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    Unsolved Fatal Crash Intercepted

    I have a RGH and my games were working perfectly fine until I decided to download aurora than later tried to play gta and got a fatal crash intercepted and than tried it on black ops 2 and still got fatal crash intercepted. Anyone know how to fix that
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    Solved I want to use mods on bo2, But i can not (RGH)

    I bought a xbox 360 recently and did the unlocking rgh, I was trying to use mods in the call of duty: Black Ops 2, but I watched many videos and I did not. in the videos I watched the staff took a file and put it inside the folder "raw, maps, ..., mp, _name.gsc." but it did not work, I watched a...
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    Free Co-host lobby

    I'm hosting free co-host lobbies will only have 4 at a time Current menu : Jiggy v4.5 Status: Online Post gt below and I'll invite and remember to post legit or vote
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    Solved My game keeps freezing as soon as the map Mo

    I got booted offline numerously and this guy has the blast mods tool and he brokw my game he made it so where when I look for a lobby I get frozen when I spawn in Need help fixing it willing to pay bitcoin or PayPal GT: it was meL0L
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    Xbox Bo2 Modded Gamemodes

    Currently Hosting: Zombieland Status: Online Gamertag: CameronModding2 Feel Free To Sub To: Cameron Modding Rules 1,No Screaming 2,No Threatening 3,Dont Say When To Start 4,Dont Send Messages Vote Gor What you Want To Play 5,NO FRIEND REQUESTS What Im Hosting 1,Prophunt 2,Zombieland 3,Deathrun...
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    BO2 Bot Lobby

    I am looking for help to make bot lobbies, must have a mic for communication.
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    Bot lobbies?

    Anyone hosting any bot lobbies? Chain killer has been a pain to get with my connection lol ugh
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    Solved Why does my Xbox 360 crash when I launch system link

    I don't know if this is in the right category, but every time I press the Xbox button, then press "system link", it shows me the normal menu, but the TU thing is red and says "TU#23 Available", I've tried a multitude of times to launch it using different launch methods with different TU23...
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    Solved Bo2 mod menu online

    I just bought a rgh xbox 360 online and when I tried to play online the mod menu wont pop up. The menu works in custom games. Please help.
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    Bo2 Elegance V5 fun lobby

    Doing a Elegance v5 all co host lobby! Join Gt iINSANESHOTZ420 Just send a private chat and join session. Please not they get full quick Hosting Jiggy menu Now Lobby Status//OPEN!! Please post legit when in the lobby guys it help me out big time!!! Each lobby is going to be 10 minutes...
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    Unsolved Resetting Prestige Master Black Ops 2

    A guy purchased a reccovery for black ops 2. He is prestige master but i'm unable to reset his stats so I can change it to prestige 15. I've tried lowering his level to prestige 9 level 55 and resetting but whenever I do that it instantly restarts bo2 and it doesn't save. Anyone have any...
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    Solved Connection Interrupted :( (Help)

    Hey (again), I really need help! I use Ninja stealth and I have Jiggy Menu 4.2 Installed but when I force host and go online, as soon as I put on quick mods. It says "Connection Interrupted" and I get kicked. Why does this happen?! Does this happen to anyone else and is there a fix? Thanks for...
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    Solved Where is the cheapest place to buy a RGH 360 slim with all the preinstalled software in the UK?

    I am looking into purchasing a RGH when I next get some money/save up for one but I'm not sure where the cheapest place is to get one in the UK including all the software preinstalled.
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    Need help with hosting a bot lobby Black ops 2 xbox 360/xbox one

    My GT is Remain Zynoh I need someone to help me host a bot lobby on black ops 2 on xbox 360/xbox one.
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    Unsolved Call of duty black ops 2 zombies boot Freeze

    Everytime i try to load bo2 zombies i get stuck, frozen I dont know how to fix it im using XBLBallin as a Stealth server Plugin 1 xbdm Plugin 2 stealth server Plugin 3 jrpc Plugin 4 xrpx Plugin 5 tu18bypass So what can i do to fix the freeze
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    Solved New to the Modding Scene, Finally... HELP

    I have had an old Xbox 360 slim for years now, and more recently bought an Xbox one, to obviously not get left behind in the times. I have no real use for my old 360 so I thought why not mod it. The only problem being, I'm uneducated on this. I have done some research and found that my 360 is a...
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    Black Ops 2 6Man trickshotting

    I'm looking for some people to do some bo2 trickshotting 6mans with you don't need a mic message me if you would like to join my GamerTag Is: Im RoyyaL
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    Unsolved Need Help!!! For getting online with mod menu on bo2

    please any one help me im trying to get on bo2 multiplayer with a gsc mod menu but when i join a game the menu never appears please help me!!!
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    Solved Help with AW modding!

    Ok so today i installed my AW on my FSD along with Bo3. I have only been modding on my RGH for a couple weeks with GTA only. I need some help and advise for modding on AW & BO3 (BO2 if i ever figure out the download). I know absolutely nothing about what i need to do to mod these games. I dont...
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    Lost Souls Recruitment Challenge

    Lost Souls (LS) Are Starting Up Their New Team Again Ex Clan With @8K Starting Fresh Heres A Line Up Of What Postitions We Are Looking For! Designers GFX Players (Mostly Xbox 360) Editors Co Leaders With Experience Content Creators If You Wanna Join HMU On Skype Or Twitter risky-xbl @xvipez7
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