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    Unsolved  Is my JR programmer dead?

    I have a JR programmer V2 that I bought from the weekend modder. I used it on my XBOX 360 elite fat (falcon) and worked flawlessly. that was about a month ago and recently I bought an xbox 360 fat which was also falcon but had a 6683 dashboard (sweet JTAG!). anyways I soldered everything is as...
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    Solved  Adding new games to existing Aurora Xbox 360 via Mac?

    Hi, I already have an Aurora-set Xbox 360 ready to go with games on it, but I'm looking to add more. However, I only have a Mac. Someone told me there's a way to add games via USB stick that can then be uploaded to the Xbox 360, but does anyone have access to a walkthrough for that? Thanks in...
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    Looking for people to play in xbox 360 unity

    I am looking for people to play games with especially old games like cod waw and cod 4 If you are interested dm me
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    Unsolved  Rgh not reading discs

    Hello guys Today i updated tje dashboard from 17511 to 17559 i used simple nand 360 flasher and xebuild But after that the dvd driver doesn't play games I was playing with it normally just before that Now it just enter the game The screen goes black then it returns to the Xbox home Please help
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    Unsolved  Modded Xbox 360 Won't Boot.

    My brother was messing around with the xbox trying to connect it to the internet. The xbox connected to the internet but then it suddenly shut down. When I try to boot it up, the fans run and the power button turns green but I am not getting any output on the screen. (I tried multiple HDMI...
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    Unsolved  Advise - Accidentally removed a trace when soldering

    Hello all, First time doing an RGH 1.2 mod on my Xbox360 Falcon. Process was going well for the most part until I was soldering the last wire and removed both the soldering pad and a bit of the trace. Will this be possible to fix? I am hoping to salvage the machine. This was for the CLK point...
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    Tutorial  How to steal anyones Xbox 360 Avatar using Fiddler.

    Today I will be showing you how to steal anyones Xbox 360 Avatar using Fiddler! First of all you will need Windows 10, Xbox Original Avatars app and Xbox Console Companion from the Microsoft store and Fiddler You do not require an Xbox console to do this tutorial! You will then want to make...
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    Unsolved  help. Just got my RGH and when I press the Guide button nothing.

    As the title says and I've even tried multiple controllers that are completely fine on my retail Slim 360 but not on the RGH. Any help would be appreciated It's also a Jasper if that helps!
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    Solved  Fable 3 not playing on rgh

    i backed up fable 3 on my rgh from disk using both aurora and fsd3 but when i try boot it it just black screens. is there any fix/workaround for this?
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    Unsolved  Help Dvd Burning

    Alright, I've recently started using an Xbox360 so I'm a bit new to the console. I've had my Xbox Slim flashed. So I've started burning my own games now and have run into a bit of a problem, Mainly with Tekken Tag Tournament 2. So the discs I'm using right now are Sony DVD+R DL 8.5 GB. The...
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    Support  what am I supposed to do after modding my Xbox?

    I've recently started learning how to mod X-box's, and I've just finished modding my xbox trinity slim, with a jr-programer. and everything went smoothly, I was actually surprised because i've never soldered before. but anyways I finished it up and hooked it up, and it turns on to the blue xell...
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    Tutorial  Instructions for CoolRunner rev c on 16mb Corona

    I really need help with this. I bough this thing a long time ago, and I am just now getting to it. And now apparently Team Xecuter's site is down. For the life of me, I cannot find documentation on modding my Corona with the CR. I got as far as reading and writing the nand. And there is some...
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    Unsolved  Xbox 360 Trinity, S-RGH, Xell Reloaded works but dash goes to E-73

    Hi, I am lost, maybe someone can give me a good direction. I pretty much followed Dr. Mario's video and this thread.. My system is 4gb Trinity, system works fine besides sometimes it...
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    Solved  Advice On Purchasing A Nand-X???

    So lately I've been wanting to get a Nand-X for myself since I'm always using my friends, which he purchased way back in 2015 off eBay for about $50CAD. For the past month I have been searching eBay almost every day and I never sees a single Nand-X go up for sale, and I have a JR Programmer V2...
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    Solved  Cannot copy launch.ini

    Hello, Im new here. Tried looking for similar and not to old threads, but didnt found any. I updated 360 i got to 17559. And everything is fine except that I cannot paste launch.ini into Flash (Trinity). Neither XeXmenu, nor FSD File Manager (with access to Flash) cannot paste the launch.ini...
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    Unsolved  Xbox 360 jasper alt point damaged

    Hey Guys console : jasper 16mb Rgh1.2 done on it and boots I by accident damaged the bottom alt point of the jasper 16mb console i still managed to solder to another point and able to write the rgh nand to the xbox and it boots up perfect. But here the catch now the console boots then will...
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    Solved  Xbox 360 disc drive not working while in case

    Hey everyone, I'm having an interesting issue. I recently flashed my Falcon with a VAD6038 and it went swimmingly. That is, until I put it all back together. Once it was all back together, the DVD drive would stop responding to commands. The eject button both in software and physically would not...
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    Unsolved  Xecuter DemoN Drivers?

    Hope someone can help here... I've had a spare Phat Xecuter demon with me for a while and I decided to install it since the world is locked down at the moment. I've installed the Demon toolbox v1.01 and attempted to get the drivers to install but nothing. device manager still says it doesn't...
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    Support  Aurora - Can't download DVD covers

    Hello, I have problem to download cover for any game in Aurora (xbox360). I faced this problem yesterday. Few days ago was everything OK. Now I have no results for downloading the cover for any game. any suggestions what happened and how to fix it? thank you!
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    Tools  [Release] Xbox Live Arcade Multi Tool [RGH/JTAG]

    This is a little project I started the other day. Right now it only supports a few games but I'll continue to add to it. My initial focus has been just overall functionality of the tool itself. It includes some extra tools as well. *Credit to dudeitsbrian for the XMessageBox class *Credit to...
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