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  1. Father

    Question  Halo Wars 2 Mod Tool Connection Issues

    Hey there, having a bit of a problem. I started modding Halo Wars 2, and, I'd like to be able to pit certain units together in customs, but, inviting myself seems to be impossible. I'm running the same app on the same pc between two different users, and they cannot join together at all. Trying...
  2. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Turf Wars DLC Launches Today

    Marvel’s Spider-Man: Turf Wars DLC Launches Today

    Hey everyone! Once again, we want to thank all our fans out there for your tremendous support of Marvel’s Spider-Man since its launch on September 7. Whether you’re playing the main game, experiencing it again with New Game+ and Ultimate Difficulty, or checking out the beginning of the game’s...
  3. Inventical

    Gamesaves  Halo Wars General GPD

    Funny enough me and my mate are playing halo wars and never really got to general in the end but i have a rbh xbox. Just wondering if anyone stills has a General GPD still up and is able to help me out get straight to general <3
  4. D

    Solved  Kinect Star Wars Error

    Hey Guys, I've tried ripping my Kinect Star Wars game to my rgh and then converting it to God via xex2god. No matter what I do, When I try to load the game I just get a black screen and the system freezes and I have to do a hard reboot .
  5. Frank

    PC  Jelp7 SkyBlocks & Survival Server + special Se7ensins rank! Eggwars & More!

    Hello, Sinners, I am Frank. I've been a member of the se7ensins community for a long time now this is my second thread I've made in that time I'm hoping to actually get into the community more and be more of a face people know so I'm starting with the server I manage on Minecraft so at Jelp7 We...
  6. B

    Web  McCodes v2

    Hi I am new to mccodes I know how to install and add mods but I am not that clued up on it and my crons don't run unless I am on the site e.g. energy will not refill unless I am logged in, would anyone be willing to spare some time on helping me out? Or does anyone know of any other engines like...
  7. VitaDeditae

    All  Star Wars Battlefront(Jakku): FALCON TIME BABY!!!!

    Fun times flying the Falcon on Jakku!!!
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