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xecuter sx os

  1. S

    Support  What's the new of the fake sx payload?

    The faske SX payload is safe? or not?
  2. ElodieX

    Discussion  Xecuter SX Pro has been shipped already by this site.

    I have receieved a message by email from the seller LinkerFrance, my order has been sent yesterday, I am so happy that it will not be too long I can receieved my SX Pro.
  3. S

    Discussion  Team Xecuter shows the first unboxing video of Xecuter SX pro

    Does anyone see the video? I don't know it means the sale date will be advaced? and I don't know the news that someone says he has received the Xecuter SX pro. It's true?
  4. ElodieX

    Support  Can Xecuter SX Pro and Xecuter SX OS support TV mode on Nintendo Switch?

    You know, the tv mode on Switch allows you to play Nintendo Switch games on a bigger screen. You can play alone, or gather people around you to play together! So I would like to know if the Xecuter SX Pro can support the tv mode? Sometimes I really want to play games with a big screen.
  5. S

    Support  TV mode when install OS CFW on Switch?

    Can't get any information on it, will we still use TV mode after installing OS CFW to the Switch? Anyone knows?
  6. S

    Support  Can Xecuter SX Pro support Nintendo Switch version 5.1.0?

    I placed an order on 3DS-Flashcard site, and the news of updated Nintendo Switch version 5.1.0. So, I want to know if Xecuter SX Pro support the new version?
  7. S

    Support  what should I do if I only but the Xecuter SX OS?

    Can anyone give me the professional guidance of buying Xecuter SX pro and OS? I find the official seller from https://team-xecuter.com/where-to-buy/, Which called 3DS-Flashcard site. they promise to send the OS code while I buy the Xecuter SX Pro, Can anyone give me the suggestions?
  8. ElodieX

    Support  Is it worth to buy a product of Xecuter SX Family for my Nintendo Switch now?

    I have already bought my switch for long time, but because of the lack of the games and too expensive games, I can not make a decision to give it up. And now, there is a flashcard for Nintendo Switch,we will not worry about the lack of games, but there are two products , should I buy one ?
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