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    Streaming / Video Playing Fortnite 3 Years Later

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    Streaming / Video Black Ops 3 Five Years Later

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    Streaming / Video Call of Duty Black Ops 1 In 2020

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    Show Off 2 Lower Thirds

    So I plan on working on more for other social media sites. I'll be updating the Youtube one later and I'll create a cleaner vid when everything is finished.
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    Streaming / Video New H1Z1 Montage, Feel Free To Give A Watch Thanks :)

    Feel free to leave a like & comment your thoughts, thank you :)
  6. What happened to @Tobuscus ?

    What happened to @Tobuscus ?

    What has happened to Tobuscus?
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    All Everyone's favorite call of duty of the decade

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    YouTube channel growth

    Hey guys! I'm new to content creating and just recently started putting together a few montages on youtube of Cod, Fortnite and Halo Masterchief collection. It would help out a lot if y'all could checkout a few videos and leave some feedback on how i can make them better or just simply...
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    Pay for youtube intro

    So i have took a long break from youtube and now i am coming back and starting up a new gaming channel. I am looking for a new youtube intro (willing to pay), just looking for a clean fresh intro. For full details HMU on twitter @eV_Razer or email me @ [email protected] If you are doing...
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    Video Old Town Road - Lil Nas X Music Video

    Hey all! New video CBA to make a caption
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    Working *EASY*Glitch* Spawn before all People with personal gun

    OK guys i have found a New glitch ! *FREE ROAM PRIVATE AND SPAWN BEFORE ALL PEOPLE * With this glitch you can now spawn on gun rush team before all People ! For do this glitch follow my Step : Step 1 join an gun rush in team Step 2 when you are into thé lobby before thé game start, click on...
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    Mobile If You love Cars This is a Great Game To Play

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    Video Playing BLACK OPS 2 IN 2019

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    Video First montage after years

    i just got back to editing after years and made a little montage today :smile: If you guys are interested ill leave a link here for you to check it out. Hope you guys enjoy!
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    PS4 SPIDER MAN VS Doctor OCTOPUS FINAL BATTLE PS4 2018 - What is your FAVORITE villain of the game?

    I would like to share with all this spectacular combat with the final boss in the Marvel Spiderman for PS4. In my humble opinion Doctor Octopus is the best villain of the game. What is your favorite villain of the game? I await your comments.
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    Looking for constructive criticism

    Hey everyone, i decided to try making YouTube videos with a buddy and i'm looking to see if anyone could give me some tips on how to improve and some constructive criticism. we're pretty much a channel dedicated to older video games, Super Nintendo, N64, Sega and so on. Thanks in advance...
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    Video My First Fortnite Montage *Sniper Kills, Double Kills, Trap Kills, & MORE*

    Well here it is, didn't realize i clipped so many dope kills. Hope Y'all enjoy!
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