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  1. Smokey xKoVx

    Mod Menu  ISO/RGH Mod Menu Myten V1 Release + Download (+Modded Camos)

    So today i bring you my ISO mod menu for cod 4 campaign. I dont think anyone has made an ISO mod menu on here before, so thought id be the first and let some people have some fun (that have normal consoles) This Mod also gives you modded camos to use online, but some are kinda bad (if you watch...
  2. Smokey xKoVx

    MW2 TU8 Big List Of Zones By Me

    These are some cool things that i have found for the game and thought others might want them as well. I have seen a couple of people posting zones, but not many. Since i have alot, i thought this would be something useful to others. What do these do? These let you edit the text which is on the...
  3. Pcant xKoVx

    Call Of Duty World At War/ Summer Bass V2 Infections/ Free - Open

    Status- Closed Gamertag: Pcant xK0Vx It's A Zero Not An O Send Me A Friend Request And Join My Lobby. Once The Lobby Is Closed Please Do Not Continue To Spam Me. Once You Join My Game Exit And Go To Split Screen And Start A Match, It Will Kick You And Change Your Clan Tag. Then Rejoin Me And...
  4. Pcant xKoVx

    MW2 Modded Lobby Using Smokey xKoVx V1.2/ Free Mods - Open

    Hosting Status - Active :Info: Gamertag: Pcant xK0Vx It's A Zero Not An O. Menu: Elysium 1.4 Send Me A Friend Request And Join My Lobby. It Will Auto Verify You Upon Joining. Only Seven People At Once Can Do The Unlock All. This Menu Is Still In Beta, If You Seem To Have Any Issues Please Tell...
  5. Smokey xKoVx

    Tutorial  USB Mods | Spec Ops & Campaign Real God Mode + More Release

    WUS GOOD! This is probably a bit late as the game is old now, but i thought why not and its probably useful to some people. So this is a save ive made that gives you mods for the campaign and spec ops. Ive never seen actual god mode for this, so thought id try and do one. Includes: Super Jump...
  6. pzho


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