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    Tools  Post liker bot for Xbox written in Python

    here's a python 3 script that I made for boosting the likes on a post, all you need is your XBL3.0 XSTS token that you can generate using fiddler and the XUID associated with each account that you want to use as a bot, then seperate them line by line in this format XUID:TOKEN kind of like a...
  2. L

    Unsolved  Xbox 360 JTAG Nand reset

    Hi guys, I just brought a Xbox 360 which has a JTAG expolit, I plan on reverting back to the original nand files, by doing this will it bring me back to the orignal dashboard?
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    Tutorial  Modding Xbox One/Series X Avatars

    Today I will be showing you how to mod the size of your Xbox One/Series X avatar. First of all you will need Windows 10, Xbox Avatar Editor App from the Microsoft store and Fiddler You do not require an Xbox console to do this tutorial! Make a change to your avatar then save and a request...
  4. X


    Trying to get a 10+ KD at MP30, need people to help me use my double xp tokens in return Ill get on another account and do the same, maybe go for black sky rigs and weapons. I will be killing you a ton, but Ill let you do it in return on a different account
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    Working  How to make magic spot (easy way)

    Start with a motorcycle in moc. All apartment garages need to be full. All bike racks need to be full. Make sure garage six is not a penthouse. pull any car out blow it up (you will not lose) pull bmx bike out from garage six spot three (can possibly use a bike from 4-8 and not from a...
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    Solved  How to kick player using Teapot Offhost BO2?

    I’m new to RGH and off host. The whole reason I got it was to be able to kick players who aimbot and otherwise cheat without being the host myself. I can get into the Teapot engine v3, but I don’t see an option to kick. I can end the game or crash the server. Anyone know what I need to do...
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    Solved  Advice On Purchasing A Nand-X???

    So lately I've been wanting to get a Nand-X for myself since I'm always using my friends, which he purchased way back in 2015 off eBay for about $50CAD. For the past month I have been searching eBay almost every day and I never sees a single Nand-X go up for sale, and I have a JR Programmer V2...
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    Tutorial  How to softmod the original Xbox in 2021 (Rocky5)

    Hey everyone, I just put out a video recently on getting this console softmodded. I know this has been covered 1000s of times but I think its good to have a refresher at least once a year Links for everything you will need below: Original Xbox:
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    Support  Aurora - Can't download DVD covers

    Hello, I have problem to download cover for any game in Aurora (xbox360). I faced this problem yesterday. Few days ago was everything OK. Now I have no results for downloading the cover for any game. any suggestions what happened and how to fix it? thank you!
  10. Modern Warfare double XP - Hardcore Public

    Modern Warfare double XP - Hardcore Public

    lets play some public matches, let me know how you like having the webcam in the video!
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    Hello, Please remove if not allowed here... Total Server Population: 10 Slot Server Server Map: Chernarus Server Name: Ne$T vs EviL DeaD Password: (PM for requests...) I own a private server (Xbox One) and have customized and updated certain xml files/mods to our liking... modifications...
  12. Snake LIVE - Lets play Modern Warfare!

    Snake LIVE - Lets play Modern Warfare!

    Just some of the youtube stream last night when i was playing hardcore pub matches! join for all the latest gaming and modding news, videos, threads, merchandise and all your technology needs!
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    Solved  Upgrade & Transfer from 250GB to 500GB HDD

    Hi! After RGH'ing my Xbox 360 slim and filling the original 250GB HDD to the rim with games and DLC's I managed to get my hand on a 500GB HDD (from a 360 Slim E). The question then is how do I transfer/clone all the files from the 250GB to the 500GB one? I've read about using the official 360...
  14. Battlefield Hardline Campaign walkthrough

    Battlefield Hardline Campaign walkthrough

    this is the first video in the series i have about 5 or six videos up on this right now lemme kno if you'd like to request a game for me to play or review
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    Tutorial  no disc/disc swap glitch on xbox series x

    Hi everyone, first time posting on here but ive been a member for a long time looking at GTA glitches :)# anyway i somehow managed to play Cyberpunk on series x without the disc, it also worked when i tried this method on a few other games too. Basically, go to the xbox home screen from within...
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    Discussion  Does anybody else do sbc accounts?

    Hi all, I have been creating sbcs account now for over a year with success and with failure. However I believe I have no found a way to do it successfully and without being banned. I’m curious to know if anybody else is doing it on a daily basis? I record all of the account I have made and how...
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    Solved  Goldeneye XBLA on modded xbox

    Hey guys! New to anything Xbox modding scene but I recently gained interest in the Goldeneye leak and I was looking into getting my Xbox 360 modded to play it. I have the Halo 3 edition console. Is there a way I could mod it to play, or do I need to get another console! Thank you so much!
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    Solved  Modding BL3 on an Xbox?

    Can Xbox saves be modded? I've seen the thread on transferring PC saves to an Xbox but what if I don't have a PC version? TIA
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    Unsolved  Question about the Swat uniform

    Hello I was wondering is the Swat Uniform still obtainable through casino heist finale glitch or has it been patched on xbox? Is there another method to obtain it? And how to obtain it on PC , is there a job on PC where I can bookmark it?
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    Tutorial  XBOX ONE/SERIES X&S - Fix "Avoid Me" & "Needs Work" Reputation (A 2021 Update)

    Hey, everyone - ExaltedHierarch here again. I figured I'd update my 2016 guide to fixing rep just to bump it up in the searches and also provide some new information that I've learned. There isn't really anything new being posted on this topic so let's fix that. Quite a bit has changed since...
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