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  1. P

    Gamesaves  [Request] Banjo-Tooie (X360) modified save with all cheats and/or levels unlocked

    Having access to all the levels with all the collectibles still intact would be very helpful for things like speedrun practice, however the only way to do that in the game is by inputting the "JiggyWiggySpecial" cheat, which adds the "unlock all levels" toggle to the in-game list of cheats, but...
  2. james2452

    Release  XBOX 360 DEBUG

    Its been a long time since i was here. People wanted me to reupload the debug menus i found. There are about 105 games. Ill make a start. 3 on 3 NHL Acade: https://mega.nz/file/bxkkHCyZ#y3_5q1g4D37rfrguq6ExlW2ktwVHka5kyIgsOJOm_VM A Kingdom For Keflings...
  3. E

    Question  Splinter Cell: Double Agent (Version 2 a.k.a PS2/GC/OGXBOX version) doesn't work with modded backwards comp. on X360

    Aye, so i want to play the V2 of SC DA on my modded rgh x360. I recently swapped hdd's so i had to create a partition for HDDX, then copy the compatibility files. I chose the modded version that allows you to run any game and have xbox guide menu available. So i launch the game, the xbox logo...
  4. F

    Question  X360 won't boot, can't identify RGH chip

    Hello everyone! This is my first post here, sorry for every language mistakes and ambiguities. Few years ago some service point modded my Xbox Jasper console using RGH chip. Everything was good, but some day my console didn't boot. It wasn't big problem because i bought good PC computer. I just...
  5. S

    Question  I need help install Rgh

    Hi i bought x360run i connect all good but i dont know where to know where to connect the last cable
  6. K

    Question  Flashed X360 MW2 disc not supported/Disc unreadable

    Hello everyone! I recently got a flashed x360 phat and I've burned a lot of XGD2 games already without any issues. HOWEVER, now that I tried burning Modern Warfare 2, everything goes well (ABGX is green, all good) ,and the burning process is without any issues, but as soon as I insert the CD...
  7. L

    Question  X360 Ace V3 Missing resitor

    Hey guys! So, again another issue I have ordered an Ace V3 for it to have arrived and to be missing the C3 resistor. I have left the chip in the anti-static bag so apologies in advance for the poor picture. I'm wondering should I send the chip back before I use it or should it be fine. Thanks...
  8. L

    Question  Dasboard=14699. Should I RGH 1 or RGH 1.2?

    Hi, I just joined to this forum because I have a xbox 360 (phat) with the dashboard version of 14699, its a "Jasper" motherboard. Im here for advise because Im not sure if i should do the RGH 1.0, since I have the correct dashboard version, or update it and instaling a RGH 1.2, or if i should be...
  9. C

    Question  Xbox360 trinity nand rebuild/unrgh

    Hi! i have bought x360 rgh console that turn out to be trinity 16mb and seller didnt provide me with orginal nand, just console without anything, and it was about year ago so i dont have a way to contact him or even ask if he have orginal nand. i dont really know how to "make" fresh nand (like...
  10. BenJGrimm

    Solved  x360 ACE v5 Question for Corona 4GB

    There is not much on these little chips so looking for anyone's input on these for a Corona 4GB - Before I buy. I know v3's are always awesome but wanted something more updated and possibly a better solution now I have looked at a handful of shaky video work and some sentences here and there...
  11. S

    Solved  Xkey Help

    I recently bought an xkey and had some questions: 1. Remote or ISOmenu/DVDmenu? a. Where do I buy one? 2. Does the xkey wifi dongle work without remote? 3. Any other other way of controlling like, an arduino?
  12. Its Ghost

    Apoco Gaming | Official Recruitment Thread | Sniping

    What is Apoco? Apoco is a Black Ops II Sniping Clan that is looking for new, active members. We also plan on eventually making a competitive team, but currently are only Sniping. The Roster Heres the Apoco Gaming Roster, updated as of Saturday, December 5, 2015 - Apoco MisT (Leader) - Apoco...
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