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    Working GTA 5 - Sell Apartments, Xbox One

    Hi everyone, i've seen so many people doing the PS4 version of this glitch and so little XBOX versions, so here it is, hope this helps everyone! Before you start you will need this program (NET CUT) and make sure you are connected via WIFI on XBOX and have the same IP Address as displayed on...
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    Tutorial ✔ Cyber Attack Locked Lobby Boosting ✔ *Xbox Party Coms

    CYBER ATTACK BOOSTING ✔ Add my Xbox Gamertag: Royal Banzah Activision ID: $ $ (・八・) $ $#4299631 Requirements: 2 Controllers Xbox Live Party Chat for communication Looking for a group to boost with that will stay in for awhile, Msg me ASAP, need 1 rn
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    There are NO Modded Lobbies for PS4 or Xbox One.

    This thread is to inform new users that there is NO Modding on either Xbox One or PS4 and therefore NO Money Drop Lobbies. Xbox One has not and very well may not be able to ever be modded. It’s security measures are far more advanced than previous Xbox consoles. While there has been progress...
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    Solved Is Xbox One(GTA V) Modding Possible?

    Hey, so I know that old gen consoles and PC are able to be modded, but are there any ways to mod on Xbox One? There are ways I've seen on YouTube to mod GTA V on Xbox One but I don't want to end up with a virus. If anyone has any information on Xbox One modding it would be greatly appreciated...
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    Working How to PLAY with 18 PLAYERS in ANY GAME MODE on Black Ops 3! (BO3 Glitch 2020)

    Requirements: - 1 Friend Steps: - For Dead Ops Arcade 2, ask a friend to search a game in Dead Ops Arcade Public Match - Now go to your friends list, click on your friend's profile & press Join game then custom game - Once you've done it, ask a friend to join your lobby and when he's in your...
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    Patched GTA 5 Chip's Glitch | Make Billions | WORKS FOR PS4 + XBOX

    Requirements: - DMO Save - Empty crew - CHIPS - Spawn point: motorcycle club house English : Chip Method do the solo SPMP from SHIFTTEAM [/SPOILER] If you are in the MP go to the job for a Titan start the job Change to an SP character Pause menu -> Join crew members -> Accept...
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    Working How to GET UNLIMITED XP & UNLOCK ANY CHALLENGE in CUSTOM GAMES on Black Ops 3! (BO3 XP Lobby 2020)

    Requirements: - 1 Friend Steps: - First of all, ask your friend to search a game in public match in a game mode that most people don't play - Once your friend is in a lobby, go to your friends list, click on his profile & press "join game" then press custom game - It should put you in custom...
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    Discovery BO3 XP Bot Method will be Released in a few days :)

    Hello everyone, So I found an XP Bot method on BO3 working on all platforms & I will be releasing it in a few days soo stay tuned :)
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    Unsolved First Xbox one s hotswap?

    Hi so basically I am new to the whole hot swapping idea but I figured I’d give it a go on my xbox one s. I’m only doing this so I can use a game disk of a friend and give it back to him after once the game is saved on my console -not to do any modding- anyways I’ve setup my xbox so it does work...
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    Working How to GET the BOWIE KNIFE in Black Ops 3 MULTIPLAYER in 2020! (BO3 Glitch PS4/Xbox One)

    Requirements: - 1 Friend & 2 Controllers Steps: - First of all, join a friend in the zombies menu - Then go to weapon kit/secondaries/RK5/Paintjob & press "create new" - Once you've done that, ask your friend to go in Multiplayer with you - Once you're in Multiplayer, press back a few times &...
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    Working How to GET UNLIMITED DEATH MACHINE on ALL MAPS in Black Ops 3 Zombies!

    Hello everyone, Here's the full tutorial on how to get Unlimited Death Machine on All Maps/Unlimited Skull/DG-4s/Gauntlet/Unlimited Beast Mode/Indestructible Shield in BO3! Requirements: - 2 Controllers - First of all, go to your settings and turn off your internet - Then, start Black Ops 3 -...
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    Unsolved Banned from fortnite for running cheat software on xbox one?

    Hi guys, I've been banned from Fortnite on xbox one for nothing, an on screen message said I had been exploiting. Emailed the customer support when I recieved the ban only to be told 9 days later that the ban was for cheating. I asked at that point to please explain further as exploiting and...
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    |Xbox One & Xbox 360| Free xp Lobby MW3

    How To Join: 1. Post your Gamertag & that you agree to the rules 2. Wait for me to add you or Join Session! Once in the lobby, get a kill and you will be level 80 instantly then post legit :wink: and back out prestige and repeat Rules: (Don't follow them you will be warned once. Fail to...
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    Unsolved How can i change the Xbox build numbers to unbrick it?

    I own a Xbox One (fat). Months ago, the hard disk stopped working and I swapped it for a clean, correctly formatted, new one. Then, inserted it at the Xbox and used the OSU (Operational System Utility) archives to start in repair mode and install the system in the new HD. But instead i got a lot...
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    Solved X1 Story Mode Any 1 Know a Money glitch ?

    Guys I played GTA 5 on xbox360 pc I mean. Now I have it on my x1. I am exhausted. Playing missions makes me tired. I been searching on google/ forums/ reddit but all of them are old posts from 1 or more years ago. Pls someone tell me a fast money making method/glitch[in story mode] and save me...
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    All EASY SEMI SOLO GTA 5 Car Duplication Money Glitch! (GTA 5 Online Money Glitch)

    Requirements: 10 car garage with a fagio in it, another 10 car garage with a free elegy in it.. so the cars have to be in different garages.. also have the car you want to duplicate in a casino penthouse or a facility, or a arcade.. or a arena workshop.. any of thoes work Heres a video on it:
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    Camo Challenges in 1 vs 1

    Anyone want to do camo boosting... long shots etc... add me on xbox one v BearD v
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    Unsolved Modern warfare Activision id's

    Is anyone able to link me to the site all the working special characters are from as would like to change my in game name?, sorry if not allowed
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    Support Is there anyway to switch back to Xbox 360 gamerpics on Xbox one

    Does anyone know how to get revert back to Xbox 360 gamerpics on Xbox one accidentally took mine off and can’t get it back.
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    Discovery Phone moving off screen

    Does this lead to anything?
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