1. Slimeguy42

    Solved  Can someone tell me what is xk3y,how does it work?

    Can someone tell me what is xk3y,how does it work?
  2. A

    Discussion  X360key - what if source would be released?

    Hi everyone, I wonder if there are other people like me who would like to see the xkey of the x360 being updated again maybe with the help of the community. I acknowledge the fantastic work of TheArtificer, MrWaffle, diagdave, rejdzu, UglyClicker and inquam... You guys transformed our gaming...
  3. Iphrem

    x360key/xk3y Drive Dump

    Is TX USB Pro v2 the only way of dumping the drive firmware or can this be done using a simple SATA-to-USB cable and the recommended software? I'd like to be sure before I begin purchasing hardware as the TX USB Pro v2 is currently outrageously priced online. Thanks for any support moving forward.
  4. Mr Knife God

    Unsolved  Dumping Lite on DVD key with Maximus scorpion 2

    Does anyone remember where to place the Grabbers on the DVD drive for flashing Lite ons with the scorpion 2? I've been Googling everywhere and they only show guides for the ck3 and the old Maximus probe(with the hooks). If anyone knows I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  5. Shenmue

    Unsolved  Few Console Questions

    Ok, So its been a while since iv done ANY modding, I went AWOL for a while focusing on LIFE ect, But i recently found my falcon RGH 2.0, Its nice & pretty butttttt... Im picky and well want more :tongue: I want a Dual Nand xbox with a xK3y, What chip would you recommend and what console for...
  6. P

    Unsolved  Xk3y : Partitioned HDD possible? .... How to get past the DVDmenu 99 Games issue

    I am trying to get around the 99 games in DVD menu problem. If i partition a HDD into two 1.5TB partitions, will the Xk3y see both partitions? I do have the remote on my XK3y. hoping that means something Thanks in advance
  7. A

    Unsolved  XK3Y USB Replacement?

    I hope this is the correct place to ask this but I had an XK3Y since I was 14. My XK3Y 360 has been in my closet for a few years and I decided to play some old games again today. I took it out of a storage container and I noticed that the USB dongle was completely broken. I looked online and I...
  8. Derf Jagged

    Unsolved  Can I use stock firmware for XK3Y if I already have my DVD key? (installing XK3Y on JTAG)

    Hello! I was given an XK3Y for extremely cheap, and I'd like to explore all possibilities with it and document it all on the /r/360hacks wiki. I have installed it in my JTAG, as I was under the impression that all I needed was my DVD key to use it, but it seems that the install guides want you...
  9. S

    Solved  Xkey Help

    I recently bought an xkey and had some questions: 1. Remote or ISOmenu/DVDmenu? a. Where do I buy one? 2. Does the xkey wifi dongle work without remote? 3. Any other other way of controlling like, an arduino?
  10. jimmyperkins91

    Solved  RGH Help

    so i want to rgh my console and wanna know which chip do i get? the X360ACE V3 or Coolrunner Rev C ? i only plan on doing a dvd key extraction for my xk3y, And i want to use my xbox 360 slim for online with the xk3y with no rgh. thanks XBOX 360 SLIM White DG-16D5S philips lite on 12V 9,6A Date...
  11. jimmyperkins91

    Solved  Xk3y dvd key help!

    OK so i'm trying to get the DVD keys from the drive,It says on jungle flasher dvd key not found and it all so says mtk vendor mode failed.Is my slim not compatible? the manufacture date on the console says 2012-09-20 and dvd drive is DG-16D5S Philips & Lite-on, the 360 is on the latest dashboard.
  12. N

    Solved  Xk3y remote battery is low

    As the title says I believe my xk3y remote's battery has drained and it barely shows any text on its screen. I have to lean into it to read the text and sometimes I have to guestimate what I am clicking on. I have not had my xbox 360 and xk3y plugged in since 2014 and it must be the cause of it...
  13. Quast

    Unsolved  I can't play online with XK3Y ?

    Hi, I have been long time since I played online, today I login to play halo 4 and GoW 3 but screen kept giving me error some time lag on the main screen, black screen and now if i want to update game file this error show up "4467 0000 D080 0200 8007 2F76". I can play offline without any issue...
  14. Sharkys Customs

    Solved  Need Xkey / Xk3y Latest Firmware, All Links are Dead

    Need Xkey / Xk3y Latest Firmware, All Links are Dead on google. Anyone that can help would be awesome! Thanks for reading.
  15. K

    Solved  X360Key Only Sometimes Powers Up the Remote

    Hi All, I have had my X360Key (Xk3y?) installed for a bunch of years at this point, and it has always worked the same way for me: Power on Console, eject tray, wait for the remote to indicate 'ISO', the remote would automatically 'close tray', and I could access my backups from my HDD using the...
  16. 3

    Unsolved  XKEY Problems

    Hi Everybody, I just purchased a a 360 (Phat Model) pre-modded with an XKEY. I already owned a remote. It looks like a good mod and the seller was rock solid, he just isn't super tech savvy but claims it was working when he shipped. He has offered a full refund but I believe everything is good...
  17. B

    Solved  Xk3y DVD key

    Hello, Can I get the DVD key using the xk3y? It says it can now be used to connect to your PC to back up games. If not, what do I need? Thanks,
  18. B

    Solved  Xk3y + Lite-on 16D4S

    Do I have to use the Sputnik360 probe/switch to get the key? http://team-xecuter.com/forums/threads/68271-SPUTNIK360-SWITCH-PROBE-Instructions Thanks
  19. T

    Unsolved  Xk3y help please

    i have recently installed my xkey to my phat lite on 360, updated firmware to the newest one and for some reason when I try and load some iso files from hd my console crashes and the lower right light one the front flashes red. But other games/isos work perfect. I'm know the isos are not corrupt...
  20. GanderPan

    Solved  xk3y help

    Hey everyone, I just purchased a jesper with xk3y already installed.. it came with the dongle that you can plug the hdd into, but didn't come with the remote (though I was told it works without it.) I can't figure this thing out.. I've tried following some tutorials, but most of them stop...
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