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    Unsolved weapon loadout script for GTA Online? [PARAGON menu]

    I'm trying to find a way of giving myself the loadout i want. From what i hear the paywall solution (weapons safe) is less than perfect. Is there a way i can run a script or somthing to give me the exact weapons i want? Or at least drop the weapons i don't? Perhaps spawn weapons to pick up? My...
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    TUTORIAL 1. go to world league 2. prestige the gun you want then go back to mulitplayer 3. you will see if you press on the gun in mp that gun gun prestige but you keep the attachments
  3. PUBG for Xbox One Update Out Now; Here's What's New

    PUBG for Xbox One Update Out Now; Here's What's New

    PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has just received its latest update for the Xbox One version of the game, which brings changes that Windows PC players have been enjoying for months to console. The patch is roughly equivalent to Update 12, which was released for PC back in April and re-balanced the...
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    News Sanhok-Exclusive Gun, The QBU

    According to the Twitter post by PUBG Corp, a new DMR titled “QBU” is under the works, which will be coming to PUBG’s third map, Sanhok exclusively. The gun will feature a pre-attached bipod which will “greatly reduce recoil when shooting from a prone position.” Furthermore, the new DMR will...
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    Solved Determining Weapon used for a kill

    I'm trying to create a Gun Game where getting stabbed sends you back one gun, just like in the real game mode. I found some kind of function in _matchdata.gsc (pastebin . com/EAKs4zGq), specifically killedPlayer(). The issue is that I can't seem to find where the game stores the weapon used for...
  6. Halo 5's Big Weapon Balance Changes Detailed

    Halo 5's Big Weapon Balance Changes Detailed

    It's almost been two years since Halo 5: Guardians came out in October 2015. While developer 343 Industries is no doubt working on Halo 6, a portion of the team continues to release updates for Halo 5, and this continues with a big weapon tuning update. In a blog post, the studio said it's been...
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    Lobby Drop Release (Download)

    EVERYONE THAT IS GIVING ME HATE FOR THIS ITS 10 YEEEEEEAAARS OOOOOOOLLDDDDDD MOVE ON! Just decided to drop cause well why not lmfao There ya go GTA IV community Instructions - Simply spawn a freeze gun aka rocket and throw it and boom goes the dynamite RIP GTA IV Its been a good 10 years BTW...
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    Patched [1.31] Funny Weapon Actions Glitch

    Sup, posting my first and pretty straightforward Glitch here. Sry if anybody found it before. After doing this glitch you can do the L3 + R3 actions while holding a weapon. TESTED ON PS4. So as just said it's incredibly easy. 1. Put out any weapon (preferably heavy weapon) 2. Get a helicopter...
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