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    Unsolved Using Your XDK: PIX (Performance Investigator) Tutorial

    XBOX 360 XDK TUTORIALS - PIX Getting an XDK can be a really exciting thing if you haven't already explored, or played around with one before! I decided to write this tutorial as a lot of the tuts I see around aren't very beginner friendly, and the community seems agitated to help new owners. If...
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    Unsolved possible to pull profile achievement online, copy and paste in new account

    use to be a member on this site back 360 days, anyways, is it possible to pull a profile online here and copy and paste achievements to a new account using modding tools used for the 360, its an old account thats banned but i am able to search it up. also if its possible and i dont have the...
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    Unsolved Xbox 360 fans get loud cause by wrong power supply?

    My xbox an elite (falcon) the fans gets really loud and the power supply gets really hot as well, DO I have the wrong power supply? The power supply is 203W. Thanks
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    Unsolved Very Strange Boot Times With RGH 1.2 on Jasper

    Hey everyone, so I was wondering if you could help me with one of these Jaspers using an Ace V3 chip. I got 8 phats so far that were done that produce less than 10 seconds for boot times after the first initial boot using the dynamic file (jasper_dyn2), but this one Jasper has got me stumped. It...
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    Unsolved RGH 1.2 Can't Glitch with CLK Fix

    I had a jasper that I had accidentally ripped the STBY CLK point off awhile ago, point B off of the mother board. I followed a tutorial I believe over on TX, and I was able to revive the console using a resistor between two connected points, one of those points being the CLK Alternative, F2RT2...
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    Unsolved Xbox live cracked games

    Hi guys So i want to join xbox live but all my games are cracked I got bored playing with the cpu Could i get banned for that And what gonna happened to the xbox 360 after i got banned
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    Unsolved Fps drop xbox 360

    Hi Soo i don't know why games are sol lagy like 10-20 frame per second But in some other games frames are 25-30 fps And i have no idea why Is this a problem with storage or systems or the game itself
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    Unsolved Xbox 360 turn on but won't boot up

    Hi guys So recently i was playing xbox 360 so i turn it off and go to sleep The next i want to turn it on , it turns on but it's only the fan and green light in the middle I checked out my HDMI cable, i try 2 of them but still won't boot up This problem came to me from time to time I try...
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    Solved Could i get banned on xbox live and how to play max payne 3 disc 2

    Hello guys I have a flashed xbox 360 and i have can i go to xbox live without getting banned because im worried because it's been a long time playing alone Is there is any risk in 2020 And second thing i downloaded max payne 3 from downloadxboxgames It camewz with two dvds. Dvd 1 and 2...
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    if you want in just put your gamertag below i will invite you!
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    Solved Halo 2 "Clean your disc"

    Hi everyone, I recently RGH 1.2 my old falcon 360 and successfully did it, I also modded a 500GB Hard drive. I run Aurora 0.7b, did the partition 2 thing and installed the latest compatibility files from 2018. I can run True Crime Streets of LA and James Bond Everything or Nothing with no...
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    Unsolved Xbox 360 custom animation without Fakeanim?

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and I've heard it's really good for questions like these. I have an Xbox 360 Jasper that I bought in a lot of 2, one was stock and one was modded which the purpose was to give as a birthday present to a friend. I was lucky enough to get it only for £15 free...
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    Discussion Grand Theft Auto IV Singleplayer Mod Menu for JTAG?

    As the title said, I'm looking for a singleplayer mod menu for gta 4 on my jtagged xbox. I'm looking for a fun mod menu where I can atleast spawn any peds, or play preset minigames(along with other common features such as player options(godmode,never wanted,etc) and vehicle...
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    Unsolved my outfits change every time i leave a session.

    Every time i leave a game after making outfits i always save them first but when i get into another game all the outfits are different. i honestly dont know what i did to my rgh. when i get on my retail and sign into the same account the outfits are still there but on my rgh they are different...
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    Solved Can I use a USB mod menu to mod GTA V on Xbox 360?

    I regained interest in GTA V on the 360. I really don’t want to spend any money or physically mod my console but would like to find a USB mod menu for online or story mode if possible. Does such a thing exist?
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    Unsolved *i need help asap plz* (bad nand)

    I tried to update me xbox 360 slim to kernel 17559 so I can play online but I got a frozen screen and red button instead (fixed now) but and still on da old dashboard. Ive forgotten my laptop password and Aint ğot access to a computer to fix my bad nand can someone plz help me i got all the...
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    Unsolved Xbox 360 Not going past XLogo after Dashboard Update (RGH)

    Hello everyone, I hope you're doing well. Two days ago I brought an Xbox 360 Slim Trinity and tried to update its dashboard to the latest 17559 version. I used this forum's guide to this as I was a fair noob at this. Used Simple NANDFlasher to get the dump, used Xebuild to build the image and...
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    Unsolved Getting Banned on Xbox 360

    So I am very new to modding the Xbox 360 and I was wondering how to avoid getting banned. Do you get banned for using mod menus or simply having an RGH/Jtagged Xbox? If I were to not use mod menus but have a rgh Xbox online could I still get banned? Also, when I get banned and have to buy new...
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    Unsolved How do i get Xbox 360 game shortcuts (GOD format and XEX format) on stock metro/microsoft dashboard on (RGH console)?

    Hi I wanna know to make my the games I download on my RGH Xbox 360 (some are GOD and some are XEX) appear in the games library in the stock metro/microsoft dashboard because I want to get on Xbox live stealth and not use homebrew to access my games so i wont get banned really fast. thanks in...
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    Unsolved Best place to buy a RGH Xbox 360?

    Hey, Does anyone know of any websites that aren't currently down or out of stock (ex. SharkyCustoms or L321mods)? I am looking to get into Xbox 360 modding but can't find any sellers, Ebay is a bit risky as well, looking for an official seller...
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