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    Unsolved I got kicked out of my own party?

    I was recently hanging with some friends on xbox when someone we didnt know joined the party. They said “you guys dont have the party on invite only” and changed the party to invite only. They then proceeded to kick my friend out of the party and tried to pull my friends ip. If possible id like...
  2. Y

    Working Massive duplication easy CEO fast PS4 XBOX

    founder .. glitchmanonline lambrider Massive duplication easy CEO fast PS4 XBOX you wrong for real this glitch 1 bunkers for you and friends boot 2 moc and function garage plus workshop 3 have beers and the message to list the apartment ... 1 your friend invites you to her moc 2 he puts his...
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    Looking to trade Bogdans on Xbox One ADD: "Jerkey" and msg me

    Looking to do bogdan with someone msg Jerkey on Xbox one
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    [Any Platform] Free COD Bot Boosting Lobbies <3

    Currently: CLOSED! (NOTE: Activision name will not always be what is listed above!) After recieving the service please post a vouch as im doing these services for free <3 Make sure to leave +REP aswell if you enjoyed the lobby
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    Nuke Boosting Xbox

    Looking for Players to boost Nuke. Headset is necessary. Activision ID: Drty Kenzo#1559093 and msg me
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    Unsolved my outfits change every time i leave a session.

    Every time i leave a game after making outfits i always save them first but when i get into another game all the outfits are different. i honestly dont know what i did to my rgh. when i get on my retail and sign into the same account the outfits are still there but on my rgh they are different...
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    Unsolved LANC v2 Remastered not working

    Whenever I try to pull use LANC v2 Remastered and I try to enable "ARP Spoofing" it says "Invalid MAC Address. Possibly because the selected adapter is disabled" Does anyone know of any working solutions to this problem? Thanks *Note I am trying to do this to...
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    Unsolved Whats the difference between Trinity and Corona Motherboards

    So my Xbox 360 currently is a Corona I believe. I am pretty new to understanding how the motherboards can affect the Xbox. I don't care too much about boot times as long as they're reasonable, I just wanted to know if I should buy a new Trinity Xbox 360 console or stick with my Corona Slim...
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    Tutorial Any one need two people for boosting on Xbox one add my user BR11ODY

    Anyone need two people for boosting add me on Xbox user BR11ODY
  10. L

    MW Cyber Attack boosting on xbox must have 2 controllers

    Must have 2 controllers and be on xbox
  11. T

    Unsolved Can’t access my Classes please help

    Somebody hacked my MW2 where I freeze out of the game everytime I try to access my classes or join a team. I don’t know how to fix it, can someone please help. GT ToXiC Lacrosse
  12. V

    Tutorial Boosting lobby Xbox

    Doing a boosting lobby. locked lobby. Easy 400 kills in a hour Need 2 controllers And a headset Message my gamertag on xbox it’s Zasxrs :)
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    Unsolved First Xbox one s hotswap?

    Hi so basically I am new to the whole hot swapping idea but I figured I’d give it a go on my xbox one s. I’m only doing this so I can use a game disk of a friend and give it back to him after once the game is saved on my console -not to do any modding- anyways I’ve setup my xbox so it does work...
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    Patched PATCHED NEW Any Attachment on Any (properly leveled) Gun Glitch

    Hey guys, Super simple. It's like the old CDL glitch. - Load up Gamebattles under private match - Go to Custom Classes - Edit Desired Weapon - Save as Custom Blueprint - Profit -Hecky Nash Helpful best variants:
  15. F

    Unsolved Slow, inconsistent Boot times Rgh1.2 jasper 16mb

    Hello Ive recently picked up a jasper sb, and decided to Rgh it. Ive used a coolrunner rev c and everything has work as should. Console boots up great but just takes it time. Usually the console boots between 1 and 2 minutes, but every video i see the console boots up well within the 1st 3...
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    Unsolved Un Ban Xbox profiles?

    Hello, I was wondering if it’s possible to unban an Xbox account with an rgh or something. I have recently started modding on 360 and am worried because I didn’t start off on a new account. So if it so happens I get banned on my main is there anyway to fix it.
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    Unsolved How can i change the Xbox build numbers to unbrick it?

    I own a Xbox One (fat). Months ago, the hard disk stopped working and I swapped it for a clean, correctly formatted, new one. Then, inserted it at the Xbox and used the OSU (Operational System Utility) archives to start in repair mode and install the system in the new HD. But instead i got a lot...
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    (PS4 & XBOX) Locked Lobby 200+ Kills Per Lobby

    Requirements - Must have 2 controllers - Mic - Discord Add Discord: <-Click
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    Boost Party Have 5 need 1 more instant invite

    Looking for a 1 more to boost this. Have 5 ready to go Xbl: WnR Wardo ActID: Wardo#2499682 Give me a message ?
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