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  1. bvop

    Question  Xbox 360 error E76 after reflowing, replacing ethernet and reflowing southbridge

    Hey guys, I have a Microsoft factory refurbished Xenon. It has a revised Y1. So that rules out a GPU issue. The issue is, when I boot the system, it boots into EC_XSS and displays a white screen. The error code is E76, which means the ethernet PHY couldn't reset or something along the lines of...
  2. IgFilmsV2

    Homebrew  Xbox One OS Commands for Homebrew

    Current Version as of 2/27/2024 XboxOS v10.0.19041.5487 XBOXONE-S:~ root# set Error: Command 'set' is incomplete. Please specify what settings you wish to adjust. For network settings, use 'set_network'. For help with available commands, type 'help'. Example usage for setting network: - To...
  3. L

    Question  Fake Gold playable games?

    hello, I have a stealth with fake gold spoofing. that means i can only play cods above bo2 (incl. Bo2) and other games but like gta 5 and gta 4 i can play online but i cant find sessions with players. my question is does somebody know good games that can be played online with fake gold or does...
  4. P

    Question  c5r35 xbox 360 trinity rgh3

    i Completely scraped off the PLL Bypass trace, is there some way to fix it or there is nothing i can do? can the xbox boot anyway?
  5. bigshmoney Rick

    [Xbox] MW3/BO1/BO2 Remote Unlock All | Choose Your Stats | Fix Frozen Classes | Modded Classes

    SOSA'S MULTI-COD CLASS FIX AND UNLOCK ALL \\ LEAVE A VOUCH <3 ✅ MW3, BO1 & BO2 Supported ✅ 100% Remote Last updated 2/23/24: If you are suffering from frozen classes or just want unlock all, drop your Gamertag below and I will take care of it! Works with Xbox One/Xbox Series X+S! What you...
  6. S

    Question  Character mods?

    I recently found a mod for Mortal Kombat (2011) on the RGH XBOX 360 that unlocks Goro, Kintaro and Shao Kahn as playable characters. The mod works normally, with the obvious exception of being unable to use the characters in fatality tutorial mode. Other than that, they work like all the others...
  7. Best Deals

    Solved  Vehicle.ide file?

    Hello can anyone help me find the correct vehicle.ide file to edit for gta iv original & TBOGT? I am not sure where to find it when I am looking at the gta iso file. Appreciate if anyone can help!
  8. Best Deals

    Solved  GTA Original ISO link?

    Can someone dm or direct me to a working clean gta iv original ntsc or region free download link for xbox please? Can’t seem to find a working iso with all files for original. Appreciate if anyone could help!
  9. bigshmoney Rick

    [MW2/XBOX] Unlock All Lobbies | Max Rank + Modded Prestiges | Rainbow Classes | Modded Classes | Auto Verify Lobbies

    SOSA'S MW2 UNLOCK ALL LOBBIES \\ LEAVE A VOUCH <3 ✅ Works with Xbox One/Xbox Series X+S! ✅ PS3 Lobbies available per request. PM me to setup a time. CLOSED How to join: 1. Start a private chat with current Gamertag 2. Go to started chat > View Profile 3. Join Session in Progress CURRENT...
  10. Dehz

    PS3 | FREE | Multi-COD | Unlock All | Mod Menu |Frozen Class Fix | Infections | Mod Menu | Fun Lobbies! | OPEN

    HELLO EVERYONE! AND WELCOME TO DEHZ'S MULTICOD MODDING SERVICES Click Spoiler to Add RED = Offline :arghh: Green = Online :wink: I will be hosting mods for free on the following games, just add me. PROOF BELOW:
  11. N

    Question  Xbox 360 won't power on and missing 3V

    I bought an Xbox 360 S with the goal of fixing it, and upon initial inspection, nothing appears burned or broken. It's my first attempt at repairing a console. As part of my troubleshooting process, I examined the standby voltages. Interestingly, I observed that only the 5V voltage was present...
  12. XboxOneGamerrrrr

    Question  | RGH |What do KV’s do?

    So recently I’ve been wanting to get into modding and so I’ve been learning about everything I would need for my rgh. I would buy an rgh that comes with the necessary downloads pre-installed, and I know that I have to buy server time. (But I actually don’t know if I have to also buy Xbox live or...
  13. Lucky

    News  Blizzcon 2023 - Thoughts and Feelings

    (image of Darkmoon Fair on Day 2 from Google) Blizzcon 2023, the first in-person Blizzard convention since 2019. I was lucky enough to get a ticket to attend the convention, although I wasn't eligible for a media ticket. I'm alright with that though, I didn't get a chance to take too many...
  14. S

    Question  Assassin's Creed 3 Fatal Crash

    I got Assassin's Creed 3 on my RGH, but the game crashes every single time as I reach the point where Desmond unlocks the door inside the cave using the Apple of Eden at the very beginning of the game, like, less than 5 minutes in. It is absolutely impossible for me to get past this point, as I...
  15. aSloppyHotdog

    Discussion  Anyone doing FREE ModMenu Recovery on WaW Prefer Zombies , Black Ops 1 Zombies (If Possible) , and BO2 Zombies...And has there Ever Been a BO3 type?

    ☆ -Xbox : GodImmortality (aka : ヅ#3861) -Instagram : error_404LoadingPage. -Discord : (My Display Name Is Modded/Invis) ^Username : skids_my_ip_is_in_my_bio ◇[Note : I seen on the app "Gameflip" claiming to give you a modmenu on black ops 2 for $5 wanted to know if it were a scam or possible as...
  16. aSloppyHotdog

    Discussion  Xbox Modding Capabilities (No PC)

    -So I came across ALOT of comments on YouTube. Supposedly you can get mods on Borderlands 2 with the app called "8 Zip" on xbox however there hasn't been any videos about it. -If not then does anyone got a Xbox 360 or modded xbox of some kind for Borderlands 2 hybrid sync hybrid(s). ☆ -Xbox ...
  17. Lil Stray1

    Would anyone be ok with boosting me to 70 please on Xbox One?

    Hi everyone like my title says I just wanted to know if anyone can help boost me to 70 if possible on xbox one. The help is greatly appreciated. My gamer tag is Lil Stray1
  18. S

    Tools  Xenoverse DLC?

    I have the first Dragon Ball Xenoverse game installed on my RGH 3.0 XBOX 360. The game is fun and everything, but I would like being able to play the DLC. While I can find the DLC itself and put it "into the game", I am unable to use almost any of it because I am simply unable to find the...
  19. S

    Question  Batman: Arkham City DLC doesn't work

    I have Batman Arkham City on my RGH 3.0, and I have downloaded the DLC for the game, put it in the corresponding folder, however, when entering the game, it does not acknowledge any of their inclusion. Most notable example would be the Catwoman bundle pack, as I have it installed, but when I...
  20. Psyringe

    Question  Zephyr H3E No Xell (nothing works but the stock NAND)

    Zephyr, Halo 3 Edition. - Boots OEM Dashboard, NAND is fine. - RGH2.0 w/ Coolrunner Rev C won't load Xell. (soldered twice) - RGH1.2 w/ Coolrunner Rev C won't load Xell. (just for fun) - CUSTOM S-RGH w/ ACE v3 & Zephyr Timing Files won't load Xell. (soldered twice) - Green light blinks...
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