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  1. drama666

    More Free Zombies Boosting Lobbies (w/ EASTER EGG RUNS!)

    I will do this slightly different than the first time, simply because I feel it didn't happen in a first-come first-serve manner. These will be slightly shorter. Please do not ask for more rounds/time as I want to cycle as many people as I can. DUO: Round 30 (Take turns on rounds) TRIPLE...
  2. P

    Cold War Boosting Lobby

    Cold War boosting lobby add YoureDogCrap#4500986
  3. L

    Want to join boosting lobby

    PSN: Luqzerr thanks 18+
  4. J

    Solved  Problem with pre order bonus content not showing in game

    I’ve finally got round to playing this game but I have a problem with my pre order content on Xbox one. I’ve redeemed the code and installed the content but the pre order content is not showing in game. When I go to buy a horse at any stable the only war horse available is a $140 brown Ardennes...
  5. PUBG Adds Respawns In New War Mode

    PUBG Adds Respawns In New War Mode

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has very quietly added a new mode called War on PC. The new mode--which is essentially Team Deathmatch--adds respawns, a mechanic not seen in PUBG's standard battle royale mode. Players are condensed into a small, static area on Erangel, meaning lives don't last...
  6. Bran Benz

    WWII  WAR Clan is looking for new members

    Hello, everyone, we are a German call of duty clan with the war mode in the foreground. we are still looking for members who share this preference with us. So if you feel like joining our small group, just drop by our Facebook group and ask a question. Please send a PN for more Infos Hallo...
  7. C

    Xbox One  GTA mercenary crew for hire.

    Hey I represent a mercenary crew on gta for xbox one. We are called V7 Crimson Assassins. We provide services such as protection, help in crew battles and assassinations. We can also provide whatever you are wanting within reason. If you are interested message me one xbox one, my gamertag is...
  8. Life

    Mobile  Official Clash Of Clans Recruitment.

    Are you in a CoC Clan? Need Members? Want Members? Well here is the Official Thread were you can post your Clan Name and ask members to join. Please follow the rules below when Request members to join your clan. Rules: (Post in format below when requesting.) Clan Name: Trophy Count: Number...
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