1. Wankedjohnson

    Unsolved  Programs i can integrate 360 hdd ontp pc

    Is there a program that will let me integrate my 360 phat external hdd to windows, besides fatxplorer?
  2. Misterforeal

    MW  Join my Regiment (Gold Clan Tag)

    Hey guys, im looking for people to join my regiment! Accepting Users of All Platforms! Add my Activision: Misterforeal#5173141 I'm inviting everyone! Must be respectful to other members!
  3. xStormsnoutx

    .NET  Windows Application Remover

    Hello Guys, this is my first program release on here so please be nice with me. Since Windows 8.0 there are many applications for windows and most often they are autoinstalled and the users dont want them. Since they are not easy to uninstall for amateurs I decided to write this little program...
  4. Sea Of Thieves' The Seabound Soul Update Now Live

    Sea Of Thieves' The Seabound Soul Update Now Live

    Rare's ongoing live-service game Sea of Thieves has received a new update called The Seabound Soul. The content, which is now live for PC and Xbox One, adds a new tall tale, extra purchasable cosmetics, a brand-new projectile weapon, and more. The headlining feature of The Seabound Soul is the...
  5. Im Zer0 Syndicate

    1. Linux
    *sigh* I need some more help.

    I have gotten tired of Linux for reasons that aren't important to this thread, and I want to switch back to Windows. The only problem is, I think I'm locked in. I try to make a Windows Installer USB and the USB never works (It's the same with making a bootable USB). I try to use the "Make a...
  6. Battle royale mode coming to MOBA Battlerite

    Battle royale mode coming to MOBA Battlerite

    Battlerite, the free-to-play MOBA that launched on Windows PC in November and is coming to Xbox One this year, will be offering a battle royale mode, though with features more tailored to the MOBA genre. The mode is coming this summer, developer Stunlock Studios announced today. In Battlerite...
  7. Taki Revealed for Soulcalibur VI

    Taki Revealed for Soulcalibur VI

    Taki, the Soulcalibur franchise mainstay who’s been part of the series since the original Soul Edge, will return for Soulcalibur 6. A Japanese-language trailer for the game leaked ahead of an official announcement, show’s Taki in action. The ninja Taki has appeared in all of the main...
  8. Final Fantasy XV PC Demo Releases Today

    Final Fantasy XV PC Demo Releases Today

    PC owners eager to finally get their hands on Final Fantasy XV will have an opportunity to try out the game today. As promised, Square Enix will release a demo of the upcoming Windows Edition that offers a taste of the full experience. The demo will be available on several different...
  9. PUBG Is Heading To Mobile

    PUBG Is Heading To Mobile

    A mobile version of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is in development, Tencent announced this week. The mega-publisher is working with developer Bluehole to port the Windows PC hit to smartphones for Chinese audiences. Tencent promises a similar PUBG experience on mobile as on PC, although it...
  10. Mobfather Repair

    1. Windows
    The Original Sims vs Windows 10.

    Hello everyone I have a copy of my personal favorite Sims game. The original Sims game. I wish to install the game on my gaming PC but, it won't work with Windows 10 for some reason. I have tried the compatibility modes, running as administrator, and who else knows what. I have everything that...
  11. Wiki

    Discussion  Confused about Gaming Laptops (Help) lol

    So ive been looking around for a good gaming laptop. I will be using it for a little bit of everything but i want to be able to play any game with max settings at 60fps. So i have custom built a few pcs on my own ( I am no computer guru at no means ) but i see these laptops with gtx 1060 etc and...
  12. Twain

    1. Windows
    Adobe After Effects being painfully slow

    Hey, so i just downloaded After Effects CC 2017 a few days ago and i have some really annoying performance issues with it. 1. If i hide or show a layer it sometimes takes up to 15sec to update the composition preview 2. Previewing 25secs of a 1080p 60fps video takes up to 10min 3. Rendering a...
  13. GOLDEN HDx

    1. Windows
    Shut down vs Sleep vs Hibernate

    I'm curious to see what you guys think about the different forms of "leaving the computer". I watched a video from NCIX I believe where Linus talked about this a bit but I'd like to refresh on that information and see what everyone thinks. Please leave any input and knowledge on the "modes"...
  14. J

    Tools  XBLMarketplace For PC

    PraxisKWG fixed the exe so the program now loads the Xbox marketplace correctly. Please thank him for the working version. Download -Fixed 1.8- -Virus Total- My notes are still below and I included a readme (Which is basically just this forum post) 1.8 Source (Broken URLs) --- 3rd Post...
  15. P

    Some Xbox One Research Progress

    I just wanted to share some of my recent findings in the xbox one's dev mode: First of all: I actually achieved some sort of messy unsigned & unsandboxed user mode code execution But as of now I wasn't able to find any interesting entrypoints to elevate to admin or even change something in the...
  16. Joshy

    1. Windows
    iTunes' iPhone Backups Data Retrieval

    Ever wonder where those iPhones backups go, or your boss just randomly wants you to find them. Well, look no further>>>>>> C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup 1. Copy & paste the above link into your Windows search browser or file explorer(iTunes...
  17. Hybrid_Mods

    Unsolved  $700 Gaming PC Build?

    Need a build that is <$700 in total (not including tax). Below is a little about myself and what i want out of the PC. About myself: Gamer wanting to mess around with PC gaming like on CS:GO, H1Z1, Minecraft, etc style games. I am a video editor (editing call of duty montages) in After Effects...
  18. xynok

    Application  How to install Windows XP on iPhone 7

    Hey there, I have made a video tutorial on how to install windows XP onto the iPhone. This uses an emulator called iBox, but it is pretty cool! I love that fact you can play with microsoft paint!
  19. victimizing

    Firefox Enhanced Privacy

    I couldn't really find a category for this post so I felt that this was the most fitting but here it goes my first thread! :wink: Enhancing Firefox for privacy, of course! Hey guys I wanted to make a thread...
  20. Modder v7

    Solved  What Could be Wrong With my PC?

    Hello all. So, for the past couple of months, I've been having a number of problems with this PC: 1) BSODs (IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL) 2) Random freezing with loss of mouse and keyboard support (shut down required to break out of it) 3) Failure to boot/boot loop cycle after a system crash and...
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