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  1. MrModzFTWxD

    Game Mods  [ 1.27 ] - Cold War Public Cheater Mod Tool - [ PS4 / 9.00 ]

    Black Ops Cold War Public Cheater Tool - 1.27 - By MrMods & OhItsDiiTz Hello Se7enSins, Today I am releasing my Cold War PBCT tool. Both MrMods (Me) & OhItsDiiTz was working on this tool for a week or so and I have decided it would be good to release the BETA. We chose to release the tool in...
  2. DRIP STAR and I SLAP HOOKERS | Plunder Trios | RUBY RANKING! $1.6 Million

    DRIP STAR and I SLAP HOOKERS | Plunder Trios | RUBY RANKING! $1.6 Million

    hey everyone thanks to all who were watching the stream, we had a lot of fun playing plunder, patrol, and rebirth. ewe got ruby twice in a row! they was mad...
  3. INSANE FFA Blitz! | Vanguard | DRIP STAR LIVE

    INSANE FFA Blitz! | Vanguard | DRIP STAR LIVE

    Hey, hey, hey, check out this quickplay blitz match! I fought hard, secured the victory... would have been better to secure the top spot! Come join in and play using the VC Channels in the Se7enSins Official Discord!
  4. TheLiQuiD95

    Streaming / Video  Dream $10,000 Gaming Setup/Music Studio Tour

    Dream $10,000 Gaming Setup/Music Studio Tour Tell me what I should change or add to my setup in comments below thanks
  5. Battlefield Hardline Campaign walkthrough

    Battlefield Hardline Campaign walkthrough

    this is the first video in the series i have about 5 or six videos up on this right now lemme kno if you'd like to request a game for me to play or review
  6. VinnyHaw

    VinnyHaw Intro

    Created this new intro for my youtube channel. Every piece of art that appears behind the animation was made by myself as well and can be found on my website and ArtStation.
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