer claw grab you while behind the wall so that he pulls you inside of it .... you are now invincible to zombies and panzer!!
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    Working Moon - 2 new pileups !! Solo or Team

    1. When anti gravity is on simply go to the stairway with yellow rails and jump up on top of railing and walk to the edge and zombies will Pileup wherever you jumped!! 2. Go to teleporter and simply slide down wall slowly or jump up to invisible ledge all along the inside of teleporter but don't...
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    Working Der Eisendrache - Solo Pileup After all patches

    Simply walk upstairs at spawn and head to quick revive then walk along right side fence until you get to the last upward post , if in the correct spot all zombies will freeze!! Chronicles Hype !!
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    Guide: 1. Open the 2 doors leading to the furnace 2. Just behind the furnace you will see a wall which is falling apart (Just to the right of the boarded window) 3. Use any gun to shoot at the wall (small rock fragments float out of the wall, spin around, then recess back into the wall)
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    Working On top of Cars on SoE + first bounce on bo3?

    Hey guys here a new glitch to get on top of cars after patch on solo using the Shield boost. Text tutorial : To go on the barrier all you need is the Zombie Shield , once you have build your Shield go to the same place as me on the video and run and press R2 (boost) and X (jump) at the same...
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    ISO zombie glitching partners

    Looking for some people willing to do some zombies glitches. I know there are a bunch still around. Gamertag: bubbythewhale96 Send me a message
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    Guide: 1. Go into beast mode 2. Go up to any perk machine that you wanna buy (Must have enough credits & have the power turned on for the specific perk machine) 3. As the meter is about to run out, Hold X and rapidly spam click your right trigger *If done correctly, you will be teleported back...
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