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    Solved  Really struggling to get Xbla game "Game Room" to run on my tag xbox 360

    Hi..I am trying my hardest to install an Xbox Live arcade game onto my tag xbox 360. The Game is called " game Room", it's basically a portal where you can play old arcade games like centipede etc. The game installs just fine, and I have all the DLC unlocked, but whenever it loads, it always...
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    Support  Aurora - Can't download DVD covers

    Hello, I have problem to download cover for any game in Aurora (xbox360). I faced this problem yesterday. Few days ago was everything OK. Now I have no results for downloading the cover for any game. any suggestions what happened and how to fix it? thank you!
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    Solved  Looking for just one game, (Jurassic the hunted) xbox 360 ISO

    so there is 1 game I CANNOT find, its Jurassic the hunted for the Xbox 360. every torrent site I check out has 0 seeders or is pretty sketch. can anyone send me a link for this? thanks ?
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    MW2 | Unlock All | Infections | Prestige | Smooth Slide (GSC) Mod Menu

    LOBBY STATUS : Offline MOD MENU : Supremacy Hello everyone! I joined the community years ago but I just recently got my own Jtag! So I thought it would be fun to host a mod menu lobby and see if any of you guys would like to come check it out! My gamertag is: MiniatureTulip4 Add as a friend...
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    Hey guys, I'm a brazillian rgh xbox owner and I have a problem here. You know I just love playing retro games and the GBA is one of my personal favorites. The thing is that, whenever I select a game to play (example, Pokemon Gaia Version, an incredible hack rom for Fire Red) I just CANNOT...
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    Solved  Problem to go Online With an RGH

    Hello I need your help I bought an Xbox RGH yesterday but unfortunately I have to find out that it doesn't work I also bought a KV and followed the instructions on how to install it, but unfortunately it doesn't work I hope one of you can help me
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    Unsolved  trinity RGH matrix install gone wrong

    I wanted to rgh my Xbox 360 Slim trinity for cheap. Bought a Matrix Nand flasher (MTX SPI Flasher V1.0) + ACEv5 so i dont have to deal with timing files. The following Steps worked fine: 1. Sodering the Matrix programmer to the mainboard. 2. Reading Nand in 2 identical Reads without major...
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    Tools  MW2 TU9 Tool for RGH Release

    Something I been working on for the community all credits are on the tool. The tool is not finished yet Special thanks to Davide :rolleyes: virus scan: There is false detection due...
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    Tools  Working on releasing TU9 tool need help with some function!

    I have most of the offsets like SV, Cbuff/CMD, Just need help with other ones for TU9. I will release this tool to the public free once it's finished! I need help with grabbing gclient to Listbox etc Pics of the tool:
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    Unsolved  problems with uploading my KV!!!!!!

    so ive downloaded my new unbanned kv i put it in my kv.bin folder on my laptop than transfer that folder to my usb. i put the usb in my xbox go to my xex menu, my old kv is deleted then i head to usb0 i click on the kv.bin folder and its empty. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG????
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    Unsolved  Difference between matrix glitch chips?

    Can someone explain the difference between matrix glitch chips? Big ic, small ic, v1 be v3?
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    Unsolved  How to disable the dvd drive on an rgh xbox 360 slim via jumping the pins?

    First time posting on the site so apologize if this is not the correct place to post this: So basically about 4 months ago I purchased an already RGH modded xbox 360 slim. Not 100% sure what this means but according to the ebay listing it has been modded with: " 16mb Corona. Glitched with Corona...
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    Unsolved  Xbox 360 model 1439

    I want to JTAG or RGH my console. I don’t know how to mod it but if I knew how to I could easily do it. I want to k ow if my console is able to be modified in any way, and if it is possible, the steps to do so.
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    Unsolved  Matrix menu not loading up

    Before I stopped playing console, my matrix menu stopped working. I thought it was because he some how stopped it from working because he no longer sells mods. Can anyone suggest why it doesn't work?? no error messages my plug-ins are also set up right.
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    Unsolved  Un Ban Xbox profiles?

    Hello, I was wondering if it’s possible to unban an Xbox account with an rgh or something. I have recently started modding on 360 and am worried because I didn’t start off on a new account. So if it so happens I get banned on my main is there anyway to fix it.
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    Unsolved  how can i update my RGH xbox 360 console on android device?

    my pc was crashed badly and I can't install new xebuild on it is it possible to update my xbox to 17599 kernel with my android device ? if so how can i do that?
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    Unsolved  L4D2 freezing when choosing memory unit on xbox RGH

    Basically, every time I try and start up the game it loads normally until the "choose memory" prompt shows on my screen and stays completely blank. Although my entire console doesn't freeze, the main menu goes on like normal in the background but I can't press anything. This problem started...
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    Game Mods  Modifications by ChrisTuffur 1.0 [RELEASE]

    Hi all, it's been a VERY long time since I've really released anything, especially an entire project. It may seen unusual to do so in the year 2020 - nine years after I started - but surprisingly, the demand is still there. I started work on these back in June last year, just as a pastime, but...
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    Unsolved  How to undo partial S-RGH

    Hey guys, I got partway through S-RGH using JR Programmer V2 and an x360 ace v5 chip, but I wasn't getting any output to hdmi, so I decided to undo as much as I could back to retail to see if I could get hdmi output again. Steps I took as part of S-RGH: soldered Nand cables onto my 360 soldered...
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    Discussion  Black ops 2 Jonny boys COD BLACK OPS 2 ZOMBIE LOBBY

    Add me on xbox one NEXTLEVEL989 Long fun games of zombies Whatever you want i have. Money , guns , perks , etc!!! no yelling Have a mic !! calm lobby no music Venmo for donations would be g
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