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  1. Best Deals

    Mod Menu  Hosting Free Rank + Unlock All: Destruction V1 (Xbox Only) {OFFLINE}

    *Hosting Free Modded Lobby *Menu: Destruction V1 *Status: OFFLINE * Gamertag: DosMitigated * Send friend request or message for an invite! *Can also send private chat & join my session! *Max rank + Unlock all available **Have fun & no disrespect or spamming options on the mod menu or you will be...
  2. Original Light

    Question  RGH Xbox 360 Disconnects from Xbox Live At Random

    Good afternoon, I bought an RGH Xbox 360 console from Console Warehouse last week. I've been having fun with it, and I've been able to successfully mod and play GTA: Episodes from Liberty City on Xbox Live. I do have a few issues with internet connections I can't seem to resolve. At random...
  3. geekfreak

    Question  KV.bin shows unbanned but will not connect to live, no matter what stealth server i try

    I turned on my xbox to find my console was banned, i use xbnetwork for my stealth server..i have a few other kv.bin files, i have tried placing all of them one at a time on my hdd, all three kv.bin files say unbanned. The issue is now the only way i can connect to xbox live is by using no kv...
  4. krocc69

    Question  How do i get Xbox 360 game shortcuts (GOD format and XEX format) on stock metro/microsoft dashboard on (RGH console)?

    Hi I wanna know to make my the games I download on my RGH Xbox 360 (some are GOD and some are XEX) appear in the games library in the stock metro/microsoft dashboard because I want to get on Xbox live stealth and not use homebrew to access my games so i wont get banned really fast. thanks in...
  5. Pigeon Mods

    Pigeon Mods - Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Prestige / Unlock all lobby V5

    LOBBY STATUS : Online CURRENT MOD MENU : IKonroi V5 This is my 5th S7 lobby - going to try doing more of these. How to join? Send a msg saying 7sins (I will inv you in the lobby). Once in my lobby please post legit and you're gamertag so i can then go ahead and give you the menu if you do...
  6. rynax

    Solved  Aurora press Y button exit to dash doesn't work? (with ******** plugin)

    Anyway I downloaded the fresh copy of Aurora, along with ******** plugin in dashlaunch, when I'm in Aurora, press Xbox button , then Y button to exit to dash does not work, why it doesn't work? Is there anything I need to set in Aurora/dashlaunch? Also press xbox button, then press A on 'xbox...
  7. sukarodo

    Solved  NiNJA HUD + Notify & ******** Blue Dashboard

    So I'm new to an RGH and the modding scene in general. I was curious if I could use the NiNJA HUD + Notify provided to me from YouTube, but keep my current ******** Dashboard, as I love it! Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
  8. HyPr_Strafe

    Solved  Can't Hear Gamechat With ********

    I have seen many threads about this problem with xblse but now I have a similar problem on ******** every other second it says I'm talking (without my mic being plugged in) but I also can't hear anyone but I see them talking, any solutions? help!
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