1. S

    Working  Second Profile achievement glitch in Battlefield Hardline and other games XBO

    There seems to be a glitch that unlocks a majority/all achievements on a secondary profile on XBO for some games, as long as one profile has them unlocked already. It's known to work for Battlefield Hardline and some other games too, but no one actually talks about how it is done. Does anyone...
  2. V

    Solved  Xbox one JTAG

    So I've been looking around to see if there's any way to jtag an xbox one and my search has so far come up empty (apart from finding se7ensins), most of the pages that mentioned it had some sketchy download link that I was not going to even attempt to use to avoid hurting my pc and/or xbox, do...
  3. J

    BLACK OPS2 modded lobby ZOMBIES

    EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO HAVE A FUN LONG ZOMBIE GAME MONEY GUNS PERKS ANYTHING YOU WANT NO YELLING HAVE A MIC !!! Add my gamertag NextLevel989 Xbox one /xbox 360 Venmo donations would be greatly appreciated Comment “ real “ when in lobby
  4. J

    Discussion  Black ops 2 Jonny boys COD BLACK OPS 2 ZOMBIE LOBBY

    Add me on xbox one NEXTLEVEL989 Long fun games of zombies Whatever you want i have. Money , guns , perks , etc!!! no yelling Have a mic !! calm lobby no music Venmo for donations would be g
  5. S

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare Boosting

    Need 5 ppl with two controllers Message me on xbox Gt is Darth Kravus or leave ur gt below for invite
  6. L

    Working  *NEW* RDR2 Online CO-OP Wallbreach *Afterpatch*

    Wallbreach Method Founder: Exploit Theory Wallbreach Location Founders: Hazeltin & LicenseToGlitch This glitch requires 2 people To begin go to the J. Cooperlee & Co. building directly to the right of the first large steam boat on the left side of the dock at Saint Denis Step 1: walk up to...
  7. A

    Unsolved  Am i gonna get banned?

    In 2016 i went into a lot of modded lobbies and got calling cards and camos stuff like that on black ops 2.I got banned. Now in 2019 I wanna go back on the game and play some private match. Will i get banned? I don’t wanna get banned.
  8. G

    Working  Get Out of Bad Sport faster than normal.

    Get out badsport faster and easier :) with more research on badsport dynamics and explained ^^ Same steps as before get someone get clean in badsport lobby (friends, second console wtv)... 1-Get both inside inv lobby session before the badsport rescuer gets clean player 2-Send 16 commends...
  9. BenJGrimm

    Unsolved  XBONE Controller - Alternative thumbstick suggestions

    I have recently acquired a scuf controller and the thumbsticks are concave, any suggestions how to remedy this with some convex sticks? Don't mind cutting and fitting just want others experiences and how they dealt with them. Thank you.
  10. D

    Xbox One  BCSO Xbox rp group is looking for new members

    BCSO rp group is looking for new memebers! We are a realistic Xbox one rp community with a complete cad that receives constant updates and an 18+ run discord server! We have multiple police and civilian divisions to join! If you would like to join the requirements are as follows. You must have...
  11. Willster4546

    Looking for a boosting lobby for Xbox one

    Need someone to invite me to your/someone's boosting lobby plz my GT is willster4546 so plz invite me thank you
  12. Juicehead99

    Patched  The Magic Slot Guide - How to Create, Flip, Merge and much more.

    This is just what i need to get into this! All the info in 1 place
  13. T

    Unsolved  Developer Account Problem

    So i have tried to get a dev account.. I go through all the steps as normal but when i fill in required info and click next. It does not take me to payment page. If anyone can link me anything to help or an updated tut then that would be amazing! thank you
  14. L

    Solved  Modded Benny rims on any vehicle

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering how do people get Benny rims on vehicles that are not supposed to have them?
  15. S

    Patched  How to get gray joggers after patch 1.42

    1.Start the heist setup “Rescue ULP” This setup is for the second heist. So it is required for you to do the first heist and all the setups or you can join the setup through your phone which can take a while 2.Make sure your on the team with the Gray joggers 3.Start yo the setup 4.Drive over...
  16. N

    WWII Rounds ( GT: Hershzy )

    Invite Me Or Join Me Need Players HMU: GT: LSJH Rules : 2 Controllers No Rude Remarks/ People No Scamming People ( Going Your Round Then Leaving ) Challenges: Just Ask For Help Others: Have Fun
  17. Gl1tch3r0

    Tutorial  How to trigger HEROIC public events!

    Found this on the web can't see it here but will be important im sure. The public events in Destiny 2 can be "triggered" to become heroic level therefore having better chance of drop. I found originally on...
  18. Rocket League's Second Anniversary Includes New Cars And Explosions

    Rocket League's Second Anniversary Includes New Cars And Explosions

    Soccer-racing hybrid Rocket League isn't about to put on the brakes. Inching upon its second anniversary next month, developer Psyonix revealed that there's much to come on July 5. Coming to PC, Xbox One, and PS4 in a free update is an arena, achievements and trophies, cars, customization...
  19. Aydind

    Looking for a Clan? Request a Clan Position/Role (Free Agent)

    Please post in this thread for clan leaders to invite you to their respected clans. If you want to request a role in a clan, please fill out this form below to the best of your ability. Name: Position/Role: CoD games you play: Availability: Preferred console: Contact method: Time Zone: Extra...
  20. Chotton

    Discussion  Get $10 Gift Cards for Microsoft from Pizza Hut

    **US ONLY** If you order the Triple Treat box from Pizza Hut, there is a code on the inside of the box. Link to Pizza Hut site Now, you're supposed to only be able to use the code they give you for $10 off a game on here. But, if you instead go HERE, and get a $10 gift card, it's completely...
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