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  1. I

    Question  Hitachi DVD drive PCB dead?

    I flashed my Hitachi GDR-3120 a while ago and it started dying after that. The only way it would work would be if I manually ejected it with the console on, put in a game, pushed it back in slightly and then turned on the 360. The console would retract the tray, read the disc, and work after...
  2. R

    Question  XENON - Xbox 360 GPU removal gone bad

    I had this old Xenon Xbox 360 laying around with the RROD. I attempted to pull the GPU because the solder balls were not contacting the board. I’m pretty sure the GPU is toast because many of the pads on the GPU were lifted during my poor attempt at removing it. However, I'm unsure if the...
  3. G

    Question  [Noob] Xbox 360 Logo Stuck, No NAND, XeLL Stuck at TFTP, Please Help!

    Hello friends, I was given a modded console that has been bought / sold multiple times, and finally landed in my hands, by my brother as a gift for Thanksgiving. I have no experience in Xbox 360 modding (although, I have software-modded other consoles), so I'm reaching out to anyone willing to...
  4. L

    Question  Xbox 360 with "Christmas Lights" error

    I have a Xenon Xbox 360 which is displaying the 'Christmas Lights' error. I received the console like this. I opened it up and attempted to dump the NAND/CPU Key in the hope I could just reflash the NAND but it turns out I was not able to recover the CPU key using my JR Programmer. When the...
  5. J

    Question  Matrix v3, Pi Pico Xenon Modding RGH 1.2

    I am modding a bunch of xbox 360 consoles I bought for dirt cheap (10 I got for about 80$). I have already modded the Falcons, however there are 6 Xenon's that I want to mod as well. I want to know What I need to Mod them Using Matrix Glitcher's (v3) I bought a pack of 10 of them for 25$. Here...
  6. J

    Solved  Xenon RGH3/Chipless (Please explain why its not possible)

    I got a bundle of Xbox 360's (12) 10 of them are Xenon's (7 have dead Dvd Drives, One has a power supply failure (When I plug it in and attempt to turn it on the Power brick red lights and stops working until its sat unplugged for about 3 minutes), One has dead Memory card/remote controller...
  7. N

    Tutorial  Updated guide for XENON RGH with EXT_CLK

    UPDATED GUIDE FOR XENON RGH WITH EXT_CLK A lot has changed since last thread, so I decided to make an updated guide. I will be using Matrix V3 glitcher, but compatible are also Coolrunners and soon ACE V3 glitchers. This guide will be focused on EXT_CLK instead of PLL point, since on 90nm CPUs...
  8. R

    Question  Problem with ACE V3 PROGRAMMING

    Hi there Community, i'm Having some issues trying to program my Ace V3 for Xenon Motherboard, J-Runner is displaying a message saying that the Xilinx Device is not being detected. I attached the error message, the soldering job and the leds. Can you help me?
  9. SYM_420

    Discussion  Super old xenon on blades dashboard

    So not long ago I found a really cheap untested xenon and when I got it plugged in at home I saw it still had the old blades dashboard (ver: 2.0.5787.0) and I was basically wondering if this console has any use for the modding community (idk it’s supa old so idk) if not I’m probably going to mod...
  10. M

    Question  XENON JTAG RROD after flashing

    yo guys, had fully working retail (no mods ever done to the console) XENON xbox360 today I have sucesfully read NAND of my xbox two times, compared, all fine created XELL-reloaded and wrote it sucesfully did the two diodes lines between J2D2 and J1F1 plus the inter link on J2D2, i believe my...
  11. C

    Solved  Is there any way to get rid or prevent Xbox from updating?

    Hello so I got a xenon Xbox 360 on dash 8507 but everytime I turn it on the console boots and ask for a system update I always select “no update later” but I’m scared I’m gonna accidentally update. Is there anyway to disable the efuses from blowing so even if I do accidentally attempt to update...
  12. Risking Perfect

    Question  Looking for Xenon TTL files.

    I have tried RGH 1.2 on several xenons with no luck and recently found information on using ttl to get the cpu key of the console. My only goal is to get the cpu key and build a downgraded dashboard back to blades. This is a 2006 xenon I havent looked at the cpu much so I can't tell you where it...
  13. L

    Question  RGH 1.2 Xenon Only Boots Xell

    Hi ladies and gentlemen, Hopefully you might have an answer to this. Using an X360Ace v3, I am able to get the console to boot the xenon xell pretty quickly using the dynamic file, but if I go through the AutoGG and try and build a falcon file, the console will not boot the dashboard. It just...
  14. B

    Question  Can you R-Jtag an Xbox 360 Xenon?

    I was wondering if you can R-Jtag an xbox 360 xenon, my xenons dash is 2.0.14699.0. What methods are available for my xenon.
  15. ndrewwb

    Question  Xenon RGH 1.2 with a coolrunner rev c?

    Some quick context here in case anyone is wondering why I'd want to do something so truly absurd as this. I have a Falcon RGH 1.2 and a Xenon JTAG but I also own a second Xenon that's completely stock on the latest dashboard which is unfortunately missing it's original DVD key. I don't use my...
  16. E

    Question  Xbox 360 xenon: worth modding?

    I’ve never installed a rgh, rjtag, or even jtag modded a console. I’ve wanted to do this for years just never had the money when I was younger. Moving on to the point of this post now: I have two 360 consoles at the moment. One is a phat xenon, and the other is a slim (haven’t checked the what...
  17. XenonXploitorZ

    Question  The JTAG vs RGH freezings/reboots/bugs issues !

    Hello everybody. I have been in the scene since the first liteon drives exploit around 2009 . I have missed the JTAG hack back then with the xenons and the like. I then proceeded to the RGH exploit on my falcon , i have sucessfully installed the chip and got the console fully hacked. I started...
  18. jayram1408

    Solved  There are so many diffrent modding instructions so what should I do?

    I have 2 Xenon and 2 Zephyr boards. They all work but im trying to go about whats gonna be the best way to mod 2 of them? I want to do one of each. I want to chip them. All though I have never done a 360 but I have done several OG Xbox's. Im looking for the most reliable. I dont play online but...
  19. Arcade-Influenced Xenon Racer Launches March 26 on PS4

    Arcade-Influenced Xenon Racer Launches March 26 on PS4

    Hi there! I’m Francesco Bruschi, CEO of development studio 3DClouds. We are bringing arcade racing back with the futuristic Xenon Racer! I can’t wait for you to get your hands on it when it releases later this month. But first, I would like to tell you the story of how my past as a go-kart...
  20. Mobfather Repair

    Solved  Xenon RGH 1.2

    I am attempting the RGH 1.2 on a Xenon with an Ace V3 and the Xenon dynamic file. I programmed and prepped the V3 and installed the Chip as directed. However the chip is not showing signs of attempting to glitch. The console had 4 bad blocks. When I read the nand and I did write the Xenon.ecc...
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