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    Unsolved  How to switch disc 1 to 2 dead space 2

    Hi guys I have a problem with the game dead space 2 ... xbox 360 i use the xex menu program and when i finished disc 1 it calls disc 2 knowing that the game i have is complete and often you transfer automatically ... but now i have not tried a lot and i used aurora program And anything but...
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    Unsolved  Xbox 360 RGH Unable to play games

    Hey guys, I may be posting this in the wrong place but if so I would greatly appreciate it if it was placed in the right place. Anyways the issue I am having is I have a 360 RGH and I can load Aurora, Dashlaunch 3.19, XEX Menu 1.2, & and dashboard. However when I try to transfer one of the...
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    Discussion  Simple XEX Launcher By Hab (C# CodE)

    This Is A Simple XEX Launcher With A Notify Show When Your Launching It 1. Make A Text Box Remember The Name Replace The Text Box Name With TextBox1.Text P.S Put The Xex In The Hdd Copy The Name Paste It In The Text Box And Press The Button private void Button0_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)...
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    Sugden Mod Tool | V1

    So, I wanted to release this tool for the public, here it is! Virus Scan - https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/ff86b0f8347b4bf0c7891558ed50c0a606c93a148ae8b1d72cd234393d4b07b3/detection Download - https://www.sendspace.com/file/s9o7y9 Images - (Only the V1 Version so its gonna look bad ;p)
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