1. Seaniboi

    Unsolved  Rgh3 pulled pads and Bad Blocks in BB Jasper, what should i do?

    I was installing rgh3 my jaspher 360 and i accidentally pull the pll smc point. I decided to remove the mod and bought a mod chip for rgh 1.2. Will it work with rgh 1.2 or I wasted my money. Another thing when i was dumping my NAND, it say Big Block NAND and it had many bad blocks. What should I do?
  2. Seaniboi

    Unsolved  Rgh 3 pulled pad and Bad Blocks in NAND

    I was installing rgh3 my jaspher 360 and i accidentally pull the pll smc point. I decided to remove the mod and bought a mod chip for rgh 1.2. Will it work with rgh 1.2 or I wasted my money. Another thing when i was dumping my NAND, it say Big Block NAND and it had many bad blocks. What should I do?
  3. L

    Support  Help with RGH3 - Corona V4 - Red Light

    I was performing the RGH3 on an Xbox 360e with Corona v4 card, however, I made a mistake during the recording and ended up forgetting to check the WB 2K option. As I had not noticed, I tried to turn on the console which did not display video. I tried re-recording by checking the option for...
  4. F

    Discussion  Xbox [One, series X] Free Games ?

    Let me explain, I recently lost an account with all my games and I can't access all my games on my console (with internet). However, when I disconnect I can play the games as if I had them. So here is a possible method to get free games: Step 1 find the roms of the games which may be possible by...
  5. I

    Unsolved  Halo Reach XEX Question

    Hey all. I've had an RGH system for quite a while now. I have an expensive lifetime stealth server that I have used for years now so I like to play games online with my other RGH buddies. However, I am running into a pretty big issue with Halo Reach. I was able to find an entire modded version...
  6. S

    News  Every Video Game Release Coming Soon For Xbox Series X|S And Xbox One

    Every upcoming new game release for the Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. As the Xbox Series X/S enters its third year, Microsoft's platform is gradually amassing a respectable library. Consoles typically do not start to flourish until the latter half of their existence, once cross-gen stops...
  7. S

    News  Emulators on Xbox Series X/S are being restricted by Microsoft

    (Image credit: Xbox ) Emulator developers are reporting that Microsoft has started to crack down on certain forms of emulator distribution on Xbox Series X and S consoles. Microsoft's official store policies (opens in new tab) dictate that "products that emulate a game system or game platform...
  8. SubZero Sighlo

    Tutorial  Truly Remote Play Updated V2

    So, a while back I wrote a quick tutorial about remote play with your Xbox one or Xbox series x or s using a raspberry pi, pivpn, wireguard. Well, there is an even simpler way to set this up using tailscale! What is Tailscale? Tailscale is a mesh VPN alternative that makes it easy to connect...
  9. T

    Unsolved  Dual Layer Discs + Zenia + Ripping

    i have a ton of Dual Layer burnt discs from the 360 from 15 years ago, Can i play these on zenia or can i copy the image from the disc and then have the file and play on zenia, do i need to convert things. i used to play them on flashed drives, benq and samsung.
  10. X

    Unsolved  Xbox360 not working?

    Hi Newbie here: I'm troubling you for a problem. I have xbox 360 and device won't turn on. The power supply lamp is orange, when I press the button I get a sound, but the lamps on the xbox do not light and the screen does not come on. I do not know about consoles, but when I connected the disc...
  11. B

    Unsolved  I want your opinion about Xbox 360 RROD after RGH 3.0

    I bought Falcon console. It was working, not modified and never opened. Console was full of games, so it was played, but it was hard to tell how much. Inside was mostly clear of dust. I didn't play on this console and I proceed with RGH 3.0 immediately. It was my first time. With few hits and...
  12. boonk

    Working  Colosseum Mech Glitch

    In Warface, you can glitch the mech inside the African Colosseum. You will encounter the mech during the second half of the mission. 1. On the other side of the map, where you see my crosshairs is where the mech can be glitched 2.Go to the left once you enter the Colosseum. 3. In the...
  13. C


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  14. C

    Unsolved  Xbox 360S RGH 3.0 Problem

    Witam (przepraszam za mój słaby angielski) mam problem a mianowicie mam dwa xboxy 360s jeden to FAT na płycie Falcon a drugi to S-ka na płycie Corona v1. Zainstalowałem RGH 3.0 na obu konsolach i tu zaczyna się mój problem. Na X360 FAT wszystko działa idealnie. W ciągu 1 miesiąca konsola...
  15. J

    Discovery  Beff

    I'm wondering if anyone can help I've sussed some things with net cut GTA 5 but I want to no if there's a way to get fast run through net cut
  16. U

    Unsolved  I need help with my xbox 360 RGH

    I was using neighborhood on my pc trying to transfer a file but the copying bar wasn't moving and i got a little too impatient and i clicked off the window and it didnt go away so i kept clicking and pc screen went black for 2 seconds and when i went to the xbox it was frozen, so i turned it off...
  17. G

    Unsolved  How to rebuild stock nand and flash it through xell ?

    I have a 16 mb trinity already working with rgh exploit as well as booting into xell. What I want to do is to use xell to flash a rebuilt nand from the already existent hacked nand image files and cpu key I got from xell boot screen . I hope I was clear enough guys.
  18. T

    Unsolved  Any methoda for Enhanced Edition XB S/X

    Been looking for months and aint finding any clues… I know that it is a way to do it, frozen glitch or smth, but i cant find any answers and i’ve been trying for an month ++ anyone can save my day ?😬
  19. G

    Discussion  [XBOX360] Help system informations Id

    Hi, First of all please excuse me for my english. I'm new on this forum because I'm looking for an information about my Xbox 360. I would like to know if someone can tell me what serial numbers correspond to in the system information. Serial numbers in D, K, E, X, S, K. I know that the first...
  20. A

    Tools  OpenXbl Discord Bot****Pull Xbox Profile info to discord*******

    thought i would share this i made a discord bot for openxbl API so people can pull xbox info from it to discord. thanks, -arms04 picture examples:
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