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  1. L

    Unsolved  Xbox one achievements

    Hello, can anyone out there complete all of the resident evil series on the Xbox one for me please, obviously for a price please message if you can.
  2. Lucky

    Discussion  It Takes Two | Game review/thoughts

    I just finished playing It Takes Two with my girl the other night, and I do have to say, for a silly game.... It was really good. I didn't expect to see the co-op players screen while we played separately from each other. It was essentially split-screen but without being couch co-op with each...
  3. Kuro_Shiragami

    Discussion  One piece pw4 competitive idea

    I have an idea to bring the community together in pirate warriors 4. First of all, They will be tiers like MMA’s weight class based on AOEs. Small, Medium, and Giant tier. Each tier will represent what type of fights you can participate in, but Small and medium can participate it will be...
  4. Director_Syntex

    GTA 5 Roleplay group (Members Needed) Xbox One

    Hey everyone ! I'm Director Syntex and im the Owner/Director of an RP Community on Xbox One called Department of Public Services. We are a fully staffed Law Enforcement vs Civilians RP Community. We have a complete CAD/MDT System and are devoted to the best most realistic RP that you can get on...
  5. B

    Unsolved  Watch Dogs 2 Xbox One mods

    My son plays Watch Dogs 2 on Xbox One. Are there mods available for this game for Xbox One? If so - where do I find them and how to I apply them?
  6. B

    Patched  Solo Godmode

    Requirements: Casino Penthouse Simeon Job I apologize i am not sure who the actual founder of glitch is but if you know you can post below and i or mods can update this. Video credit: gravesight gamine...
  7. Euphorian

    Xbox ONE (original) LED Mod Help

    Hey guys, so I ran into an issue with LED modding my Xbox one, I bought some expensive LEDs but they are 5V but I have no clue where a 5V point is on the board, if any body knows where any are that would be amazing, I tried googling but all I got was a 12v point, I don’t have a multimeter and...
  8. Navy Davey

    Get the Space Ranger Helmet(No Save Wizard)

    Method: Secondary character must be female. Primary character must be male. Put on the blue paramedic hat on your female character. You can follow this tutorial if you don’t have it yet: Swap to your male character. Go to story mode. Go to director mode and select your female character and...

    Video  Black Ops 4 Rage Montage #5

    If your needing a good laugh this Sunday, check out the newest rage video
  10. Navy Davey

    Patched  Invisible and OTR On Oppressor MK II with guns.

    Duplicate post: https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/how-to-pull-off-rc-bandito-otr-semi-god-mode-glitch.1758600/ Requirements: Own an Oppressor MK II Own an RC Bandito Method: Have your Oppressor MK II in the map close by. Call for your RC Bandito via the inventory section of the...
  11. Madz420HD

    Patched  Arena Merge with rinse and repeat!

    ARENA MERGE/BENNYS MERGE *WITH RINSE & REPEAT* FOUNDERS: Luvinie Franklin (Xbox One) Madz420HD (Ps4) SPAWN @ BUNKER! Invite your friend helping to Your arena he hovers over the last page of the arena invite. You start titan of a job press O & hover on confirm quit black alert. Your friend...
  12. KPC1997TOO

    Xbox One  GTA 5 Roleplay group (Members Needed) XBOX ONE

    Is regular GTA V getting boring to you? Are you looking for a way to spice up the GTA V experience and make it more realistic? If so come try out the SJRPC Role Play Community. I am Deputy Costner and we are looking for members to join our community. Here are a few of the jobs you could have...
  13. Blunt3d

    Patched  Invisible/OTR- Interaction Menu- No Cops

    Requirements Avenger Strike team room Recent activity CLEAR CACHE IF YOU CAN'T HIT THE GLITCH Also have a car outside your facility so you can drive when glitched. Step 1. Go to facility, And go inside your Avengers cockpit, then exit. Go around to the back and enter Avenger. Step 2. Once...
  14. D

    Bo4 boosting lobby xb1

    Hosting boosting lobby’s all night message gt-vDyI for an inv
  15. D

    Bo4 pc/boosting lobby xb1

    I’m hosting boosting/do lobby message get-Zydum for an inv hosting all night
  16. D

    Bo4 boosting lobby xb1

    Hosting boosting lobby’s all night message gt-vDyI for an invite
  17. S

    Black opps 4 boosting

    Message me for inv or leave a comment ReVex Fear 50kill games No rounds No games No b.s.
  18. D

    Bo4 boosting lobby xb1

    Hosting boosting lobby’s all night message got-Zydum for an inv
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