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    Windows  SOLVED: PC freezes with loud, awful static

    Hi all, so my PC has been completely freezing randomly lately while playing games with this awful, loud static coming through the headphones. I'm not sure what causes it, but I think it might possibly be CPU or RAM related - Heck, even the whole board could be bad if it's HW related. If not...

    Windows  Kernal_mode_trap crash need help

    So for about a week or 2 now I started having random pc crashes all of them being this KERNAL_MODE_TRAP and at first I thought nothing of it it’s just one of my games having this problem (rainbow six siege) wellllll it started happening more and more to the point now I can’t even launch rainbow...

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    can't connect to xbox servers :(

    so i can't connect to xbox servers. every time i try and connect it says my connection is blocked I've tried everything online to help :confused: and no I'm not banned xD i see alot of people have had this problem since 2017 and it sucks man if no one here can help me i guess i have to...
  4. Sea of Thieves is Adding Fishing in Huge Update Coming Next Month

    Sea of Thieves is Adding Fishing in Huge Update Coming Next Month

    Microsoft's Xbox One and PC pirate game Sea of Thieves has a big update coming up soon, and it's set to deliver a number of fan-requested features--one of which is fishing. The "Anniversary Update" arrives on April 30, which is about 13 months after the game launched in March 2019. Despite...
  5. Crackdown 3: Everything We Know

    Crackdown 3: Everything We Know

    It's quite exciting to say that Crackdown 3 is almost here. After continuous delays and development hiccups, the Microsoft exclusive open-world action game will launch early in 2019 for Xbox One and PC. It was first announced at E3 2014 and simply revealed to be a follow up in the franchise...
  6. Harmonic

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    Restore MBR backup to GPT

    Long story short, I've backed up my PC using the Windows Backup and Restore feature, would I be able to restore this backup to a GPT disk if I backed it up on an MBR disk?
  7. Xbox One Game-Gifting Feature Arrives For Some

    Xbox One Game-Gifting Feature Arrives For Some

    After confirming earlier this year that a digital game gifting feature was coming to Xbox One, Microsoft has now rolled out the feature for some. WindowsCentral reports that Xbox One owners in the Xbox Insider testing program running version 1710 can now send games to friends. An option to...
  8. Shaboi

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    Help upgrading Win 7 to Win 10

    Im on Windows 7, trying to get Windows 10 for Xbox live reasons, Ive downloaded the Windows creation tool and it starts up fine. And when it gets done with that it trys to "clean up" and stops working Then I tryed resetting computer to try again and same results, any ideas? I'll try em all...
  9. Minecraft Cross-Play Beta Now Available, Coming To Xbox One Soon

    Minecraft Cross-Play Beta Now Available, Coming To Xbox One Soon

    There's been a lot of talk about Minecraft's Better Together update, which will add cross-play functionality between all devices that have Minecraft--with the notable exception of Sony platforms. Today, players can finally try out Minecraft's cross-play, as it has gone live in a limited beta...
  10. Andy

    Discussion  Would anyone help a fellow user?

    Hello fellow users of Se7ensins. I was curious if anyone here knew how to do hackintosh? Currently on wind 10, or maybe dual boot so I can hav e Mac osx and Windows I can Donate if anyone helps me.
  11. amermstwntd2

    Unsolved  Certain RTM tools won't open AT ALL on Windows Ten.

    My RTM tool (Imperium) that worked before on Windows 10 now won't open at all. No errors just nothing happens. Anyone else having this issue and fixed it? please help me figure this out. Thanks for reading.
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    Some Xbox One Research Progress

    I just wanted to share some of my recent findings in the xbox one's dev mode: First of all: I actually achieved some sort of messy unsigned & unsandboxed user mode code execution But as of now I wasn't able to find any interesting entrypoints to elevate to admin or even change something in the...
  13. Mobfather Repair

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    Dual Boot Windows 10 on Seperate HDDs?

    Hey Everyone I have a quick question regarding what can be done on PC. I would like to run two copies of Windows 10 Home on my PC. I know someone will say dual boot Windows 10 and 7. I can't Kaby Lake processor. I need to run the two version of Windows 10 Home on two separate hard drives. The...
  14. Deefer

    Xbox One  Fallout Shelter 9999 Lunchboxes Save Mod

    Fallout Shelter 9999 Lunchboxes Save Mod Note: These steps must be performed using the Windows 10 version of the game but once you have completed all of the steps you can sync your new game progress over X-Box Live to your X-Box One Console. Don't forget to load the save when complete and...
  15. C

    Solved  isp networking problem for my online gaming on xbox one

    Hi there community looking for some help with my online gaming on xbox one so here goes so all of my games work fine except 7 days to die it wont let me join any multiplayer servers at all my friends are able to join each other and even join me for a short period before being booted which means...
  16. Space

    Tutorial  How To Stream Xbox One Games To Windows 10 (TUT)

    So today guys i am showing you how to stream xbox one games onto your windows 10 computer. Step 1. Plug in your Xbox One consoles to the computer running Microsoft Windows 10, via USB. Xbox One drivers will be installed automatically to the PC as Windows 10 comes with native Xbox One support...
  17. Tentative

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    Windows 10 Anti-Spy

    What is this Article about? This Article exists to help people who use a Microsoft OS and want to have more privacy. I created it because I hate the pure lack of privacy nowadays. With the new Windows 10 around and a number of KB updates for its predecessors Microsoft tries to get as much...
  18. Crackdown 3 Destruction Restricted to Multiplayer

    Crackdown 3 Destruction Restricted to Multiplayer

    Crackdown 3 astonished all of us this week when they released Pre-alpha In-game footage of multiplayer gameplay on the Xbox One at Gamescom 2015 this week. The gameplay gave us a mindblowing demonstration of what’s to come in the all new multiplayer experience using the Xbox One cloud computing...
  19. Minecraft: Windows 10  Edition Announced

    Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Announced

    If you ever played Minecraft on the PC you will understand how a large proportion of the fun is endured on multiplayer servers. With this new edition of Minecraft being released you can now play cross-platformed. That's right you can now play with your Xbox, and mobile edition friends on Windows...
  20. Consumers May Not Get Windows 10 on Its Release Date

    Rumor Consumers May Not Get Windows 10 on Its Release Date

    You die hard Windows fans and tech junkies may be out of luck if you are expecting to receive Windows 10 on the day of its release, July 29th. Microsoft was a bit deceptive by stating earlier this year that they would officially launch Windows 10 on July 29th, because that does not appear to be...
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