1. toofaces2

    [Tutorial] Learning about C++ (Beginners)

    Basics of C ++ and compiler Learn C ++ programming is an option that is also still perceived by programming beginners. Often one starts today with Java or C # as the first programming language. But C ++ to learn still makes sense, since some concepts are included, which does not exist in Java...
  2. BlueStacks 2 Announced

    BlueStacks 2 Announced

    Earlier today, Sabrina Li, the Product Manager over at BlueStacks announced that BlueStacks 2 is now available for download. They have said that this is the biggest update that they have ever pushed out for their program, which is to be expected considering this is the second version. As stated...
  3. R4V3N3567

    1. Linux
    new laptop

    I'm waiting on a new laptop and I was wondering how efficient is a dual boot with windows 8.1 & well Linux haven't decided what OS to use exactly yet. I am only using a dual boot because I enjoy my gaming and I'm looking to switch to PC but Linux isn't exactly made for Gaming. So I guess what...
  4. lowpro

    Cisco router help

    Anyone who has ever worked with a cisco router please reply, I can't for the life of me figure out how to connect to the console and this is time sensitive. Please hurry, your friend in need
  5. TheAtom

    1. Windows
    MS-Dos emulator pre-installed!

    While I was snooping around the System32 on my system, I noticed one of the files called COMMAND.COM and it said it was a MS-dos application. I thought it was cool that Microsoft still recognizes MS-Dos stuff, but then I realized that COMMAND.COM was the main part of MS-Dos. So I decide to open...
  6. Microsoft Acquires Ubiquitous Physics Engine, Havok

    Microsoft Acquires Ubiquitous Physics Engine, Havok

    If you consider yourself a gamer, there is a very good chance that you’ve been exposed to Havok Inc’s software. This company is responsible for the creation of the the very popular physics engine, Havok. The Havok engine can be found in Halo, Call of Duty, Skyrim, and hundreds of other...
  7. Holy Mod

    1. Windows
    Having some issues with Windows 7

    After using Windows 10 for awhile, I decided I wanted to go back to Windows 7 for a tad longer. So, I grab my installation disk and install Windows. For some reason, this time, I can't look for any updates. When I try to check for updates, it just sits there for a really long time. I've left it...
  8. I

    Solved  Running old games through windows emulator on orignal Xbox...

    I wanted to install a windows emulator on my original Xbox and then run older games through that emulator, namely games like Diablo, Half Life 1, Dark Forces, etc. I this feasible, or is the emulator itself going to take up too much memory space for these games to be playable?
  9. Minecraft: Windows 10  Edition Announced

    Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Announced

    If you ever played Minecraft on the PC you will understand how a large proportion of the fun is endured on multiplayer servers. With this new edition of Minecraft being released you can now play cross-platformed. That's right you can now play with your Xbox, and mobile edition friends on Windows...
  10. Consumers May Not Get Windows 10 on Its Release Date

    Rumor Consumers May Not Get Windows 10 on Its Release Date

    You die hard Windows fans and tech junkies may be out of luck if you are expecting to receive Windows 10 on the day of its release, July 29th. Microsoft was a bit deceptive by stating earlier this year that they would officially launch Windows 10 on July 29th, because that does not appear to be...
  11. Post-Apocalyptic Open-World RPG "ELEX" Announced

    Post-Apocalyptic Open-World RPG "ELEX" Announced

    If you are a fan of Darksiders or Risen, you will definitely be hyped for the new game announced by Nordic Games. This new game is called ELEX, and is described as an "Eclectic, Lavish, Exhilarating, Xenial" open-world role-playing game. ELEX will be developed by Piranha Bytes and published by...
  12. Sup iM Jeremy

    1. Windows
    how to hack someones WiFi password (wpa2)

    Hey Everyone, today i will be showing you how to Crack a WPA2 password, this is for educational purposes only and i'm in no way responsible for how you use this information. Well to start i'm going to show you how i Crack my own WiFi password and ill show you the soft ware and tools i use i will...
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