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ww2 zombies

  1. xGeNx

    Patched  Unlimited treasure zombies unlock hunter in one game

    1.Make sure pap and power is all linked before opening salt mine. 2.Walk up on the wood, and jump you should be glitched in the 2nd floor of the pub if done correctly as i was. 3.Wait up here until multiple treasure zombies spawn then you can jump back down
  2. DeathRGH

    Discussion  How to Unlock all Secret Characters

    General Information Below you will find the steps to unlock every single hidden character in ww2 zombies. Each character unlock is a set with part A to E. You need all parts for a set to unlock a character. You do not need to do the objectives in any specific order and also not in one game...
  3. Captainsorrow

    Working  Zombies God Mode Anywhere

    If you run up to a teammate who is standing or downed and crouch right as your character models touch you can enter your teammates body. Getting this right gives you a god mode like ability as long as you are inside your teammate. Only explosions and flamethrower can hurt you. The only catch is...
  4. Cod_king757

    Working  WWII ZOMBIES - New Solo Wallbreach method for secret room

    Make your way to the room with the hole in the floor after getting armor and great weapons... if solo make sure to have quick revive!! Go against the bar and move right until you get stuck then turn towards the van and down yourself .... as you begin to revive make sure you are pulling back on...
  5. Cod_king757

    Working  WWII ZOMBIES - Easy God Mode Pileup

    Make your way up the stairway I do and simply strafe jump out and a little left and crouch at the same time so that you don’t hit your head!! Enjoy ranking up fast!!! Grab a good weapon
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