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  1. AFK Capture partners.

    AFK Capture partners.

    Meet Players to go AFK with. Feel free to post Gamertags/PSNs/Social Club IDs.
  2. GTA V: Creator Mode Help

    GTA V: Creator Mode Help

    Some things to discuss: AFK jobs Invalid jobs Triggers in interiors Jobs in interiors Jobs under the map
  3. M

    Tutorial Doing modded Nazi Zombies lobbies

    Message my GT A Big HP For invite to zombie lobbies
  4. D

    Solved Xbox One running through PC

    I am making this post to ask how do you run an Xbox One through a PC. I have seen so many posts about the old GTA V DNS mods and that people ran their xbox's through pcs... How do you actually do this??
  5. T

    Patched Gctf workaround(Xbox one,PS4)

    1. Have both Lester invites 2. Accept the invite into the apartment 3. Leave the apartment 4. leave the ceo/mc (quick) 5. Go to the arena (workshop level) 6. In the arena accept the facility invite 7. Nothing should happen 8. Join someone in different targeting mode and declined the aim alert...
  6. S

    Solved Halo 2 "Clean your disc"

    Hi everyone, I recently RGH 1.2 my old falcon 360 and successfully did it, I also modded a 500GB Hard drive. I run Aurora 0.7b, did the partition 2 thing and installed the latest compatibility files from 2018. I can run True Crime Streets of LA and James Bond Everything or Nothing with no...
  7. S

    Unsolved I got kicked out of my own party?

    I was recently hanging with some friends on xbox when someone we didnt know joined the party. They said “you guys dont have the party on invite only” and changed the party to invite only. They then proceeded to kick my friend out of the party and tried to pull my friends ip. If possible id like...
  8. P

    Looking for players to boost

    Looking for players to boost with. I have a mic & 2 remotes. trying to get gold on a few of my guns.
  9. C

    Game Mods trading modded gear xbox 1 only

    i am trying to trade my softcore modded gear one of every class for hardcore modded i can also trade wings for hardcore i have one set of demon hunter hardcore and monk hardcore modded gear to trade for other hardcore gear trying to get a set of each class for hardcore so i can start doing free...
  10. C

    Solved Modded MTL dunes.

    Is there currently anyway to make a modded MTL Dune I want to make a dune with F1s and a 3d paint job.
  11. D

    Discussion Can someone nab this 3d model of Pogo the Monkey so I can print it?

    I want to print this about 12"-18" If I can get it to look nice enough I'd like to mold and cast it for fun. Can anyone nab it for me? If you can see the picture it's the one inside the arcade office.
  12. B


    Looking for find a few people to help me get nuke calling card. Message my gamer tag so we can set something up A1 Potato. I’ll be on
  13. I

    Discovery Weird glitch

    So I was in my arena doing merges when someone used me for a teleport glitch. thing is somehow despite being in separate lobbies, I managed to get the "your party has started a job" alert. And because I was running, i accepted both that alert and the different targeting mode alert. result being...
  14. I

    Boosting 1v1 Rust (Brazilian)

    Brasil, boosting. Activision ID: Buduvieser#9302085 Só convidar
  15. G

    MODERN WARFARE PS4 Xbox one pc

  16. L

    Solved Xbox one Personal vehicles won’t Spawn into game

    My personal aircraft will not spawn into the game, I go into my interaction menu, then vehicles, and when I click on the aircraft I want to spawn in, nothing happens, nothing spawns in but yet the timer gets activated as if it did spawn.
  17. L

    LSRP Xbox Server GTA V

    Looking for a new role play group to join? Look no further LSRP Xbox Server Is hiring all ranks right now. If you are interested In joining you need a few things: .Discord .And A legal version of GTA 5 XBOX. We are hiring such ranks as: .EMS/Fire .Dispatch .Civilians .Officers .Also...
  18. Z

    Shipment boosting lobby

    Player must have the following.. X2 controllers. Microphone Add me my xbox GT GuardianZac
  19. B

    Discussion xbox one software exploit possibilities

    might be on to something concerning a possible entry point on the xbox one. message me on instagram : @supersuperdaviss
  20. I

    Need two for lobby!

    Need 2 more for lobby. Have two controllers.
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