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  1. Intense ZERO G Gunfight! Modern Space COMBAT | Boundary VR (Early Access Pick)

    Intense ZERO G Gunfight! Modern Space COMBAT | Boundary VR (Early Access Pick)

    Boundary is a multiplayer tactical space-based shooter that puts players in the role of a heavily armed astronaut, called an Astroperator, engaging in fierce team vs team zero gravity firefights and executing low-gravity operations on orbiting space installations against other enemy Astroperators.
  2. Deathloop | 1080p Ultra HD Gameplay (SPOILER ALERTS) | Wack the Shmooliani

    Deathloop | 1080p Ultra HD Gameplay (SPOILER ALERTS) | Wack the Shmooliani

    Deathloop is on sale yet again catch it for 50 percent off on Steam today! Great story driven first person shooter with spacetime warp anomaly based gameplay loop makes for a refreshing and interesting playthrough with moderate replayability. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1252330/DEATHLOOP/
  3. Splitgate: AW Game Play X Drip Star LIVE

    Splitgate: AW Game Play X Drip Star LIVE

    Hey everyone! Today I have for you some gameplay from one of steams most popular arena shooters (formerly known as portal wars) Splitgate: Arena Warfare. Overall I say the game plays like Halo with the portal gun integrated into combat scenarios.
  4. Aokijii

    Nuke Boosting Xbox

    Looking for Players to boost Nuke. Headset is necessary. Activision ID: Drty Kenzo#1559093 and msg me
  5. Armystrong6833

    Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Boosting lobby

    Looking for a boosting lobby to join I have 2 controllers Gamertag: TheCarboShow95 ADD ME OR INVITE ME
  6. StolenCarz

    StolenCarZ Official Modern Warfare Lobby’s

    Welcome Gamertag: Boogeymane666 What menu? Destruction How to Open? Aim + Knive Proof: Make Sure to Send Me a Message saying (7s) Enjoy the Lobby!
  7. I

    Modern Warfare Remastered Boosting PS4

    Add me if you want to boost, take it in turns each match. iiXenov - private message me and add me
  8. Enigma3


    CALL OF DUTY INFINITY MOMENTS!! Action, shooting, show ... Welcome to Call of Duty !!
  9. M

    Solved  MW2 Mod Question

    I just recently started playing mw2 again and I was just wondering if it is possible to get a mod menu to work without a jtag or rgh? If so does anyone know of a tutorial video that will show me how it is done?
  10. iKornn

    Jaegarus Modded Lobbies [OPEN]

    :smile:WELCOME TO JAEGARUS MODDING:smile: Rules: -Don't Spam Explosives -Don't Play Loud Music -Don't Beg For VIP, CoHost, Exc. -Be A Nut -Have Fun How to open menu: Knife + Dpad left - Open/Close Dpad up/down - Scroll X - Select Crouch - Go Back You can support us by donating! <a...
  11. J

    Cage Match Boosting

    Will be at it today and tommorow, add me on Xbox One, "jdrose038".
  12. P

    Quickscope/NoScope -MW2- Xbox 360

    Hosting Quickscope/NoScope -MW2- Xbox 360 Add PunjabiWarri0r for invite or join session in progress
  13. Sudden Strike returns next month on PS4 and PC

    Sudden Strike returns next month on PS4 and PC

    Sudden Strike had a strong as a real-time tactics game, set in World War II, during the last decade. It hasn’t gotten a new edition since 2010, but in August, it’ll be coming to PC and PlayStation 4 from new developer Kite Games and publisher Kalypso Media. This will be the first console launch...
  14. iNoble

    Double XP Moshpit Boosting

    Trying to boost some moshpit for the 2x xp, keys, weapon xp, etc! Please have 2 controllers and a headset preferable. Post GT's below or message me for an invite :)
  15. Otishuff

    Video  If COD infinite warfare was a movie

    I found this on YouTube. It's some funny stuff for sure.
  16. Decrepiit

    Boosting On Cod IW Need 2 Controllers

    We need 1 person with 2 controllers my GT is Decrepiit
  17. Casp

    Tutorial  Modern Warfare Remastered Achievement/Trophy Guide

    This might be a little redundant for people who are playing through the campaign for the second time since the original, but this is mainly catered towards people who are going through the game for the first time or who are struggling with getting through it again. Plus, there are a few new...
  18. L


    come on guys join me DOM and Cage match boosting steam: /id/58221337/
  19. Vacro

    Discussion  Mission Team Rewards List [Every Level]

    All credit to: u/VarneshPlays on reddit. https://reddit.com/r/Infinitewarfare/comments/5dugdj/mission_team_rewards_list_every_level/ 1 - Starting Level 2 - Weapon Camo 3 - Calling Card 4 - Emblem 5 - 100 Salvage 6 - Weapon Camo 7 - 100 Salvage 8 - Calling Card 9 - Gesture 10 - Weapon (see...
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