xbox 360 flashing

  1. N

    Discussion  How do I use a good flashed dvd drive in an xbox 360 that has a bad dvd drive?

    I have 360 that is RGH'd with a 16d4s winbon dvd drive that is broken, but I have the keys for. I also have a good dvd drive that is flashed that is a 16d4s winbon I would like to install. How do I make this happen?? I have read several different tutorials on how to flash the keys, patch them...
  2. androidian

    Solved  Xbox 360 disc drive not working while in case

    Hey everyone, I'm having an interesting issue. I recently flashed my Falcon with a VAD6038 and it went swimmingly. That is, until I put it all back together. Once it was all back together, the DVD drive would stop responding to commands. The eject button both in software and physically would not...
  3. Luger_69

    Solved  Could i get banned on xbox live and how to play max payne 3 disc 2

    Hello guys I have a flashed xbox 360 and i have can i go to xbox live without getting banned because im worried because it's been a long time playing alone Is there is any risk in 2020 And second thing i downloaded max payne 3 from downloadxboxgames It camewz with two dvds. Dvd 1 and 2...
  4. mika10095

    Unsolved  [HELP] How can i check for a console ban without connecting to the internet?

    I want to buy an xbox 360 slim (flashed) but dont want it to be banned please help! I need help! Title says all.
  5. mika10095

    Unsolved  I want to get a flashed xbox 360s to stock (unflash/put it back to stock)

    So i was searching for an xbox 360 for my sister. I found a dirt cheap xbox 360s flashed with lots of extras. Before i bought it i asked the guy if he had the backup keys before flashing it. He said no and his friend flashed it for him years ago (so its old AF) I like online and **** but im...
  6. Qwrtyberty

    Solved  Xbox 360 Flashing / Xbox 360 E Corona System I Think

    Im Looking For The Simplest Way Possible To Acheive The Flash....... Also is it possible without a computer...?
  7. coacar98

    Solved  How to i change out my Xbox 360 drive? Newbie here

    Hello guys. I have a fat Xbox360. Now, in it i have a LiteOn drive, which i wanna change out for a Benq Xbox 360 drive i have from my old Xbox 360, they are identical. Now, is there any other thing i should do? Now i've seen that for the Benq drive you don't need anything special from hardware...
  8. coacar98

    Solved  How can i flash my Xbox 360? Newbie here

    So, first of hello, i'm kind of a newbie. I recently bought a Xbox 360 Phat on a garage sale for 4e. It was a risk, i took it, i came home and my console works. I borrowed some cables and a joypad from my friend, and it works. I played 30 mins Forza and it doesn't heat up, so it's good. I don't...
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