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  1. exhurtum

    Discussion  CS:GO any awards tool or GPD editor? :)

    the title says it all :b
  2. Luger_69

    Unsolved  The Warriors Cannot be played in Xbox 360

    I downloaded The warriors from dbxigames Yesterday , I copied it to Aurora and wanted to play it , However they keep showing me "This Disc might be dirty or scratched" I have no idea why they show me this , Even though I play Driv3r (an Xbox OG Game) Just fine What should i do to play it?
  3. GloriuzReytem

    Unsolved  [Question] how to put rgloader devkit on xbox 360 with rgh 3

    Hola a todos. mi pregunta es: como instalo nad 17559 con RGloader devkit en la consola xbox 360 con rgh 3 He visto tutoriales pero son para rgh2. alguien salve si puede en rgh3. Lo siento si estoy publicando en el lugar equivocado en el foro y mi inglés no es nativo.
  4. M

    Unsolved  XBOX 360 Slim mod failure (PicoFlasher, No xell)

    Hi All, Much help is needed! I got a slim Xbox 360 which I planned to do the RGH3 on. I got the tutorial, got a Raspberry Pi Pico with the most updated PicoFlasher on and the J-Runner software. I've prepared the board and connected the wires as needed, follow the instructions, and did a Nand...
  5. N

    Tutorial  Updated guide for XENON RGH with EXT_CLK

    UPDATED GUIDE FOR XENON RGH WITH EXT_CLK A lot has changed since beggining of this thread, so I decided to make an updated guide. I will be using Matrix V3 glitcher, but compatible are also Coolrunners and soon ACE V3 glitchers. This guide will be focused on RGH 1.2 based on EXT_CLK instead of...
  6. R

    Unsolved  Xbox 360 Xenon is not booting XELL after RGH Install

    Hi there again, i'm having some issues trying to boot Xell, Xbox is not giving signal, i'm currently using a Xenon Motherboard and an ACE V3. Here's the photo of my installation, the green led sometimes blinks.
  7. zulll

    Unsolved  Can I install a 2 disc game into my Xbox 360 without needing an internal HDD?

    So I was trying to download Battlefield 4 and several other games that needed two discs to be downloaded but I don't have an Internal HDD on my Xbox 360 to store the first disc. Is there any way that I can play a 2 disc game through XeXmenu from my external hard drive instead?
  8. Mer08_

    Support  Help with Freestyle Dash 3 and title updates.

    Hello. I have downloaded the last two versions of Minecraft for the Xbox 360 from xboxunity (title id: 584111F7) but when I put them in the 000B0000 folder and enter Freestyle tells me that the version is 1 and when entering the game, it puts me in the first version. I'm surprised because when...
  9. zulll

    Solved  There's no Hidden Content folder on my External Hard Drive

    so i was jtagging my xbox, and when i plugged my external hdd into my computer I can't seem to find the Hidden "Content" folder that i need to jtag my xbox. Instead, a folder named "Xbox 360" came up instead when i turn on the "Hidden items" on the view settings. Can anyone help?
  10. XRed_CubeX

    Unsolved  Where to buy wires for Nand-X??

    Hi everyone, some time ago I decided to install the rgh3 on my xbox 360 and I soldered the cables on the motherboard but there is a problem, I have the nand-x and I have lost the cables, I intend to buy new cables but I have I need to know where to find nand-x cables in a site that can ship to...
  11. K

    Unsolved  Changing all electrolytic capacitor for aluminium black cap capacitor

    Good morning, can I change all common electrolytic capacitors for black caps or other "better quality" capacitors without harming the console? my thought is on the issue of durability and differentiated modification.
  12. ohhsodead

    Tools  Arisen Mods - Browse, Download and Install Mods for PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360

    The elegant, powerful, and open-source mod manager. Arisen Mods allows you to easily browse through a regularly updated database of mods, game saves, homebrew, resources, themes, and much more for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. All mods have been tested and verified in our library, which is...
  13. CassetteTapeBoy

    Tutorial Xbox 360  How to add Engine Swaps to Forza Motorsport 4 DLC Cars

    Hey forza sinners, this is my guide/tutorial on how to add engine swaps to FM4 DLC Cars. I would like to thank "TheAdmiester" for helping me with all this. Here what you can do after you read all this: Add DLC Car engines to base cars Add DLC Car engines to other DLC Cars Add Base car engines...
  14. SYM_420

    Discussion  Super old xenon on blades dashboard

    So not long ago I found a really cheap untested xenon and when I got it plugged in at home I saw it still had the old blades dashboard (ver: 2.0.5787.0) and I was basically wondering if this console has any use for the modding community (idk it’s supa old so idk) if not I’m probably going to mod...
  15. Lzera

    Unsolved  Xbox 360 jasper Freeze in Xexmenu or in retail games

    Hello, I've tried to do a RGH3 on my jasper 256 xbox 360. I've followed many guides and using jrunner and a pico flasher I was abble to install the RGH3 on the xbox. I've used a 22k resistor and a 1n4148 diode. When i was following another tutorial to install xexmenu i encounter many freeze...
  16. A

    Solved  JTAG on Xbox 360 E ?

    Hello everyone! I had a question, can an Xbox 360 E from 2013 be Jtag'ed? Or is it only compatible with the RGH modification? Thanks.
  17. Undercover Man

    Unsolved  Forza Horizon DLC issue

    Hello, I have seen that someone had the same problem as me in the past, but they never gave a solution. In short, I recently downloaded Forza Horizon and its DLC for Xbox 360 and almost all of the DLC works as it should. Except for the November Bouden Car Pack DLC which only shows me 2 of the 6...
  18. piclet

    Unsolved  Missing capacitor Xbox 360 slim E Corona v6

    Good afternoon, i was checking this board when i found that this capacitor is missing under the GPU, they were playing the console with the fan damaged which caused overheating to which i attribute the fall of this capacitor, if someone had the schematic or knew the value of this capacitor or...
  19. K

    Unsolved  RGH 3 Not booting

    Hi so I just did the new RGH3 on my jasper console, and im having a booting issue, it boots to xell I got my CPU key built the Xebuild, tried both 27mhz and 10 mhz, both are insta boot to xell but none of them will boot to a dashboard just sits at a green light on the xbox any ideas?
  20. Ruby

    Tutorial  How To Create A Donor Nand After Losing The Original [Updated 2022]

    Requirements JRunner With Extras is maintained by Octal450 with work from various community members. JRunner has the function to create a donor NAND for any console with only a CPU Key and a LDV (Lockdown Value) of the particular console. How To Locate Lockdown Value LDV can be found by...
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