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  1. GlitchSquad

    Patched  RISK FREE NEW METHOD* Buy EVERYTHING for FREE in GTA & make 5 MILLION extra!

    Here is the after patch for the buy everything for free glitch which has been patched today.. Founders of the original glitch: WFG & supr420 Founders After-Patch: Apokalypt & seykoTiVi1 & 7sins Forum Preparation steps: Add your friends PSN account on your console, play the prologue and go...
  2. LegendaryOaks

    Patched  Bypass yacht defenses

    I discovered by "accident" that you can bypass yacht defenses by glitching the lobby your in 1. Do the bugged lobby glitch 2. Grab a attack helicopter like a savage, hunter, or buzzards 3. Fly to the yacht, most the extras on the yacht will not be loaded in 4. Blow everyone up 5. Win You can...
  3. A

    Patched  Glitchy Yacht Purchase via colored BMX methods

    Update: So far we seem to have gotten Step #7 to be: Color, Fittings, and Lighting Upgrades for free! :smile: Hey everyone, so the video below was posted over in the Videos section by Bloodcladkiller but I managed to get something of a result, but I can only do this once more so I'm looking for...
  4. JayBobGamerZzYT

    Patched  Yacht Duplication Glitch 1.31

    Alrighty guys here's a super easy glitch on duplicating personal Yachts in GTA Online freeroam, you can fill up the entire available space for Yachts (12 locations, 3 Yachts per location), 36. FOUNDERS: JDROCKS/JD - https://goo.gl/uxO7qi TargetGaming - https://goo.gl/13eo6P PLEASE GIVE CREDIT...
  5. B

    Video  Free yacht Glitch ??

    Found this weird Glitch in GTA Maybe someone can find a Glitch out this
  6. D

    Discussion  Rate the Yacht Above Your Post

    So I'm sure we've all at least browsed if not posted in the thread where you rate the vehicle in the post above yours, and with today's update I think it would be cool to do the same with everyone's new yachts. With three yachts to choose from and the many customizations, I'm sure there will...
  7. logan_challis

    Discussion  what did you name your yacht?

    I named mine the "S.S. Big Booty Btchs"
  8. JONNY0

    Patched  [Current Gen] Access The Yacht In Freemode

    This glitch will allow you to get on the Yacht in Freemode The Glitch 1) Start Slasher III adversary mode (doesn't seem to matter if you are hosting or not) 2) Quit the job when you're in the Team/Outfit selection screen. 3) Once you are placed back into free roam the yacht will be...
  9. JadenPlays

    Patched  [1.26/Last-Gen Only/Xbox360]How to get the Yacht or Air Craft Carier in freemode!

    Step 1: Download the mission: Yacht: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/4YRw5XatTk6AMKqLjeTy7A Aircraft Carrier: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/xbox/jobs/job/DX93coyBD0mV_qQTmGnpmA Step 2: Load up the job(you will need a friend or wait for a random to...
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