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    Nuke calling card boost - 1-6 people max

    Post gamertag or activision id.
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    Tutorial [Tutorial/Resource] How to add 27 Maps in a Mappack

    Not exactly news that the NHE team modified the xbe to allow for more than 13 maps on Halo 1 xbox (27 in their pack with a theoretical max of 30), but myself dominater01 and goodfellapro got some info on how they did it and have figured out a (fairly simple) way for everyone to take advantage of...
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    Nuke calling card

    Reply you activision ID or add me Jake#5450477
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    nuke calling card boosting

    post your activision id down below i will be on for most of the night to get it done
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    Discovery Attachment Glitch After Patch

    So for those who are unaware, there is currently a private method for the attachment glitch. I have been informed that this method requires 2 players/Consoles just to set up. With that being said...... *the following is speculation* The private method, which was found before the public method...
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    MW Join my Regiment (Gold Clan Tag)

    Hey guys, im looking for people to join my regiment! Accepting Users of All Platforms! Add my Activision: Misterforeal#5173141 I'm inviting everyone! Must be respectful to other members!
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    Game Mods Modifications by ChrisTuffur 1.0 [RELEASE]

    Hi all, it's been a VERY long time since I've really released anything, especially an entire project. It may seen unusual to do so in the year 2020 - nine years after I started - but surprisingly, the demand is still there. I started work on these back in June last year, just as a pastime, but...
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    Anyone running lobbies today?

    As title says, anyone looking to boost today? I’ve got two accounts and two controllers. PM me if interested. I have friends with multiple controllers and accounts also. discord -J🌊#9234 Thanks.
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    Solved Create A Locked Job That Says Locked Until 12 PM

    Was looking around on how Broontango made a locked job for Xbox so I could create one for myself on ps4 but I have had yet no results in my search. I want to learn how to create a locked job so I could easily gain more rp by doing the FM RP glitch.
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    Patched Full-Auto Kar98 Tut

    Since nobody is wanting to share and I figured it out, here ya go. Full-Auto Kar98: Perform the weapon attachment glitch as follows -Set your playlist to the core playlist -Go custom class slot one (or whichever one you want, just make sure its the same slot for core and CDL, put on the...
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    Unsolved XDK RELATED: Did I just brick my Demo Kit?

    I tried to downgrade to one of the lowest XDK builds. My Xbox 360 was manufactured in 2007-09-19, and it's a phat white. I had a latest 2007 Blades dashboard and XDK build. I tried to downgrade XDK to the one of the very first official XDK builds, something like 2.0.1888.0, I don't really...
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    Discovery Spawning with 3 Guns

    This happened just now in my GW match, I just died and was spam clicking on a teammate that was in a IFV. In the process of spam clicking, I spawned on them but was not inside the tank on the turret like i normally would be, instead i was standing inside the middle of the tank and had a...
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    Message xcampbells soup for inv
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    How to <- video This is a sick glitch and very easy to do, only requires a friend. 1.) Put the gun you want any attachment into any of your class slots (core gamemode filter selected) 2.) Change the filter to the CDL game mode then go to the same class slot as you put ur first gun and choose...
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    MW Join our coloured regiment Tags, PATCHED

    Not sure Where I should post this, wrong place sorry! If you want to join one, leave below what clan you want to be invited to. We have 10 to choose from all colours, (only 8 in this picture) If you want to join one please leave below Ether your Xbox GamerTag,PS4 Name, Activision ID and what...
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    First off, I am the founder of this very simple glitch. I hope you enjoy :smile: Tutorial Create a regiment Make the clantag " ^1 " or " ^2 " etc.. DONE! Enjoy! :smile: If you have any issues please contact me via twitter - SawMazer Founder of this glitch @ SawMazer on twitter!
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    Discussion If anyone here is still playing, what do you think on the season pass system?

    Personally, I just started to work on it today and have completed about 15 sections. I can't stand this new system, everyone unlocked everything at the same time and there are very few things that make people different. And only getting one tier per level is just a long slog to get to tier 100...
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    Unsolved [HELP NEEDED] How do I unpack & repack one of EA's .PAK files?

    I'm currently tweaking/improving the Star Wars Battlefront III Alpha; and good news, community! I got it to a stable 25-30fps at the current settings! However, the game is still crazy unplayable. The AI is broken, the shaders delete textures, and etc. So I need to venture into the .pak files EA...
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    Unsolved RGHing an Xbox 360 from scratch

    Hi, I'm looking forward towards modding my old Xbox 360 console which, after doing some research, found out that its a 4gb corona with the latest 17559 dashboard on it. I'm actually a total noob at this however, since my console is kinda old and with the conception that nothing too big is gonna...
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    Patched Turn your player completely invisible

    I’m not the founder of this glitch. Step 1. Equip Allegiance BALE operator. Step 2. Equip Alternate CDL character skin. Step 3. Your now invisible at distances over 30'...
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