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  1. P

    Gamesaves  forza horizon 1 - gold wristband savegame

    Forza horizon 1 savegame Gold Wristband unlocked last race "Champion of the Champions" all boss challenges avaliable inject the files with horizon any problem just tell me link on the commentary 1666215455 Download link https: // mega .nz /fil e/yWxyFJbC #ZVhdU 0FZay4ujr KfIjxltECQ...
  2. N

    Discussion  How do I use a good flashed dvd drive in an xbox 360 that has a bad dvd drive?

    I have 360 that is RGH'd with a 16d4s winbon dvd drive that is broken, but I have the keys for. I also have a good dvd drive that is flashed that is a 16d4s winbon I would like to install. How do I make this happen?? I have read several different tutorials on how to flash the keys, patch them...
  3. Missingside

    Discussion Tutorial  Does anyone know any fun Xbox 360 games I could mod that isn’t call of duty cause I’m getting bored of the same mod menu’s for that particular game.

    I have a JTAG so any feedback would help me out so Thank you.
  4. sndcool

    Unsolved  Xbox 360 AceV3 glitch loop

    As the title says my xbox 360 RGH that is using an Ace v3 has got into a glitch loop. I was playing skate 3 this morning and powered my console down. A bit later I came back to power it on and it just didn't boot. I took it apart then the ace was blinking as it was glitching and the light on the...
  5. phantom_chief

    Solved  Corrupted profile

    Hi! I have an xbox 360 rgh. Yesterday i noticed that my profile had disappeared and i found it was corrupted. Is it possible to recover it?
  6. phantom_chief

    Unsolved  Format internal memory xbox rgh

    Hi! Is it possible to format the internal memory of a xbox 360 rgh?
  7. phantom_chief

    Unsolved  Title update problem with unity/aurora

    Hi! I'm trying to download title update with Aurora.I connected to Unity and when i check the connection everything is alright but when I try to download update i get a message saying "An error occurring downloading "(game title) update"". Anyone had this problem?
  8. ExodusCrowley

    Unsolved  How do I update the Xbox 360 RGH3 Dashboard?

    Hey Guys. How do I update the dashboard on my RGH 3 console? Version 2.0.17526.0 is currently installed.
  9. Tal20081

    Solved  Is it possible to RGH an xbox360 e from 24/10/2014?

    If it helps model is 1538
  10. Pablo007

    Solved  Xbox 360 One Green Light Of Death

    Hello everyone I hope y'all doing good, I came here for my problem coming from my Xbox 360 rgh that I wanted to update its dashboard to the latest, so I dumped with Simple 360 Nand Flasher and I used xebuild GUI to build the hacked image of the latest dashboard, then when I updated it should...
  11. phantom_chief

    Solved  Problem with external hard drive and Freestyle dash 3.

    Hi everyone! I need some help. I'm trying to connect my WD hard disk 2tb to my xbox360 slim with freestyle dash. When i format the hard drive with guiformat the console does not detect it and when i format with the console itself and restart, i get a crash message by fsd.
  12. U

    Unsolved  RGH nand problem

    i was on my rgh today and the console froze. i booted it up and no avatars was showing ( i'm on latest update) i turned it off and on, it gave me a grey screen with a E-72 error. on jRunner when i try to create an image without a nanddump it gives me this error in the log ******* ERROR...
  13. R

    Unsolved  Problem with ACE V3 PROGRAMMING

    Hi there Community, i'm Having some issues trying to program my Ace V3 for Xenon Motherboard, J-Runner is displaying a message saying that the Xilinx Device is not being detected. I attached the error message, the soldering job and the leds. Can you help me?
  14. Glorius Reyten 117

    Unsolved  Request link sdk xbox 360 and installation guide 🙏

    saludo quisiera saber si es posible que me faciliten los siguientes enlaces: Xbox 360 SDK Y una guía de cómo instalarlo en visual studio (cualquier versión). Soy nuevo y quiero aprender para luego aportar.
  15. Ruby

    Tutorial  How To Create Custom Slim Xbox 360 Boot & Eject Sounds

    Have you ever heard a Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 turn on? Well here's an example: You can also create custom boot sounds for example: The xbox requires that the final bin file be either 44kb or less this limits what you can do drastically. From my experience 4 seconds seems to be about the...
  16. MafiasLobbies

    Unsolved  Need Help Setting Up RGH

    1so i used to be a modder a couple years back & honestly i just wanna mod on trickshotting games for fun edits but i need to update my dashboard & set everything else up on my pc with the tools n all. i’ve completely forgot what to do & need help. if anyone can help me out i’d really appreciate...
  17. bluefox9er

    Solved  Really struggling to get Xbla game "Game Room" to run on my tag xbox 360

    Hi..I am trying my hardest to install an Xbox Live arcade game onto my tag xbox 360. The Game is called " game Room", it's basically a portal where you can play old arcade games like centipede etc. The game installs just fine, and I have all the DLC unlocked, but whenever it loads, it always...
  18. M

    Solved  Aurora - Can't download DVD covers

    Hello, I have problem to download cover for any game in Aurora (xbox360). I faced this problem yesterday. Few days ago was everything OK. Now I have no results for downloading the cover for any game. any suggestions what happened and how to fix it? thank you!
  19. M

    MW2 | Unlock All | Infections | Prestige | Smooth Slide (GSC) Mod Menu

    LOBBY STATUS : Offline MOD MENU : Supremacy Hello everyone! I joined the community years ago but I just recently got my own Jtag! So I thought it would be fun to host a mod menu lobby and see if any of you guys would like to come check it out! My gamertag is: MiniatureTulip4 Add as a friend...
  20. GabrielAngel2021


    Hey guys, I'm a brazillian rgh xbox owner and I have a problem here. You know I just love playing retro games and the GBA is one of my personal favorites. The thing is that, whenever I select a game to play (example, Pokemon Gaia Version, an incredible hack rom for Fire Red) I just CANNOT...
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