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xbox360 rgh1.2

  1. daSpooks

    Question  Game saves?

    2024 is there any new way for editing game saves? I don’t know how too and I’d like to start if anyone can link me some tools please :) for borderlands 2, and the pre sequel if possible
  2. G

    Question  Xbox 360 disc tray not detected after flashing back original nand

    Hello! 👋 I attempted to RGH 1.2 my Xbox 360 Jasper. Long story short, I didn't succeed, flashed the stock Nand back. Everything boots up fine but the disc tray is not functioning. It does nothing when you press to open it, no sounds, nothing. Could anybody help me troubleshoot or fix the issue...
  3. xbmc1992

    Question  RGH 1.2 V2 Jasper/Kronos 1 with cool runner rev c problems booting into XeLL with j-runner with extras!?

    ok so i have a 16mb Jasper/kronos 1 with a “split CB”, Before i even attempted to rgh the console, the console was working fine stock, no rrod or any errors. here is what i did, got to the motherboard, cleaned, fluxed, tinned all my points up good, JR Programmer V2 lights up green and is...
  4. Eliot2445

    Question  Xbox 360 rgh 1.2 xell reloaded issue

    Hi, I’ve recently tried to rgh my xbox 360 falcon with Matrix spi nand programer and coolrunner rev c. Ive come far now, i have come far now and i am basically at the last step where i have to play around with the timing files, but none of the timing files in the XSVF GUi works. The console...
  5. N


    basically, my mod tools will NOT connect to my RGH console. but neighbourhood does, i have gone through all process's and methods of why this would have happened and been unsuccessful in all methods, i have contacted many people and they have not experienced this or know any methods of why it...
  6. imchamberv1

    i need help with my rgh 1.2

    hey so I have rgh 1.2 I'm having issues with tools cause they will connect but they wont do anything on the consle end i get sum tools sum options work but i need help to figure it out is my plugins too old or sum?
  7. Risking Perfect

    Question  Looking for Xenon TTL files.

    I have tried RGH 1.2 on several xenons with no luck and recently found information on using ttl to get the cpu key of the console. My only goal is to get the cpu key and build a downgraded dashboard back to blades. This is a 2006 xenon I havent looked at the cpu much so I can't tell you where it...
  8. B

    Question  Did I lose my NAND dumps? Corona V3 16mb

    Popping my first cherry mod on a Corona v3 16mb. The console wouldn't glitch in after I installed everything. Was thinking maybe I did the J-runner program wrong some way and so I went back to Read NAND hoping to start from the beginning. Read NAND gave me a "Wrong Header!" warning. Impatient...
  9. F

    Question  Need help with smoking 360 after JR-Programmer install?

    Heej! I’m new here on this forum. Today I tried to perform a RGH 1.2 install on my Jasper 360. My first mod ever. But I have an issue! After I soldered al the point, connected de Programmer and connected the Xbox to the mains, it started smoking. The contact point and the C1D7 next to the yellow...
  10. T

    Question  Xbox360 RGH won't boot, low resistane VCC to GND

    Hello, I have problem with my Xbox Jasper with Matrix glitcher. Long story short: - Console worked fine for years - Decided to tune it up with quieter fans - Accidentally shortened + and - in fan connector and console shut down with red light on power brick - Console started fine except for...
  11. Scot Nes

    Solved  JR Programmer V2 isn't recognised by my system at all.

    First problem is, my win10 system won't recognise JR Programmer at all. Second, when plugged into Jasper board its green and red lights are blinking. Third, but when plugged into Falcon board it blinks with no lights whatsoever. And it's definitely not driver signature enforcement. I've turned...
  12. Darash

    Solved  Jasper 16MB Coolrunner Rev C not booting to Xell? Make sure you stock updated Dash first!

    Enjoying PS3-modding to REBUG or PS3HEN, so tried stepping up to hardware-modding an Xbox 360. This is my first. Hoping someone can help me, for it is not booting (to Xell). It is a Jasper 16MB with Dashversion 13599. To my knowledge, I cannot (retail) update it, because the DVD-drive is dead...
  13. FinalBoss_Retro

    Question  Slow, inconsistent Boot times Rgh1.2 jasper 16mb

    Hello Ive recently picked up a jasper sb, and decided to Rgh it. Ive used a coolrunner rev c and everything has work as should. Console boots up great but just takes it time. Usually the console boots between 1 and 2 minutes, but every video i see the console boots up well within the 1st 3...
  14. P

    Question  Zephyr rgh1.2 matrix v1

    Hey man here How can i let a zephyr boot in to xell i use a matrix v1 instal guide from the weekend modder to. A RGH 1.2 my solder is almost perfect i hear the fan when it try To glitch but no boot i use the if you mad timing files try’d like 2 hours from file 15 to 30 but no boot atal i know...
  15. K

    Solved  Can boot Xell but not dash

    I recently tried to RGH 1.2 my xbox 360 Falcon with Matrix glitcher V3 and a NAND flasher. With a tutorial on this site i was able to get all the way to the CPU key. When I uploaded the XEBuild to NAND nothing happened, just a blank screen. Since NAND flasher returns failed to write block I...
  16. T

    Is a banned Jasper still RGH'able?

    Hey everyone, I own an older xbox 360 (jasper) that is unfortunately banned from xbox live, and since I always wanted to perform a RGH myself I thought why not give it a shot on this machine? But now I have overheard somewhere that a banned console has a corrupt keyvault, which means you can...
  17. biomechatronics

    Solved  Jasper 256mb rgh 1.2 matrix glitcher + mtx spi Black screen not booting

    Hi guys maybe i am the most unfortunate person in the world:cry: but i have tryed literaly everything in my x360 and i learned so much during the entire procedure.I mistackely broke the ppl resistor and changet :sneaky:it i tried from 1 to 21 timings but same every time i boot my xbox there is...
  18. Radas

    Question  Falcon RGH 1.2 No xell

    Hello I have issues with RGH 1.2 on Falcon (5774, 16756). I dumped my nands. Created ECC. Timing in my coolrunner glitches in 5seconds max. Console makes Green ring all four lights and than one green in the middle but i don have any Video or Audio. I tried to connect HDMI and AV. It makes no...
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