1. CeratedSuperior

    Tools  [Release] Xbox Live Arcade Multi Tool [RGH/JTAG]

    This is a little project I started the other day. Right now it only supports a few games but I'll continue to add to it. My initial focus has been just overall functionality of the tool itself. It includes some extra tools as well. *Credit to dudeitsbrian for the XMessageBox class *Credit to...
  2. G


    Since the Goldeneye 007 for XBLA Remaster (Canceled) was leaked! Goldeneye 007 XBLA GAME ID: 584108A9 <~~~~~~Please give this thread a Like/Comment for building this very informative thread! I try to answer as many questions at once in the original post as possible so there should be no...
  3. S

    Unsolved  Unable to unlock XBLA titles on RGH, despite XM360 and Content Manager saying they are unlocked

    Hi, I searched the forums and found people with similar problems, but none of the solutions worked for them. I'm unable to unlock my legitimately-purchased XBLA titles on my RGH Corona. I had a modder do the work for me, and I'm not entirely clear on all of the work that they did. I'm...
  4. F

    Unsolved  Cannot get Minecraft unlocked on jtag

    I cannot get Minecraft unlocked even after going to xm360 and I’ve also tried enabling cont patch in dash launch and I have some things disabled that as well and I’ve tried Yaris swap and that didn’t work and I’ve installed tu80 but the game is still in trial mode any suggestions to fix this...
  5. W

    Solved  Risks of Ban with RGH offline using XBLA games and DLC

    Hello, I just got an RGH and I would like to know if I use XBLA and DLC games I might be banned when I put my account back on my retail Xbox. I have an xK3y on my retail and no problems with ISO games but for the RGH I have some questions. Thank you for your help.
  6. S

    Solved  RGH Trinity Wont play XBLA games

    I just put Glitch2 on my trinity using a X360 ACE v3 and im using the latest dashlaunch and latest aurora dash, When ever I try to launch any arcade games i get an error about cant play game try downloading again. I also tried to extract and run the xex but the game crashes right after loading...
  7. J

    Solved  Question about XBLA game files

    Whats the purpose of the "default.xex" file for xbla games if i could just launch the game from the content folder? Though I do not fully understand the function of default.xex, I hope someone could explain to me in simple terms. Is the default.xex for xbla there so that it could be burned to a...
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