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  1. Lucky

    News  Microsoft wins battle against FTC for Actiblizzard

    In early 2022, we heard news that Microsoft was going to be purchasing the MEGA company Activision / Blizzard (Actiblizzard) for nearly $69bn. This was following the tragic events and allegations against the gaming company Blizzard (coincidence in timing, I think not!). Very quickly after the...
  2. Insane Army Ranger Sniping | Dolphin dive clip | MWII

    Insane Army Ranger Sniping | Dolphin dive clip | MWII

    had to put the OG theme on for this one boys, after turning on a sweatball and extinguishing a camper/tourist i hit the dolphin dive to escape enemy fire in true heroic fashion, nailing another charlie in the process right as he catches view of me
  3. AV3

    All  Infinite Stims: Rebirth Island/Warzone

    I restested this and works in the new map :) 1608282392
  4. Lucky Warzone Win! (Gameplay)

    Lucky Warzone Win! (Gameplay)

    This is just a short clip of my Warzone win from the other day. Got extremely lucky with the circle (and the stim I picked up mid-game). Crazy how every second counts in this game!
  5. Runnatrainn

    Patched  Blackout Sky Barrier Glitch - Win Every Game

    Only working on Xbox one! Video Tutorial Text Tutorial Step 1: Find a helicopter Step 2: Fly to turbine and stay above the south side of building number 1. Step 3: Turn east and start flying out of the map. You’ll start to get a countdown timer saying you’re going out of bounds. Rapidly...
  6. Coolockboss


    Step. 1 . Load vVikendi Map Step .2. Make Sure The Plane is going beside [Winery] .. You Should See A Big Hole In the Ground Aim For There !! Step .3. Once You Have landed In The Hole And You can See The Water Still .. Keep Pressing ]A] You Then Should Fall Into Water. Step .4. Now Once You Are...
  7. V

    Video  Fortnite Win w/ Girlfriend

    My Girlfriend and I won a game of Duos! Check it out!
  8. T

    WaW  Looking for Members [WW2] PUBSTOMP Team

    *Nuisance United* I have started a team on my own going by the name "Nuisance United". >PS4 ONLY >13 years and older >1.0 KD or above > Knows Map callouts >Mic >Good to be around >Can be calm and Focus AFTER A WEEK OR SO I WILL CHOOSE CO-LEADERS Youtube is created as well as profile picture...
  9. E

    All  EGuk recruiting now!! Xb1

    EGuk (ExtremeGaminguk) are now on the look out for new members to join our elite team of gamers. We play cod, battlefield minecraft and even ARK (with our own dedicated server) plus many more. Our team are outkast from iG (intensive gaming) Message EGuk JOOK for more information XBOX One only...
  10. iRewind

    Video  Shovel Flip!? (MWR)

    Shovel Flip for the win (:
  11. Hyped_FFA

    PUB STOMPING!! Message Hyped FFA

    Hey guys quick and easy , we are looking for people to join us to grab free wins in domination or TDM If you wanna play with adults/teens and who are rocking 2.0 KDs and better and going for high killstreaks and wanna win play with us! Just message hyped FFA
  12. Vinnipinni

    Patched  Instant Win Race

    Because my old thread was deleted I am going to show you guys how to create an Instant Win Race. You can youse it to boost your race wins and unlock tuning parts for your cars. Credit goes to https://www.reddit.com/user/Jubulba & GTAthrowgrenades There is a Money GLitch coming from this...
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