waw free infections xbox 360 xbox one

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    Waw Zombies -Modded Lobbies- Elasticity v1 - Msg for Invite -

    [email protected] Zombies Modded Lobby —————————- :Msg me for invite: PsychoEwe8001 — | Will infect if you ask | — | Lobby goes until I get bored, but you can get back in just join off of my profile | ————————————————— o(^o^)o (^^) _________________________ ( FREE CO-HOST ) When we get...
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    xKoVx mod menu Hosting all day

    Hello I’ve seen that their isn’t that much hosting on here anymore but I came here to give u guys lobby’s as much as I can so today imma be doing MW2 and WaW all day ——ALL SERVICES ARE FREE—— GT:Wrlix XD All donations can be helpful so I can keep giving u guys more lobby’s
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    Rules -No Screaming -No loud music -dont hassle me -enjoy Instructions -send my GT a message saying SE7ENSINS -Gamertag = LittleHammer007 I will only infect each person once
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    xKoVx v8.5 Infection (closed)

    Rules -No Screaming -No loud music -dont hassle me -enjoy Instructions -send my GT a message saying SE7ENSINS -Gamertag = LittleHammer007 I will only infect each person once
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    Write GT OR Message GT rob52974 for invite. HOSTING FOR 24 hours
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    Cod [email protected] Laviathan V2 Host & Non Host

    Welcome Guys! Today I will be hosting World at war infections! Host And Non-Host Lobby Status: CLOSED Menu being used: Laviathan V2 Created By: Me How to join: Post your gamertag or message (Those are lowercase L’s) Please be aware that this menu is still in Beta and still needs work! Steps...
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    Summerbass v2 for yo crusty ***

    Infecting for a hot min post ur gt below for an inv Rules: Dont tell me when to start Dont be an annoying ***** Be patient yaw Be sure to post legit after part 1
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    PMK744 infections

    Closed Closed Closed Closed Gt is n/a send a private chat to n/a u must post legit with ur gt or i will kick u thanks hosting to so be fast
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    Hosting PMK744

    All Thanks to PMK744 For this menu Not hosting anymore!! Gamertag ~ XxGProof4LifexX Post Legit When your in da Lobby if not your not getting infected! Online/{Offline} Menu: PMK744 Hosting for a bit so join fast Game ~ Call Of Duty World at War Credits to who infected me!! Please send me a...
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    WaW modded infection lobby

    Hey everyone now that I got a rgh Xbox gonna be hosting some infections on almost all cod games! Just drop your gt down below and I'll e sure to infect you tomorrow. Be sure to post legit once in ;)
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    Waw Infection lobby

    Closes! Closes! Closes! t I'm Hosting SummerBass V1. ----------------------------------------- No music or screaming thanks. GT BIGREDJASON42 ----------------------------------------- Post Gamertags below thanks! ----------------------------------------- Remember to do part one! Join. Leave...
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    Sumner Bass v2

    Sumner Bass v2 Post Legit Closed GT:vFoI Join Go Split Screen Start Wait Till It Kicks You Join Back If You Ant Got @p1 In Clan Tag I Will Kick You
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    Project Mary Jane

    gt:c4lebis4wesomeopen post legit when in paypal [email protected]
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    Summerbass v1 infection lobby

    Send private chat invite to c4lebis4wesome and join when doing part 2 don't spawn in Say legit when done Status: open
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    Hosting summerbass Tonight!

    Doing summerbass v1 or old school infections on waw after I resetup my rgh and pay for my stealth when I get home from work around 10:30-11pm eastern time. Put your Gts down below and I'll invite you around the time I state above. (Have to be online for invite). I'll send out message letting you...
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    Champion Lobbies/WaW Infections/6k views!!!

    Im back hosting again ive took a long a$$ break from s7. If you want to know what ive been doing dm me Luv you guys!!! THANKS FOR 6k views!!! ∆ Homies/Legit WaWmoDzZv2 Smokey xKoVx Aquatic Mods Yungen MajorLobbies LukeModzV2 ∆ Those people ^ are awesome people ∆ ©People who copy my post© Mod...
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