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xbox 360 slim

  1. Z

    Question  Xbox 360 S Trinity, attempted to read the NAND, lost the solder pads. What now?

    Hey, all. I have six Xbox 360s that I am trying to flip, but I wanted to make this one into a gift for my cousin's birthday. I have less than a week, and I have been working on this for days now. I have been using PicoFlasher (I have three of them, so I am okay here), I have it wired, but I...
  2. B

    Question  Xbox 360 Slim Corona v3-v6 no video signal.

    I have a xbox 360 slim corona, i want to rgh it but i need to fix it first. The console doesnt give any video signal at all, to hdmi or AV. I connected a 360 controller to it, and the 4 ring on the controler are flashes. Seems like the console failed to boot. I reflowed the southbridge and the...
  3. B

    Question  New to RGH Xbox 360 Slim - Storage and Downloading Questions

    My knowledge on this is new and I’m still learning - I recently acquired an RGH Xbox 360 Slim and have been adding games to it from the disc and from online (PC) downloads including the DLCs via a USB and placing it on the 250GB HDD1. I noticed the storage space on HDD1 gets used up a lot...
  4. A

    Solved  Hello ive got the 0100 error code on my 360s

    Is there anyone near indiana that could reflow it for me, and possibly mod it. I'm learning how to mod but would prefer someone that knows what they are doing, plus I don't have the time for that. Let me know what your cost is for either or please. I kinda want to play wz2.0 but pretty sure the...
  5. D

    Question  flashed xbox 360 slim model 2012 (12v-9.6A) how to completely format it and remove everything ??

    i have a xbox 360 slim (2012) and i turned off liveblock and the xbox updated and then it doesn't turn on again ...... i tried messing around putting a udpnand.bin in a usbdriver (FAT32)and plug it and load the xbox from the eject button and after it finished it told me to turn off the...
  6. N

    Discussion  How do I use a good flashed dvd drive in an xbox 360 that has a bad dvd drive?

    I have 360 that is RGH'd with a 16d4s winbon dvd drive that is broken, but I have the keys for. I also have a good dvd drive that is flashed that is a 16d4s winbon I would like to install. How do I make this happen?? I have read several different tutorials on how to flash the keys, patch them...
  7. Readmit

    Question  Noctua fan replacement for XBox 360 Slim

    Can anyone please recommend for me a Noctua fan to replace the very loud XBox 360 slim fan? I do know that you can change the fan speed in Dashlaunch, but can someone please recommend for me a Noctua fan that will fit in the XBox 360. Thank you.
  8. M

    Question  XBOX 360 Slim mod failure (PicoFlasher, No xell)

    Hi All, Much help is needed! I got a slim Xbox 360 which I planned to do the RGH3 on. I got the tutorial, got a Raspberry Pi Pico with the most updated PicoFlasher on and the J-Runner software. I've prepared the board and connected the wires as needed, follow the instructions, and did a Nand...
  9. K

    Solved  Corona Demon Nand/Xell Does Not Boot RGH But Stock Retail Nand Does

    Hi Everyone, I seem to be having a very strange issue with my 7-8 year old dual-nand Corona Xbox 360 (Star Wars Edition). The issue is that it stopped booting modified nand's on the Demon and Xbox 360 chips. I can load the Stock 17559 nand just fine without issue so I don't think it's a wiring...
  10. M

    Solved  Unable to boot XBOX 360 Slim and met with a black screen after updating.

    I have no idea if my XBOX 360 SLIM is an RGH or a JTAG, and i have updated to a new version of the dashboard and now stuck with a black screen. I have figured out its some kind of a failsafe to prevent it, now i am stuck with a XBOX 360 which i absolutely CANNOT flash since i have 0 equipment to...
  11. R

    Question  r4d4 resistor (slim) broken, need help finding new one.

    So title says it, the r4d4 resistor is broken. I don't know what type of resistor it was and want to know where I can find a new one, or maybe get one off of the board if there's a resistor that isn't necessary.
  12. nnssewew

    Question  I have the Fat Mount uda0 problem in Xell and I was wondering how to fix it (in terms a noob would understand)

    I have a hitachi dvd drive that won't let me play mupen64 or the ps1 emulator from usb when it's plugged in. It does the thing where on xell where it gets to the line Fat Mount uda0 and doesn't go any further. I would like to be able to play these emulators and games on disks without having to...
  13. cathedral_junky

    Question  How to disable the dvd drive on an rgh xbox 360 slim via jumping the pins?

    First time posting on the site so apologize if this is not the correct place to post this: So basically about 4 months ago I purchased an already RGH modded xbox 360 slim. Not 100% sure what this means but according to the ebay listing it has been modded with: " 16mb Corona. Glitched with Corona...
  14. lotec25

    Question  Reassign Xbox Game

    How can I edit the name of a game ISO? I am using 360mpgui and it is giving the wrong info for the game. How can i change it? Tried to google and look on here, but I did not see anything.
  15. lotec25

    Question  LED Xbox 360 ROL

    Does anyone know what size the middle led is in the ROL of Xbox Slim that does green/red?. I would like to replace it with the proper LED instead of just putting 2 single 0805's on it. EDIT: If no one knows the number could someone give me the dimensions of the LED in the middle?
  16. D

    Question  [HELP] How can i check for a console ban without connecting to the internet?

    I want to buy an xbox 360 slim (flashed) but dont want it to be banned please help! I need help! Title says all.
  17. D

    Question  I want to get a flashed xbox 360s to stock (unflash/put it back to stock)

    So i was searching for an xbox 360 for my sister. I found a dirt cheap xbox 360s flashed with lots of extras. Before i bought it i asked the guy if he had the backup keys before flashing it. He said no and his friend flashed it for him years ago (so its old AF) I like online and **** but im...
  18. S

    Solved  Xbox 360 Slim giving red dot

    hello all, first post here. i have an Xbox 360 Slim 4GB model which i believe is the Trinity model, giving me some weird problems. i bought it with a controller sync problem, it was already taken apart. i replaced the RF board which fixed that issue. when i tried a game it gave me the "family...
  19. jimmyperkins91

    Solved  RGH Help

    so i want to rgh my console and wanna know which chip do i get? the X360ACE V3 or Coolrunner Rev C ? i only plan on doing a dvd key extraction for my xk3y, And i want to use my xbox 360 slim for online with the xk3y with no rgh. thanks XBOX 360 SLIM White DG-16D5S philips lite on 12V 9,6A Date...
  20. jimmyperkins91

    Solved  Xk3y dvd key help!

    OK so i'm trying to get the DVD keys from the drive,It says on jungle flasher dvd key not found and it all so says mtk vendor mode failed.Is my slim not compatible? the manufacture date on the console says 2012-09-20 and dvd drive is DG-16D5S Philips & Lite-on, the 360 is on the latest dashboard.
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