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    Unsolved Can you mod an Xbox 360 e?

    Hello, I am new to Xbox 360 modding and I have an Xbox 360 e that I want to mod instead of buying a whole new system. I know some versions of the Xbox 360 e can be modded and some can’t so I was wondering if someone could let me know if mine could be. The MFR Date is 2013-11-05. Let me know if I...
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    Support Using a modded xbox 360 through the Xbox One S HDMI port

    Hi, i modded my 360 slim and my TV only has 1 HDMI port, and i got no AV cable. I wonder if its safe to plug in the modded 360 through the Xbox One`s HDMI port with OneGuide.
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    Unsolved RGH Won’t connect to XBL

    I can not seem to figure this one out. I’ve reset all my plug ins, tried a new stealth server, checked my KV, made sure liveblock and liveStrong are disabled, reset my router and even just let my Xbox chill out for a couple days and nothing... Plug ins: 1: xbdm.xex 2: ninja.xex 3: (mod menu) 4...
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    Unsolved XBox 360 custom HUD

    Hi everione, done a little bit of searching and came to conclusion that everione thinks no one can sleep without million xNotify to choose from, while there is not a single sober tutorial on custon HUD and it's modification. Came to this video which was pretty usefull by half ( half was on...
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    Unsolved XK3Y USB Replacement?

    I hope this is the correct place to ask this but I had an XK3Y since I was 14. My XK3Y 360 has been in my closet for a few years and I decided to play some old games again today. I took it out of a storage container and I noticed that the USB dongle was completely broken. I looked online and I...
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    Solved Found some hidden files after putting the USB in my PC

    I put my USB in my computer from my 360 and I put show hidden files and I see lots of Data files I opened them up with a Hex Editor and each one is different I found some numbers and word with some drive letters with something that says lib and some .dll files I wonder if this can be used to...
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    Unsolved Xbox Horizon 360 can't "inject new file"

    When I'm trying to inject new file or "quick fix" it says " an unsupported thread occurred in the application. If you click continue, the application will ignore the error and will attempt to continue. If you click the Close button, the application will close immediately" 'the operation...
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    Solved Cheapest way to RGH and dual NAND Xbox 360 Trinity.

    Hi i’m a newbie when it comes to modding 360s but want to RGH mine and dual NAND it if possible so i can still access live. I’m wondering what the cheapest route for this would be. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated thx.
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    Solved Xbox 360 Arcade Jasper J-Tag or RGH

    Hey so I bought my Xbox 360 Arcade Jasper on Thursday and wanted to know if I can J-Tag or RGH it. I am an absolute noob so yeah I need some help. And I wanted to know which Xbox 360 Arcade Jasper Dashboards can you RGH ? My Dashboard version is 2.0.16202.0
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    Solved Rgh wont connect when i sign in

    I had a new kv and put it on. (im on xblballin) i tested my connection and everything was great until i tried to sign in to my account and it signed me in but it didnt put me into xbox live and i go to test connection again and everything is fine. It just keeps on doing the same thing
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    Unsolved Start Modding on Xbox 360

    Hi, I'm kinda new to modding, jtag, rgh and all the other rgh1.2. So i wanted to ask a couple questions 1. Where do I start? 2. What do i start with? 3. What do i need?
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    Solved Best halo 3 mod programs

    What's the best program for h3 modding on a jtag Xbox 360
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    Solved How do I make games on my dashboard show up in XEXmenu?

    Hey I recently came across a tool that lets me spoof MSP and after the game installed it show up on my dash and I can play it but how do i make it show up in xexmenu? Any help would be great thanks.
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    Solved Would Xbox One get banned?

    I have an Xbox One and an RGH Xbox 360. An account that I mod on with the Xbox 360, I want to bring that same account to my Xbox One. I modded black ops 2 and GTA V on the 360. Could the Xbox One get console banned or any of the other accounts on the console get banned? I'm going to take the...
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    Unsolved xbox 360 status code d000009a

    i have been getting the code off and on. and what i all as i know its a update but when i put the update on a USB and reboot nothing happened
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    Solved My theory on how to run unsitned code without opening the console

    So basically the theory is that you mod a GPD (Halo Reach GPD for example) so it loads specific content from a USB drive, the content is something that will replace that host OS thingy. So the question is, is this possible? And if it is, is anyone capable of programming this?
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    Solved Need Advice and info for Mod Menus and Stealth server

    I have been modding on my RGH for a couple weeks now and need some help and advise on GTA 5. First off, what are some good free mod menus that are not going to freeze my xbox at the logo? And second, what are some good servers that will allow me to do what i am wanting to do? I am using...
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    Solved Rgh help

    I've got a trinity slim Xbox 360 and wanting to rgh it because I have one of the older model motherboards. My 2 problems is that I'm wanting to buy a coolrunner but I don't know what the difference is on the rev c and rev d and my second problem is instead of buying a nand programmer I'm buying...
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    Tutorial Very helpful JTAG Tutorials (2 Tuts In 1 post)

    Hey guys! Today I am sharing with you some things i learned about for JTAGs/RGHs that can be EXTREMELY HELPFUL to anyone new to JTAGs or RGHs. Heck, it might even help some of the experienced modders. Tutorials I will be telling you how to do today: - Freestyle Dash on the PC - Easy Xell...
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