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xbox 360

  1. prodtezzo

    Question  When I Get Host on Black Ops 1 It Kicks All Other Players (RGH)

    Title pretty much says it all. For some reason, every time I get host in a black ops 1 game, normally within a minute but sometimes I can make it a little longer, my screen will freeze for a sec then I’ll get the game’s black loading screen, it goes for like 15 seconds, and then it returns to...
  2. dquzy

    Question  after writing xell, xbox 360 no output only green light blinking

    I tried to RGH3.0 my xbox 360 falcon I did everything normal but after booting there is no output on hdmi or vga, just only green light blinking After soldering on the motherboard before rolling out the firmware I accidentally turned on the console and there are three red lights, can it be...
  3. I

    Question  Black screen when starting Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

    When trying to play MGSV: TPP the game only displays a black screen. Drive starts reading the disc then stops about 20 seconds in and does nothing else after that. Installed v1.10 from Xbox Live, disconnected Xbox from the internet, same issue. Game is being played from a burned disc, Hitachi...
  4. D

    Question  Can teammates see my offhost mods?

    I was recently given an RTE tool called "Superiority" from a friend and I only plan to use it to change my tag on my RGH 360. Out of curiousity, I messed around with some offhost mods like "red boxes" and "UAV" hacks for two games just to see how they work. And in those two games, my team won in...
  5. 0xShelby

    Tools  RGStarter V6.2 | Free Premium Alternative To Paid Tools | Package Installer, Linux Installer, Remote Mods, Command Line, File Editing & Much More!

    (please bear with me, I am not good with thread design at ALL on se7ensins) Good morning everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful day so far. Almost 3 years ago I started a project called RGStarter, which at the time was just a simple Package Installation program that made it easy to get...
  6. Y

    Question  Changing the language on rgh games

    So i have a ton of games that i downloaded to a hard drive to play as god format. Most of them are in spanish or japanese and i wouldnt want to reinstall all of the isos again (its like 2 hard drives worth of games). Obviously theres no option to change the language in the games, so i was...
  7. E

    Question  Probably fried Xbox 360?

    Hi, I just started modding my Xbox 360 and I hoped I could get some help here. I tried a RGH 3.0. With all wires and PICO flasher in place J-Runner actually detected the motherboard as a Falcon. Success! So I got to the next step and pressed "Read Nand". This is where the console turned on (out...
  8. D

    Question  Social club save file for xbox 360

    Does anyone have/know a gta 5 save file for xbox 360 that's linked to the rockstar social club and is at the 2nd mission (Franklin and Lamar)?
  9. extortionate

    Question  MW2 Title & Emblem Codes w/ setplayerdata ??

    Does anyone know what you use to set titles & emblems in a .ff patch with setplayerdata? I have tried doing them like this and many other ways but can't seem to find the correct way to do it. setplayerdata "cardicon" "cardicon_bear" setplayerdata "cardtitle" "cardtitle_gambler" setplayerdata...
  10. S

    Question  Cheapest and Easiest Way to Play Xbox 360 Games While Earning Achievements

    I just got a xbox 360 so Im looking for some advice on the cheapest way to mod Xbox 360 so I can play games while still being able to earn achievements. Im a total noob to moding and terms used for it. Any advice or guides you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Best Deals

    New -Xbox Only- Best Deals -July- 2024 Bo1-Bo2 Remote Recovery Safe-No Bans-OFFLINE

    -Any Rank -Unlock All -Legit or Modded Stats *Post GTs below, what game you need & put down what rank/prestige you would like! *Post legit on thread after you’re done if you’d like! *Enjoy* *Discord for any other questions or concerns: @bxrty. Ps: Make sure to put a . at the end of bxrty when...
  12. A

    Discussion  Potential Xbox 360 softmod

    What's going on se7insins today I'm asking for the help of the ogs in the Xbox 360 hacking community.. I believe I have found two possible entry points to enable chain loading a homebrew program The talk here at 11:00 mentions "if a game had a way to reload code into data areas and jump there...
  13. W

    Game Mods Xbox 360  Kane and Lynch: Dead Men Leaderboard Modding

    Hi, does anyone have access to modding the leaderboards or a way to mod lobbies to boost?
  14. L

    Discussion  360 Network Dumps?

    Anyone know of any batches of network dumps for 360 games? It'd mainly be useful for bringing back some online servers in the event that 360 live ever goes down entirely. It's encrypted but having something's still a better start than nothing at all there.
  15. bvop

    Question  Xbox 360 error E76 after reflowing, replacing ethernet and reflowing southbridge

    Hey guys, I have a Microsoft factory refurbished Xenon. It has a revised Y1. So that rules out a GPU issue. The issue is, when I boot the system, it boots into EC_XSS and displays a white screen. The error code is E76, which means the ethernet PHY couldn't reset or something along the lines of...
  16. N

    Question  Xbox 360 RGH 3.0 - Retail dashboard crash

    So I got myself an RGH 3.0 Trinity 360. When I boot it up, it goes to XNA dashboard. Any attempt to run the retail dashboard results in a crash. I see the dashboard for a split second, then the console reboots, saves a crash dump (apparently the crash is in xam.xex) then reboots again back into...
  17. Best Deals

    Game Mods  Best Deals MW3 Rank & Unlock All Lobbies! Xbox 360/One only. {Status: OFFLINE}

    Hosting Mw3 any rank & unlock all lobbies! Xbox Only! Enjoy & post legit if you’d like! GT: GP Varsity Status: {OFFLINE} Will update thread once I am online and hosting. Make sure to post your gt below or add: {GP Varsity} for invite. 1712378548 1712378782
  18. J

    Discussion  Phantom Breaker Battle Grounds Xbox 360 gamerpics (REQUEST)

    Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone here would provide a link to download gamerpics from Phantom Breaker Battle Grounds. The gamerpics for this game can't be found on Horizon.
  19. I

    Question  Hitachi DVD drive PCB dead?

    I flashed my Hitachi GDR-3120 a while ago and it started dying after that. The only way it would work would be if I manually ejected it with the console on, put in a game, pushed it back in slightly and then turned on the 360. The console would retract the tray, read the disc, and work after...
  20. C

    Question  Can't read nand with diy sd tool

    Basically, I soldered every point, tried out every diagram available, and even made another sd card tool. Still, when I connect to the computer, it doesn't detect anything. There's no pop-up asking to format, nothing. What could it be?
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