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    Hardware Mods (Cleaned Up) Definitive Wii Trimming Guide

    Hello Fellas, After being very bored during quarantine, I have found myself diving back into building a portable Wii. My goal here is not to rewrite, or even take credit for this guide what-so-ever, I am just simply cleaning it up for myself personally. I may make some personal edits as I go...
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    Unsolved Atari2600 on Wii / Wii2600 Help

    I've recently setup Wii2600 on my Homebrewed Wii. I'm looking for help in having the snapshots/cover art display properly on the rom selection screen. The channel forwarder, emulator, and roms load flawlessly, as far as I can tell. Getting the cover art to display in the rom selection screen...
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    Support How to download Wii Shop games for free with USB Loader GX?

    Farewell to the Wii Shop but you were somewhat useless to begin with why? because the Wii only has 512mb of storage space on the Nand meaning you can’t download much from the Wii Shop which has around 16gb worth of games. The best way is to download WADs (Virtual Console, Wii Ware games...
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    Support Multi Disc Games on Gamecube emulator (Wii)

    Hey guys, I have a softmodded Wii and I had no problems playing gamecube games through my SD using nintendont (wind waker, super mario sunshine,...) but now I want to install mgs: twin snakes and it comes in double disk. should I rename the 2 iso as game.iso, put them in a folder and it is ready...
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    Very good !!, new gameplay on the channel, this time we have DONKEY KONG COUNTRY TROPICAL FREEZE, a really fun game with very vivid graphics.
  6. Mario Tennis Aces Leaves Us Wanting Wii Sports on Switch

    Mario Tennis Aces Leaves Us Wanting Wii Sports on Switch

    It’s a great game, but it’s not the revival of the mighty Wii Tennis, With the launch of Mario Tennis Aces, people who adore Nintendo’s sports franchise have a lot to be happy about. It is, by and large, every bit as good as the classic Mario Tennis games. What it is not, though, is Wii Sports...
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    NEW SUPER MARIO BROS WIIU HD - First funny moments¡¡

    I would like to share with all this gameplay with the first moments in NEW SUPER MARIO BROS, it is a really simple and very very funny. I hope you like the video.
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    I would like to share with all this gameplay in KIRBY STAR ALLIES in the NINTENDO SWITCH, we face the boss DEDEDE, I hope you like it and do not forget to share and subscribe for more.
  9. Wii Shop Channel Is Closing Down

    Wii Shop Channel Is Closing Down

    It's with a heavy heart that we have to tell you that the Wii Shop Channel will be shutting down on January 31, 2019. Users will no longer be able to add Wii Points to their account from March 26, 2018. Thankfully, it will still be possible to re-download purchased WiiWare and Virtual Console...
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    Unsolved black ops 2 wii u ff veiwer

    can some one please help me with how to decrypt the wii u version of the ff file for black ops 2 just don't know where to start kokole has an awesome decrypter but it doesn't unpack wii u ff files do i need to find a salsa20 key for wii u or somthing theres only one guy who can do it and he...
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    Old wii harddisk mods [MW3] [BO1]

    why cant you play online with the .ff mod menu can you bypass it ?
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    Support Website for ripping ISO's?

    Hi, I got into wii modding a while back and I was wondering where people go for ISO's? I want to pay some old classics that I sold off a while back. I have 1 website but I have only managed to get 1 game for free off there. I am not saying Piracy is ok but barely anyone plays wii anymore I...
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    [FREE]Xp Lobby,Prestige,Fun and more...

    I host a FREE lobby for the Nintendo Wii, for partecipate add my Ally code:1464-3039-8593 Name in game:Miraclent For more informatIon contact me on wii
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    Solved MW3 ISO help

    Before you say anything about it being wii hushhh -_- I have it installed from my disc and when i load it has a endless loading.. on mw3. Plus i am using usb loader gx. Do i have to get the latest version? i have the correct cIOS installed. Also when i load usb loader it dont show any loading...
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    Official Working Codes List 9/7/14

    SC7E52 Zombies #1 Multiplayer List #1 Mod Menu Code I will be actively adding new codes when i test more out. If you find any of these don't work or need help editing their values please comment or PM me.
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    Discussion Would Anyone Want A Modded Lobby?

    Does anyone even play BO1 on Wii still? I got rid of my Wii years ago, but might get a new one soon if anyone wants me to host lobbies.
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    Tutorial Close

    Close please
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    Solved Need help with mod menu

    I'm pretty new to modding and whenever I try and join a multiplayer lobby with the mod menu you it says "Our level fastfile is different from the server. Aborting connection!" Does anyone know how to fix this.
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    Discussion Nuketown 2025 Map Finally Comes to Wii U!

    Two years later, Black Ops 2 on Wii U has finally gotten the Nuketown 2025 map. A new update went live for Wii U gamers last week which added the new map to the game. This weekend only, players can play the Nuketown 2025 24/7 playlist alongside Double XP and Double Weapon XP. Wii U players may...
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    Tutorial Tutorial - Banning Username From Game {Script} #1

    Hello Se7ensins. Today, I decided I would make a small black ops wii tutorial on creating a script that bans a specific username from your game and or any game that has this script added to it. Let us begin this tutorial. I will be creating a script that does extra stuff also, I will point out...
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