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  1. G

    Question  Xbox 360 disc tray not detected after flashing back original nand

    Hello! 👋 I attempted to RGH 1.2 my Xbox 360 Jasper. Long story short, I didn't succeed, flashed the stock Nand back. Everything boots up fine but the disc tray is not functioning. It does nothing when you press to open it, no sounds, nothing. Could anybody help me troubleshoot or fix the issue...
  2. K

    Hardware Mods  XBOX360 - Mine No Longer Functions! Need to Mod my XBOX360 DVD DG-16D5S to My PC so I can use Xenia Emulator. - 12 Pin Power to SATA - How?

    XBOX360 - Mine No Longer Functions! Need to Mod my XBOX360 DVD DG-16D5S to My PC so I can use Xenia Emulator. - 12 Pin Power to SATA - How? Thanks in advanced! I searched Amazon & eBay for a Molex Adapter to no Avail. Any Assistance Appreciated!
  3. K

    Question  How do I know which modding does my Xbox 360 have?

    Hi! I got a Xbox 360 as a gift years and years ago. I know it can run pirated dvds, however I don't know which modding was done to it to be able to do it. Is there a way I can know which modding it has?
  4. F

    Question  No longer possible to add new game to HDD

    Hi, I'm new to modding a XBOX360 but I've gotten it to work. I've downloaded multiple games and played it. The games are extracted using ISO2GOD and dropped into the Content/0000 Folder. But pretty recently, I am no longer able to add new games to the HDD. When I launch the newly transferred...
  5. P

    Question  bricked xbox 360 falcon bad nand

    i tried to rgh3 my xbox 360 falcon. i bought a raspberry pi pico and installed pi flasher. i welded a diode and 22k ohm resistor, then, welded my raspberry to nand pins. then went to jrunner and did some errors. at first i lost my original nand beacause i didn't made a backup, but before, i made...
  6. S

    Question  Character mods?

    I recently found a mod for Mortal Kombat (2011) on the RGH XBOX 360 that unlocks Goro, Kintaro and Shao Kahn as playable characters. The mod works normally, with the obvious exception of being unable to use the characters in fatality tutorial mode. Other than that, they work like all the others...
  7. Cryntic

    Question  Using Linux to RGH my console!?!?

    Looking to RGH my first time ever. The only drawback is that every guide specifies the use of Win PC. Would I be able to run the software via 'WINE' and be okay!? Any info helps! EDIT: Haven't done much research, and knowing linux software I figured I'd ask here first.
  8. XboxOneGamerrrrr

    Question  | RGH |What do KV’s do?

    So recently I’ve been wanting to get into modding and so I’ve been learning about everything I would need for my rgh. I would buy an rgh that comes with the necessary downloads pre-installed, and I know that I have to buy server time. (But I actually don’t know if I have to also buy Xbox live or...
  9. Murtpoiss

    Question  Where to solder xKey ribbon cables

    Could someone tell me where could i resolder my ribbon cable 4 pins and still use it? The place where it should go has been broken and i'd like to know if someone could tell me where those 4 pins lead and i could fix it by soldering the wires there ... I think i can make it work if someone could...
  10. Z

    Question  PicoFlasher won't detect my Xbox 360 S (Trinity)

    As the title states, I am attempting to read the NAND from my Xbox 360 S Trinity. I have a Raspberry Pi Pico wired to the NAND points (I have them attached to the bottom of the motherboard), I am using an OEM power brick, and I am using a computer that I have used to read the NANDs of two...
  11. M

    Question  XBOX 360 Which NAND do I have?

    Hi everyone, I want to mod my Xbox but I don’t know which chip I have… around the chip it looks like Corona V1 Nand chip but the chip itself looks like the V3 one…. atleast thats my understanding after reading the Ultimate exploit guide.
  12. 3

    Question  cannot write xebuild into xbox 360 trinity not sure what is the problem

    Hey guys this is my first time working with anything like this so please if you could help here I tried to rgh chipless mod an old xbox 360 trinity that I had lying around using J-runner and pi pico for flashing but missed up a bit with the soldering that and it affected flashing the Nand, but I...
  13. O

    Question  trinity slim rgh3 - xell not booting

    I got xbox 360 slim with trinity board, attempting to do a rgh3 mod. I'm using jrunner with extras, I had no problems reading nand. Creating/writing xell also success, but I'm unable to boot into xell. I got no video [even waited for ~5 mins] (hdmi nor av). I resoldered like 4 times over the...
  14. S

    Question  Error code 80151901

    Hello. I’ve had a corona rgh for some time now and have never been able to use it wirelessly on teapot stealth server. It has only worked with a wired connection. When I test connection it won’t even connect to the WiFi. It shows mine and all of the surrounding networks so I don’t think it has...
  15. T

    Question  Dual Layer Discs + Zenia + Ripping

    i have a ton of Dual Layer burnt discs from the 360 from 15 years ago, Can i play these on zenia or can i copy the image from the disc and then have the file and play on zenia, do i need to convert things. i used to play them on flashed drives, benq and samsung.
  16. L

    Question  Xkey remote not working in key port - but does in normal port

    Hello I just bought an xbox 360 with and xkey and rgh mod I was not given any instructions on how to use it or set it up - so I am mostly using what I can find online. What the problem I seem to run into is the xkey Port at the back of the xbox doesn't seem to work? When I plug the remote...
  17. R

    Solved  Will RGH3 work on an Xenon 360/has anyone with a Xenon 360 gotten RGH3 to work

    Hello, im a bit of a newbie to the xbox 360 modding community and wish to RGH3 my Xbox 360 whitch has a Xenon motherboard,However I rad somewhere that Xenon motherboards are not compatible with RGH exploits has anyone here RGHed a Xenon 360 and has it worked?,or is it completely incompatible
  18. R

    Support  xbox 360 pes 2018 patch 2022?

    is there any patch, option file, any thing that update transfers pes 2018 to 2022 that messi and Ronaldo transformed? (sorry for my english) if find this. is good patch but transfer is old. -removed no virus scan-
  19. MafiasLobbies

    Question  Need Help Setting Up RGH

    1so i used to be a modder a couple years back & honestly i just wanna mod on trickshotting games for fun edits but i need to update my dashboard & set everything else up on my pc with the tools n all. i’ve completely forgot what to do & need help. if anyone can help me out i’d really appreciate...
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