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  1. C

    Question  Error when trying to create xebuild image with J-Runner

    Hello guys, I'm currently trying to mod an Xbox 360 slim E. The motherboard is a Cornona 16MB on V:2.0.17559.0. Writing Xell worked without any problems, now when I enter the CPU key and try to create XeBuild I get an error message that kv.bin(-1) cannot be read. Does anyone have an idea what...
  2. Ritax

    Question  how can i update my RGH xbox 360 console on android device?

    my pc was crashed badly and I can't install new xebuild on it is it possible to update my xbox to 17599 kernel with my android device ? if so how can i do that?
  3. MilkySharpMan

    Question  Looking for 14699 Jrunner/XeBuild Dash Files

    I am doing RGH 1.0 on my Jasper that i updated to the latest supported dash, 14699. I refuse to update to a newer dashboard, unless i can somehow stay with RGH 1.0 and NOT 1.2. I also jumped the eFuse protection point so I can't accidentally screw up by updating. I successfully created the Xell...
  4. SGCSam

    Question  Hardware Revisions and Kernel Versions

    Hey everyone, After looking into XeBuild patches a while back and getting older dashes to run on consoles with newer hack methods like RGH, I've noticed/heard that kernel versions only work on certain hardware revisions of consoles. For example, a few weeks back, I managed to get 9199 to run...
  5. H

    Question  Game Discs not reading, "Play DVD" after upgrading JTAG/RGH to latest 17526

    Hi Pro's, I recently upgraded my 4GB xbox 360 console jtag/rgh to latest 17526 using a youtube tutorial by using flash 360 and XebuildGui.2.0 I also updated my DashLaunch to 3.19 I followed the online tutorials regarding updation of kernel. All my games in HDD seem to be working properly and now...
  6. S

    Solved  Error in Jrunner when trying to create xebuild image

    Hello, I am trying to create an Xebuild image for my Jasper 360 on dash 17526, however I am getting an error. Here is the log: I have already taken the CPU key (and all other KV info) off the network. The NAND files are also loaded properly. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance!
  7. M

    Solved  Avatar update using Xexmenu 1.1 without internet, safe to use MS provided update?

    Hello! I've been searching, scrolling and reading for the last 2 hours, and as far as I know this thread mentions what I need to do: https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/17511-avatar-update-wont-install-on-rgh-360.1670894/#post-13246024 i.e. get the update, rename with 2 $$ and install it...
  8. M

    Solved  Cant Complete NAND Image XeBuild/JRunner

    Hey I just got a rgh (trinity) about a week ago and I realized that I wasn't on the latest dashboard and tried to update it. Im currently on 17511 and I dumped my NAND following a video on how to update your dashboard on an rgh and when I got into XeBuild i got this error. **** could not read...
  9. Peason5192000

    Solved  Trying to update console to latest dashboard

    when i put my flashdmp into Xebuild it’s fine but when i put my cpukey in it said couldn’t extract KV/corrupt kv and won’t let me use that cpu key. But i have a couple of extra cpu keys and it pops up with a cpu key in the file but i’m a little worried it may brick my rgh. if anybody knows what...
  10. Captainblood20

    Solved  RGH Modding Tools not detecting my RGH

    My plugins are plugin1 = Hdd:\xbdm.xex plugin2 = Hdd:\RealNigga.xex plugin3 = Hdd:\XRPC.xex plugin4 = Hdd:\JRPC.xex plugin5 = Hdd:\BO2Spoofer.xex My tool uses plugin 5. The tool was working before I switched stealth's and I also changed to Ethernet and now my tools wont work. I receive a error...
  11. K

    Solved  xbox 360 avatar update - corona 4g rgh

    Hi! Could you please help me with a problem I encountered while I was trying to update avatars with xebuild? I've followed the forum's tutorials for my xbox 360 corona 4g rgh jtag. I've done the last update with new Kernel 17511 with xeBuild using simple 360 nand flasher, it was a success...
  12. R

    Solved  Cant read or write to the nand after I wrote xell to nand

    So I wrote xell to the nand and it boots on my Xbox. I turned off my PC to go to bed and went to continue in the morning and I now can't read/ write to the NAND. I have the CPU key and have created the xebuild image. I just can't write it.. Any ideas?
  13. Rusver

    Solved  xbox 360 bricked error e79 - please help

    hi everyone i have rgh xbox... i tried to update to last dushboard via youtube video, I did everything and now the xbox lunched for 2 sec and then the red ring shows up with e79 error. i build udpflash via xebuild and flashdump. xell works, i have cpu key and dvd key, i tried again to build...
  14. itsikg

    Solved  Lego Dimensions on RGH console

    Hi all, It's kind of a long story so please bear with me... :) I'm got a slim XBOX360 with RGH and use a USB HDD to store and launch games (GOD images). A while back I had a crash of the internal storage space, and it appears on the console as unformatted storage device (any attempt to format it...
  15. FatPhony

    Solved  Is it possible to flash LT+3.0 when writing new NAND to JTAG/RGH

    So as far as i know, when updating your xbox, you will also write new FW to the dvd drive, but i thought if it was possible to hack the DVD FW in XeBuild and when flashing the new updated nand, it would automatically your DVD drive with LT+3.0, As far as it seems its possible, and if so can...
  16. vG Becks

    Solved  Please help me with RGH

    Hey forums, I need some help with modding. I am 15 and have been playing Xbox 360 for 4 years, mainly BO2 and GTA V. I'm looking to get an RGH on my Xbox but I have some questions. Where can I buy an RGH for the Xbox I have? (I don't need a new Xbox it works fine and im trying to save money)...
  17. A

    Solved  Updating Dashboard Error with Kv?

    Hey, Every time i try to update my nand with xebuild (even jrunner) when generating a new image it pops up with saying Kv.bin could not be read. Causing other things to happen. https://gyazo.com/5f8a9bcf16c9884f89664cdc42aef318 I unchecked Custome Xebuild setting, rechecked CPU and other tips I...
  18. L

    Solved  Dashboard Update (17489) Problem

    when i put my NAND into xebuild (the newest one) the dashboard version has an X and it doesnt show my kernel version. is there any way i can fix this OR if i type in the kernel version and do everything as normal will it work. i've tried getting my NAND multiple times with flash 360 AND simple...
  19. Noobert

    Tutorial  How to Update Your RGH/Jtag to 17559

    I'm making this so people can stop bricking their consoles... Things to Download XeBuild 17559 Download | Virus Scan Simple 360 Nand Flasher Download | Virus Scan **************** Before Starting, Remove your Current Launch.ini. If you don't you may be stuck on the Xbox Logo after Boot...
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