world at war

  1. E

    Solved  How do I import code onto a WAW savegame?

    Hello, I started modding WAW on my xbox 360 around late 2014. I eventually discovered CFGModdings "WAW Mod Menu Generator" tool and started making my own menus, whey were pretty bad as the features on the site were limited so I eventually learned to manually code my menus and import them onto a...
  2. SyndiShanX

    Mod Menu  WAW Zombies Mod Menus from CFGModding

    ---USB ONLY--- A Collection of Menus that I got from CFGModding: Ghetto's Menu v4: Download (Simplistic Scrollable Menu) (Menu Freezes, Press Start to unfreeze it) ImSo1337's Teh L33T v2 With Shader: Download (Scrollable Menu) Merkst3r's v1 Menu: Download (Simplistic Scrollable Menu) (Press LB...
  3. Duzzyh

    Duzzyh's COD:World At War Infections [24/7]

    Welcome To Duzzyh's World At War Infections! Status: CLOSED Gamertag: Menu: NOT WORKING! Rules: 1. Have FUN! 2. No none Rap Music! How To Get infections? 1. Pvt Chat My Gamertag 2. Join My Session In Progress 3. Back Out Splitscreen Start It! 4. Join Back And Wait! THANK FOR JOINING!
  4. WoW: Battle For Azeroth Expansion Release Date Announced

    WoW: Battle For Azeroth Expansion Release Date Announced

    A release date for World of Warcraft's latest expansion, Battle for Azeroth, had remained something of a mystery since its announcement. We knew it was due out by mid-September, but now Blizzard has finally confirmed an exact date that it arrives on PC: August 14, 2018. The battle for Azeroth...
  5. C

    BumTamTam Lobby's Online {Yes}XPLobby

    BumTamTam Lobby's Games I host: Currently Hosting!!!: How to get in: Current GamerTag: Proof: Donations are accepted but not required and note donations do not get you any special treatment as specified by the t&c's of Se7enSins. Donations help keep me online and hosting, they are greatly...
  6. Jakedasnakey1

    Physics n flez v3 co host

    Gt: silentplayer 5 Message me: silent And i will invite you Dont forget to post legit This is a zombies menu
  7. Drunk off Dabs

    Summerbass v2 for yo crusty ***

    Infecting for a hot min post ur gt below for an inv Rules: Dont tell me when to start Dont be an annoying ***** Be patient yaw Be sure to post legit after part 1
  8. TacoSnipesYou

    (OPEN) WaW Infections | Read Post Please |

    Welcome to TacoSnipesYou's WaW Infection! Menu Currently hosting: Get Stoned V2 (Co-Host Infection) Status: CLOSED! Shoutout to: Diaz for infecting me and others How to join: Post your gamertag in the tread Wait for me to invite you PLEASE do not join me if you don't know how to get infected ask...
  9. I


    2 controllers Mic PSN: OhFrimzy- PSN: Laxez777 Or drop gamertags
  10. I


    2 controllers Mic PSN: Laxez777 Or drop gamertags to get an invite from party DOIN ROUNDS
  11. I


    .2 controllers .Mic PSN: AyJes or drop gamertags
  12. D

    WaW ModMenu Infections

    GT: Dope Daily - Join Session will be on most of the night! Rate / Post legit once you get in, will be much appreciated
  13. unlocalized

    Tera v1 Infections

    Lobby Status: {CLOSED} Gamertag: xUnlocalized Hello, Se7enSins. Tonight I will be hosting the Tera v1 menu for a while, until I get bored. There ARE rules, so read carefully or risk losing your chance at being infected by me. If you've never been infected, or have had troubles in the past, be...
  14. MadisxnPlayz

    WAW - 1st Room Challenge

    What's up guys! Today I will be doing a 1st room challenge on WAW. It will be on: Nacht Der Untoten If anyone would like to join this 1st room challenge with me msg me GT: MadisxnPlayz Insta: Riley_Caines Skype: Riley Caines If You Enjoyed Plz Give Me A Rating Out Of 10 If You Would Like A...
  15. Cbdzx

    [email protected] Nothing Else Matters v3 (Open)

    Hostin: Nothing Else Matters v3 Rules: No Music! Don't spam me for invites! NO FRIEND REQUESTS! How to join: Post legit with gamertag below, then send host a private chat and wait for an invite . Once in go to split screen , start game and message for inv back Host gamertag: cbdzx Shoutout...
  16. Cbdzx

    iCheeeeeeeeated [email protected] Mod Menu Infection (OPEN)

    Hosting iCheeeeated mod menu Rules: No Music Don't add me! Don't ask for invite! Must post legit for me to start Instructions: Join session on checker board map , back out go to split screen and start it , once kicked join back and wait for me to start to. DO NOT SPAWN IN!!!!! Host GT: cbdzx
  17. K

    COD WAW Infection

    ___________Minos Infection__________ Hosting one of the best WAW Infection. Lobbies yet! ________________________________________ hosting: SummerBass V1 (More Menus To Come) Host: KSI Mino Co-Host: blabear10 Status Host 1: Open! Status Host 2: Open...
  18. D

    Solved  Need help with Derank/Too much XP

    My friend got into a WaW lobby on the Xbox 360 and got deranked or leveled up, we're not sure at this point. He is at prestige 10 level 1 but after every match it says he is -2147483618 XP away from level 2... was wondering which type of lobby he should look for to fix this problem, not...
  19. Yes Im Too Sick

    COD WAW xKoVx Multimenu infection lobby

    Recently got an rgh doing infection lobby the more thumbs up I get the more I will stay hosting looking to try and do this daily because it is dying out so support the efforts! GT: Closed Method: Join game go split screen start game end split screen join back wait for me to start don't spawn...
  20. Dylan Truscott

    Solved  World At War Modded Lobby Question

    I don't know much about modding so could someone please answer this. Is it still possible to do those all achievement mod menus where you infect someone? Bc on my old account I got in a world at war modded zombies lobby where I got all achievements back in 2014 but I have a new account and never...
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