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  1. B


    This a new workaround for the merge bennys/modded cars glitch. Founders: Broontango, Sccoba, Jon. - If have anymore, please, leave a comment that I'll correct this. New Workaround: Tiozão Noob (me), and my big friend Will. Requirements: • Arena (with a Benny's car non transformed inside) •...
  2. Mr Glitches GTA


    THIS IS A 100% SOLO WORKAROUND *NO DIFFERENT TARGET* 100% SOLO CAR DUPLICATION GLITCH *WORKAROUND* Workaround founder: Obese Giraffe UPDATED 15/03/19 Requirements MOC With personal vehicle storage Nightclub -Car you want duplicate in MOC -Free elegy in nightclub service entrance -Point...
  3. THP070

    Discovery  Champagne glitch workaround

    i guess it's impossible but maybe someone have an idea With this method you can still glitch the champagne bottle but the issi vanish Also tried to do the DM glitch first (not in video). Because you have your phone in your hand when you bring it up, but didn't work. Only looks funny
  4. HydraReese

    Patched  New Solo Duplication Glitch/ Facility,Bmx,Titan

    (PATCHED)- THIS GLITCH IS PATCHED (PATCHED) Founder is HunterClan To UnBrick Your Facility (To get rid of/swap aircrafts in Facility you need to buy a free Elegy over it.) Requirements: 2 Bmx in Facility 1 Titan (Make Sure Its A Personal Aircraft) Elegy Retro In the 4th Facility Slot Car You...

    Patched  BRAND NEW GCTF (MOC)

    Shoutout to tuto facile France for original method. Founders of this workaround: Turtledude9 and myself. Needs: • MOC with personal vehicle storage. • A BLAZER stored in MOC because you fall off of blazers • 1 friend • A public session, (20 people or more works best, but it is...
  6. Goku001

    Patched  NEW AFTER PATCH - Facility Car Duplication Glitch (Money Glitch - PC Version)

  7. B

    Patched  Possible Work Around For The SP/MP Freeze Glitch Patch

    As we all know, Rockstar has patched the glitch and we get an error screen after joining GTA Online as Franklin through the peyote glitch. However, there is a small window of opportunity once you spawn in, a matter of seconds. I think this will work: Run the peyote animal all the way to your...
  8. CBD420

    Patched  Black Duffle Bag - Asset Seizure workaround

    So I was trying the old method using asset seizure to get the duffle bag not knowing the body armor trick was patched. afterwards I never changed outfits and went to swap characters and noticed my char had the duffle on. I then went to change appearance in the style menu for $100000 and the...
  9. X


    Tired of waiting for the chance to unlock those liverys or mounted miniguns? Well look no further. With this you can chose your next research. (for a small price.) A few requirements: You must spawn in your bunker, which means you need the personal quarters. You must have your game set to load...
  10. Crazedslaw

    Patched  Potential SP2MP Workaround

    Thanks to Se7enAventador for the initial steps which led to the discovery of a 2 minute time out alert delay Original steps for PS4: 1- do old SP2MP where you get 1 star and as advised once Franklin raises his hands, press option and go to creator 2- as soon as you saw joining GTA Online...
  11. Dynasty007

    Patched  Teleport/Warp in online after 1.40

    So im not sure how many are aware but theres a new warp glitch in online thats being kept a secret in the community. This is a screenshot someone sent me unintentionally. You can clearly see its after the 1.40 update with bunker on the right side and the user is showing the MOC location on the...
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