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    All Easy Bison Farming Trader Role Glitch.

    Fill crips inventory after 8 minutes of minimal effort.
  2. D

    Tutorial So I recently discovered a new method to get around skill based matchmaking in CoD and wanted to share.

    I Made a video explaining, TLDR version: Simply put get two consoles with CoD, make your dummy account have **** stats, join a game with your **** account, then join that account with your main. It works better with two dummy accounts because it allows you to hold a spot for your main...
  3. J

    Discovery Is there still people playing BO3? I just found something really cool.. (Bowie Knife Multiplayer PS4)

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if there was still some people playing Black Ops 3 because I just found a new method to get the Bowie Knife in Multiplayer on PS4 and I'm thinking about releasing it, lmk :)
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    Patched How To Get Out Of Any Map Glitch! Teleporting Glitch

    Tutorial Step 1 -Make a custom game with unlimited time and start the match. Step 2 - Select spectator and fly to anywhere you want to go. Step 3 - Change to any team. as soon as the spawn in animation starts switch teams to spectator. Step 4 - Quickly switch teams and select auto-assign. Make...
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    Working Act 2 Repeat Glitch

    The following is a tutorial explaining how to perform the Doomsday Act 2 Repeat Glitch. Please keep in mind this method is for PC only. Since the timing and method is different on console. Also remember. BOTH Host and Helper will recieve money. I would suggest just playing 2 players, since that...
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    Video How to clean dirty dupes

    Hey guys. If u created a bunch if dirty dupes from recent glitches, here is a method to clean them Here is a video but i dont understand the language. It looks like he buys a free elegy over the car that is a dirty original and then drives the original out before it gets replaced Any one able...
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    Founders: Obese Giraffe - Original glitch fabiansoma - Even Faster method Requirements 1. MOC, a CEO Office, and a Nightclub 2. Free Aim targeting mode 3. Public session (MTU: 1500 if possible) 4. TP Glitch Steps 1. Go to bunker have the car in moc and put that in your bunker...
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    Working *NEW* Red Dead Redemption 2 - UNLIMITED MONEY GLITCH! (RDR2 MONEY GLITCH)

    Duplicate Post - Text Tutorial: 1. Get Past Chapter 3 in the game 2. Go to Braithwaite Manor after it is burnt down 3. Look around until you find a gold bar 4. Pick up the gold bar 5. Get back on your horse...
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    Patched Red Dead Redemption 2 "Strange Statues" Money Glitch PS4 3 gold bars($1,500) every 3-5 mins

    I am not the founder. This glitch will allow you to make $1,500 in RDR2 every 3-5 mins. First you will need to go to the area on the map which is below the "I" in AMBARINO and slightly to the right. Once you have arrived you will need to navigate inside of the crevice which leads through a...
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    Patched Solo and easy car duplication glitch in the facility/ bunker/ no custom plates needed

    Video by G-Twist Founder: Kingalexhd and evilbranch? Please tell me if someone else also worked on it or found it. I just wrote down the requirements and steps for you. Because no one else did it and I think it's worth it :smile: This is my first thread so pleeeaaaase be kind :confused: I...
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    Patched Kill people while you spectate them.

    My method using recent activity and dtm was patched so Ive removed it from the original post. Teleport method is only remaining public way to do this. PS4 only as teleport is not public on Xbox but if you are one of the few that have it on Xbox go ahead.. Seems to be no founder to this method of...
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    LESS PISSWASSER FOUNDERS Madz420HD Pitbull Four twenty Four twenty STEP 1 Start off at your bunker & have a recent activity ready or on xbox a friend in a different targeting mode then drive into your bunker as soon as you hit the yellow circle on your bunker perform a recent activity or for...
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    Discussion Online Black ops 1 ZOMBIE MODS USB

    Hello everyone today i am sharing my black ops 1 tu 11 zombie mods. This was made by me. I did release it on my xpgamesaves profile ozzy420 but have decided to provide it to all here at se7ensins The mods don't require jtag or RGH. It has one hit kill on all round & more read below for all...
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    For those of you having issues, i will explain the method that is still working for me. Original Founders: Obese Giraffe Celestial GamingHD I CAN CONFIRM THIS WORKING ON PS4 as of 5:45pm mountain time, Eblade67 has confirmed this method as working on x box 1, simply apply the necessary steps for...
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    Patched Off the radar

    Founders: Kj7822 Shout out to amermstwntd2 for helping realize i was off radar! Requirements: Bunker Moc with vehicle storage Turn on blue job markers on map Ok here we go.. Step 1: go into back of moc while in bunker. Step 2: walk out on foot and do a recent activity. Sit on alert for 60...
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    Patched Weapon in cutscene on key card mission( human lab raid)

    1. Start key card mission on lab raid heist. 2 only works for buyer and seller 3 spam LB and A at the same time. 4 if done right weapon wheel will be popping up over and over again. But after to keep spamming those two buttons. 5 If done correctly you will she your player getting weapon and...
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    Patched Simple SP mission freeroam glitch

    Step 1. Go to story mode Step 2. Go to a recent activity to go online than double tap back to GTA story. Step 3. Play the mission Trevor Phillips industry Step 4. Press X to skip the cutscene and when it goes black double tap the PS button to go online and deny Step 5. You're done! The two...
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    Patched GC2F is back

    FOUNDER: KINGALEXHD REQUIREMENTS: Full Facility Street car into Facility Another Street car for glitching A Friend with a CEO STEPS: 1. Grab a streetcar and pull in the facility 2. Your Friend invite you to the ceo 3. Grab an another street car and pull up your phone and drive to the yellow...
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    Patched Storing Aircraft/Vehicles in MOC and Special Vehicle Warehouse

    None of these steps are mine. But it seems people besides myself would like to know. Special thanks to wutapuss for pointing me in the direction and providing second half of steps. This will combine TutoFacileFrance steps along with part of drewexmachina,Jackmove, for the bmx part. need: -...
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    Patched New car dupe tutorial

    Xbox1 method 1.grab street car and pull up to facility ( far enough away to not get the full alert ) 2. Join friend in different targeting mode, get back to main screen and drive car into facility to get full alert and accept.( u should see car drive in and join friend alert pop up. Accept...
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