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    Working Creating a FULL Donor Car with all the "unique" features

    The intention of this post is to teach you how to create "from scratch" a FULL Donor Vehicle with all of the "unique" features, ready to be transfered / merged to any other vehicle: Benny´s wheels that have unscratched color Seasonal Honk Patriot Smoke Unscratched paint job...
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    [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] Helpful Links: Crew Matte Pearl Texture Arena on Arena War Vehicles. Setting up a Donor Vehicles with Secret gold interiors. Merge a Bandito to another Vehicle. Merging special vehicles Merging the Anti Aircraft trailer
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    Solved Yankton plates Again ?

    I'm totaly new hear so I hope this is the right thread So today I saw a Insurgent Pickup custom with yankton plate on Xbox One..But the Charles version doesn't work anymore..so does anyone know how to get yankton plates again ?
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    Solved Modded Paintjobs + Yankton Plates on New Cars like Elegy Retro Custom or Vagner??

    in the last days i see lots of Modded cars because the GC2F Glitch and i see cars like Vagner and Elegy Retro Custom and more with the Yankton Plate and Modded 3D Colors, now my question is how they do that because with Charles you cant place yankton plates and you cant make 3D colors with...
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