1. DJBisGOD


    -- GIVE ANYTHING TO FRIENDS -- WORKING ON BOTH OLD & NEW GEN GTA ONLINE NO BOOKMARKED JOB / PARTY BUS REQUIRED Original OTR Info by YDIDYOUTRIE (TRIEMODZ), modified to work for GCTF by me. YOUR REQUIREMENTS - MOC with Personal Vehicle Storage in Bay 3. - Oppressor MK2 stored in the back of...
  2. H8edMods


    •—•—•—(NOT SURE ABOUT PC VERSION)—•—•—• So with this glitch you can bring almost anything into SUMO. This will get quite a bit of people probably upset but like all glitches this could be seen and used to further another glitch. I took this glitch and took it one step further that I've never...
  3. J

    Need help boosting

    Please feel free to message or reply if you are able to help with unlocking camos/boosting.
  4. TD0G101

    Discovery  PAINT SLOT !? GTA V Beff Merge

    The pictures above show an unobtainable color I managed to come across doing a wheel and pearl merge onto to a two tone /magic slot (the ASBO). I’ve had this happen before and I think it has something to do with the textures/tones of the donor car(the worn looking jeep) not matching up with the...
  5. Famous JC


    Anyone down to boost? Requires two controllers/accounts and some what of a brain 🧠 Drop a reply or pm me
  6. I

    Unsolved  360 RGH forced to update game every launch

    Been using an RGH for a while now and this annoying issue has stopped me from wanting to use it. Does anyone know how to stop a game from forcing you to install an update every time you play a game? For example, whenever I boot up BO2 or MW3, or Minecraft, I have to install an update and can't...
  7. Brutal Stipes

    Discussion  Add to play? 🥺🖤

    Looking for new people to play and chill with and grind some games pretty much if you want hit me up . BrutalStipes also trying to make more friends on Xbox it's been really boring lately chill vibes only and over 21 at least please thank you much love to all of you . I mostly play FPS games and...
  8. ElHaveCito

    Tutorial  [Black ops 3] How to set up zm/mp camos, gubblegums, reticles and more Xbox 360 (NO JTAG/RGH)

    No need jtag or rgh, this are usb mods can be used offline or in lan with xkai for example, since we dont know how to mod online without rgh or jtag. First of all, this is discovered thanks to this guide, for those just dont want to modify files and investigate more around what we can change...
  9. ElHaveCito

    Working  Red Dead Online Xp And Money Glitch / Private Lobby For Rdr and GtaV

    Hi, this is my tutorial to make xp and money in rdr in pc and consoles. The method is like this ill resume because is all explained inside video: 1-Go to area. 2-Join again to free roam ro make respawn point. 3-Make private lobby (optional, better to stay chill) 4-Take all collectibles. 5-Pc...
  10. Shady

    News  Microsoft Is Disabling Dev Mode Access on Xbox

  11. Apex Ranks

    Paid Service  | Apex Legends Ranked Boosting | Very Fast | 48 Hours Bronze - Predator |

    Apex Legends Ranked Boosting We provide boosting services to get you from your current rank to your desired rank. We go from bronze all the way to Predator. We also provide arena, kills, and wins services. Here is a list of our services. Our services are for all platforms. Battle Royale...
  12. Shady

    News  Continued Xbox Shortages Force Microsoft To Use Dev Kits In Latest Halo Tournament

    If you’ve been trying to buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X over the last year, you know how hard it can be. You might think Microsoft, the company that literally builds and sells Xbox consoles, would be able to snag some, but even it is struggling. So for its latest Halo Infinite tournament, the HCS...
  13. Jessyskullkid

    Discussion  Xbox 360 Achievement Modding 2021

    Hey all, It's been a long time since I've last modded achievements on the 360. I've only modded about two individual achievements back in the day and it was for GOW 2. Is Horizon still functioning for the unlocker? I'm trying to unlock some Halo achievements that will no longer be obtainable...
  14. X

    MWR Looking For Players To Boost (Xbox)

    Title says it all , Looking for players to boost…. Cage Match -OR- Team Tac Boosting Will need 2 controllers Mic isn’t needed for cage match boosting, but will be needed for Team Tac Add xOmegaa Or post on Thread
  15. Ruby

    Tutorial  How To Create Custom Slim Xbox 360 Boot & Eject Sounds

    Have you ever heard a Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 turn on? Well here's an example: You can also create custom boot sounds for example: The xbox requires that the final bin file be either 44kb or less this limits what you can do drastically. From my experience 4 seconds seems to be about the...
  16. C

    Unsolved  Rgh jasper help

    Hello so I m trying to mod a jasper Xbox. The problem is when I write an ecc file the console gets 0002 error. Flashing back to original nand dump it boots fine resoldered the clock point and trimmed the wires. And checked for for shorts around the areas I soldered but seems to be fine. As I...
  17. P

    Discussion  Console modding with Fiddler4

    Let me preface this by saying im not a coder, but i would like to see the new xbox's jailbroken. Ive been messing around with fiddler4, its a program that lets you see and modify internet traffic. You should be able to capture and modify the traffic to and from your Xbox Series X. you might be...
  18. Lucky

    Discussion  King Kong Exploit (Archives)

    The bulk of this thread is archive based. It is vastly irrelevant as the JTAG and RGH exploits take full advantage of a console in a much better manner. The sources I used can be found here and here along with here. This is also an extension thread to JoinTheResistance's thread - here (Thanks to...
  19. Top 5 Most INSANE PTSD Warzone Moments | Killing Sprees! Headshot Sprees! | Insurgency SS Frenzy

    Top 5 Most INSANE PTSD Warzone Moments | Killing Sprees! Headshot Sprees! | Insurgency SS Frenzy

    So, considering Insurgency: Sandstorm finally made its console debut at the beginning of this month I figured I'd finally post this small montage of some of my most intense moments on the battlefield recently... Check it out and make sure to watch with headphones for full immersion!
  20. X1 AU

    Paid Service  Xbox One Achievements and Gamerscore

    Xbox One Gamerscore service [Per 100,000 & Below] $5 Bulk Purchase [1,000,000] $40 [2,000,000] $80 [3,000,000] $120 [4,500,000] $150 Xbox One Achievement Unlocker Tool [One Month Access] $40 [Two Month Access] $70 [Three Month Access] $105 To purchase send a message to this account or enquire...
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