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ww2 gameplay

  1. TheRealSK7

    Working  Glitch On Top of Second House Sainte Marie du Mont

    Here’s a video that combines the first Glitch on this map and how to get onto the second house from the first house! Not sure if it’s been put out i was just exploring while doing the glitch and found out it was possible to get on other houses from that one glitch! Have fun! Also if you are...
  2. TheRealSK7

    Video  HELP!! IN NEED OF...

    Hey guys, I’m looking to do a video on COD WW2 help me with some ideas to make videos on! Also if you want to be in a video to help make it let me know!!! I’ll also leave a link to my channel just so you know a little more about me! Thanks for all the help! I really appreciate it...
  3. F

    PS4  Insane Nearly 60 Kills WWII Beta Gameplay

    WWII Beta was one of the best betas to come out to date. Can't wait for the real game to come out , if you guys enjoyed it feel free to watch this video I put together : hope you guys like it!
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