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xbox 360 rgh

  1. XboxOneGamerrrrr

    Question  | RGH |What do KV’s do?

    So recently I’ve been wanting to get into modding and so I’ve been learning about everything I would need for my rgh. I would buy an rgh that comes with the necessary downloads pre-installed, and I know that I have to buy server time. (But I actually don’t know if I have to also buy Xbox live or...
  2. Yasser Ski

    Question  Xbox 360 Fan

    My rgh xbox 360 is getting hot just in the menu it get 75° i changed the thermal past on the APU and i increased the fan speed to 50 using dashlunch and the console getting like 65° on the menu, but his sound getting little loud so is it ok to increase the fan speed like i did?
  3. Yasser Ski

    Question  Minecraft Xbox 360 RGH Problem

    Hello, i have an problem with minecraft , i have an pirated dvd of minecraft xbox 360 edition but i can't install it to my xbox 360 the install button dosn't show up, so i downloaded minecraft from the internet via an USB , but when i install it on my xbox 360 it was not full game ( this problem...
  4. H

    Question  Switching from CoolRunner RevD to Ace V3 on a Corona V5

    I had purchased an Xbox 360E which was already RGH'd. It is a Corona V5 (16MB Nand with the requirement of a Postfix Adapter). I used it for a while, and then one day out of the blue, it froze up while playing. I tried rebooting it, but since then it has not been able to boot. I asked around on...
  5. Cobatine

    Solved  [Xbox360 rgh] Original Game has no save location

    I have a modded RGH and I'm tryna play Pac-man world 2 but it says "error creating a save" which makes it unplayable... I have no trouble with any other Xbox original games, only this one. How can I solve this? I'm assuming I needa manually create a save location, but idk how.
  6. G

    Question  Xbox 360 jasper 16mb error when flashing nand need help

    Xbox 360 nand flashing error on phat jasper 16mb error: 202 writing block 38E I tried a lot of stuff but I can’t get it to flash without this error and even try to wipe my nand error 202 erasing block 38E I got my cpu key I made a new donor nand but I get the same error I get it to boot but only...
  7. D

    Question  Please help ! USB Storage Device

    I bought а used RGH xbox 360 witch had Freestyle 3 on it and i wanted to move it to aoura but it was using xex menu 1.1 and i wanted to update it so deleted it... and when i want to format a USB drive on the xbox 360 it just says "Usb Storage Device" and that is it below that text is just empty...
  8. U

    Question  I need help with my xbox 360 RGH

    I was using neighborhood on my pc trying to transfer a file but the copying bar wasn't moving and i got a little too impatient and i clicked off the window and it didnt go away so i kept clicking and pc screen went black for 2 seconds and when i went to the xbox it was frozen, so i turned it off...
  9. I

    Question  Trinity RGH3 slow Post

    Hi, this is my 2nd Trinity i got working with rgh3 ist an pretty early 2010 Model. But it Either doesnt post or it posts after 2 to 3 trys. (You can hear it on the Fan. 1 try is right around 5 seconds) My soldering is good ripped Post half out but i repaired it. Fitted an Postfix Adapter. Same...
  10. cal2291

    Question  How to skin guide menu and XNotify on Xbox 360 RGH (Freestyle Dash)

    Hi all, I am wondering if its possible to customise the guide menu on an Xbox 360 RGH to look more like the 7371 guide. I am using Freestyle's Dream Theme and the old bootanim.xex but I am wondering if its possible to skin the XNotify and the guide menu without flashing the NAND as I'm unable...
  11. M

    Question  XBOX 360 Slim mod failure (PicoFlasher, No xell)

    Hi All, Much help is needed! I got a slim Xbox 360 which I planned to do the RGH3 on. I got the tutorial, got a Raspberry Pi Pico with the most updated PicoFlasher on and the J-Runner software. I've prepared the board and connected the wires as needed, follow the instructions, and did a Nand...
  12. gamecube501

    Solved  Can i mod my Xbox 360 E?

    Hello, i have my old Xbox 360 here and i wonder if i can mod it with RGH or something. im completely new to this but i have soldering skills. I bought my Console in Germany a few years ago. im gonna put some data here. 12V 9,6A Xbox 360 E MFR Date: 2014-08-18 Thanks for your help.
  13. A

    Question  Fatal Crash Intercepted DLC RGH

    Hi, everyone! While I'm in the game, when I navigate through DLC songs, the "fatal crash intercepted" error displays and take me back to Aurora menu. I put the DLC and title update through Horizon and manually in the external HDD, and the same error still appears. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  14. D

    Question  My RGH Xbox 360 is not detecting XeX menu (or any files) on my USB.

    My RGH Xbox 360 is not detecting XeX menu on my USB. I tried letting the Xbox format my stick to Fat32, still not working. I tried the live version of the XeX menu, still not working. I tried using Horizon, it says "invalid STFS package". I watched tutorials on how to fix that error, none of...
  15. N

    Question  Xbox 360 Matrix RGH not booting to Xell

    Hi, I am having probably a really stupid problem with booting a 256MB Jasper with Matrix glitcher. I also tried it on 512MB but at that point I didn't know that I had to desolder the 0 ohm resistor and also pulled PLL pad and had to put a pass-through wire from the top side, but if you think...
  16. D

    Question  Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episodes not working

    Hi, as the title says, my RE Revelations 2 downloaded DLC or Episodes don't work, to be more specific EP 2 and 3. I've tried everything from installing all of the TUs and trying all of them to reinstalling the game from somewhere else, I don't know what seems to be the main cause of this issue...
  17. J

    Solved  Xbox 360 neighbor hood not showing up on my computer after install.

    I’m in search of a high iq to help me figure out why my Xbox 360 neighborhood isn’t showing up properly on my computer, I just get a few programs such as “avatar viewer” and something to do with a cpu monitor I’ve tried Uninstalling / reinstalling as well as using different links for Xbox 360...
  18. Joel189087

    Solved  Xbox rgh black ops 3 problem

    Hi. I have a rgh xbox 360 and i use ninja stealth server on it i can run every game online except for black ops 3 it says it needs to download the compatability packs but it keeps retrying but it gails every time i tried this : I downloaded the compatability packs from the internet and put this...
  19. Ottocoid

    Question  Modify the MS dashboard (change tile colors, themes)

    Hi, again! I was wondering if I can modify the MS dashboard. Can I change the tile colors. I heard of XUID modifications but I don't know what is it and how to use them. And can I set the white theme to the dashboard without Live?
  20. Ottocoid

    Question  Bring back the Kinect warning message before the game

    Hi again. Today I wanted to ask you about the warning message before starting some Kinect game. So, previously I had X360 Retail which I played Kinect games with (I was playing on it in 2013) and for some reason everytime I started up a Kinect game it would give me a message about that if I am...
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