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    Google Bing's Free old school Call of duty Services

    Hello Sinner's So I present you Google Bing Call Of Duty Service's. I know the the old cod games are dying, i believe that people still look for Modded Lobbies, and still play them. So with that being said this is what i offer.. Also anyone that owns a rgh and wants to play old Mw2 tu6 menus...
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    Unsolved  WaW freezes after converting from CEX to DEX (PS3)

    after i converted from cex to dex, every time I would load up waw, it would freeze. I know it's not a problem with the game because I converted it back to cex and it worked fine. Does anybody know how to solve this issue? For some further context I am running on rebug 4.84 spoofed to 4.86
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    Tutorial  Doing modded Nazi Zombies lobbies

    Message my GT A Big HP For invite to zombie lobbies
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    Waw Zombies -Modded Lobbies- Elasticity v1 - Msg for Invite -

    [email protected] Zombies Modded Lobby —————————- :Msg me for invite: PsychoEwe8001 — | Will infect if you ask | — | Lobby goes until I get bored, but you can get back in just join off of my profile | ————————————————— o(^o^)o (^^) _________________________ ( FREE CO-HOST ) When we get...
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    - Fyrepit V3 - Infection Using (Elasticity V1) Zombies Only

    Hello all se7ensinners :biggrin: Today I will be hosting - Fyrepit V3 - (Infections) Using 'Elasticity V1' How to join my lobby? 1. Send a message to my gamertag saying 'Se7' so I know that you are from the website :smile: 2. Please do not spam my inbox with messages. As it could get...
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    Pestilence modding team Mod Menu infections WaW

    I will be hosting WaW infections for a little while Gamertag: Standbysleet Send me a message and I will invite you, back out go to split screen and start it, after that join back and then I will start the game. It’s important to spectate me during the infection to make sure you receive the menu...
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    Waw infection lobby, hosting Pestilence mod menu

    Hey 7s I'm hosting a multiplayer infection for aww I'm infection one at a time so please wait your turn, if you cant join ask someone else to infect you please and thx Instructions Join my game, back out to splitscrean. It has to be split screen, then keep hitting a till the game starts it...
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    Elasticity V1 / Zombies Infection

    Post you're gamertag below and wait patiently for an invite to my lobby OPEN Infection: Fyrepit v3 Rules: No screaming No Spamming Messages If any issues message me Instructions: When infected go to solo zombies and once in the game press the back button on you're controller Take time to...
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    Call Of Duty World At War/ Summer Bass V2 Infections/ Free - Open

    Status- Closed Gamertag: Pcant xK0Vx It's A Zero Not An O Send Me A Friend Request And Join My Lobby. Once The Lobby Is Closed Please Do Not Continue To Spam Me. Once You Join My Game Exit And Go To Split Screen And Start A Match, It Will Kick You And Change Your Clan Tag. Then Rejoin Me And...
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    Mod Menu  WAW Zombies Mod Menus from CFGModding

    ---USB ONLY--- A Collection of Menus that I got from CFGModding: Ghetto's Menu v4: Download (Simplistic Scrollable Menu) (Menu Freezes, Press Start to unfreeze it) ImSo1337's Teh L33T v2 With Shader: Download (Scrollable Menu) Merkst3r's v1 Menu: Download (Simplistic Scrollable Menu) (Press LB...
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    Solved  RGH - WaW Mod Menu Trouble...

    I know WaW mod menus are old but im simply using it for fun. Basically, I added the mod menu (patch_mp.ff) in the CoDWaW folder in xex menu and I run the game, and it usually asks me to update. If I update, its just the normal WaW game with no menu. If I don't update, it says "Disc Unreadable"...
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    WaW Zombies Mod Menu Lobby, Infections, Unlock All, Rank

    I’m hosting on WaW zombies for a bit. The menu is Physics n Flex v3. Add my GT: xxGetSlappedd Closed
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    [email protected] multiplayer infections!

    [email protected] Infection Lobby! XBOX MESSAGES DONT COME THROUGH SO DONT BE BEGGING FOR INVITES! TRY JOIN THROUGH SESH! *I’ve been infecting for around 2 days straight* _________________________________ Modmenu: Xbox360lsbest How to use: D pad (To scroll/Open) When you join go to split screen start a match...
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    CoD WaW Infections Summerbass v1

    CLOSED Hosting infections! Message me for invite Gamertag : Anson Only rule is that you don't spam me :') Post legit when it's done please thanks Join my game, back out go to split screen AND START IT. WAIT FOR IT DO DO PART 1 and then join back after it kicks you. DONT SPAWN IN
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    CoD WaW modded lobbies

    (closed for now) Project x v2 lobbies Host GT: Anson Message me on xbox for invite Im doing MOD MENU LOBBIES, Infections dont work rn :/ Post legit if can thanks :smile:
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    Hosting WaW Infection Lobby

    Hello. Will be hosting Leviathan V2 Infection Menu for about 60 minutes. Be sure too be quick. It is the standard back out and start S.S then rejoin and wait patiently. GT: XBL Private chat to join. Closed.
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    SummerBass v2 infections

    Post gt in chat.. Post legit when in my lobby STATUS: Closed
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    XKovX 8.5 menu infections

    Post gt in chat for inv.. Instructions join leave go to split screen start it on checker board wait to be kicked join back and wait for me to start it spectate when I start Do Not spawn in. Right dpad to open menu
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    Abzorbalof V1 Infections

    Post gt for inv.. Post legit.
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