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  1. mathmattx

    Patched  Penetrate The Mighty Bush

    This breach is just for fun as you cannot shoot out. It is difficult to enter as well but should lead to more breaches as the method is somewhat new. 1. Come to this spot and climb the bush. [ ] 2. Hide against wall towards far end of bush since that is only spot it allows. 3. Now come to...
  2. gta5astuces


    HELLO GUYS ESCUSE MY ENGLISH BUT I’M A FRENCH GUYS :wink: Today I will show you guys the best and the most largest godmode wallbreach ever :wink: text tutorial : 1) take a motorcycle or a bike and go same me in the vidéo 2) enter with the bike in the tattoo shop and make a step back 3) now...
  3. mathmattx

    Patched  Ah Fridgit! Massive Wallbreach: 2 Buildings in 1

    This breach is super easy to get in and you will have massive area to run around. You can shoot snipers out many areas. 1. Come to the back alley on the east side of the building and climb ladder. 2. Go to back corner of building here. 3. Run into dark wall area. 4. Once partially in...
  4. mathmattx

    Patched  Invincible Sniper's Nest

    This is a sweet wall breach that puts you in the top floor of the Eclipse Lodge. A great place to come and relax or gain an upper hand. There are many places to shoot out and many you can't. 1. Come to this building then go to alley on North side of building. 2. Once on top come over to...
  5. mathmattx

    Patched  Secret Location Building Breach: 2 Levels w/ Interiors

    This is a different LomBank location wall breach. Once inside you will not fall through floor except on outer edge. You can jump down to another floor. 1. Bring tall enough vehicle to be able to jump over bushes to the back alley of the bank. 2. Aim for corner and jump. 3. You should...
  6. mathmattx

    Patched  Root of All Evil: Invincibility Box

    This breach will put you in the roots of a tree behind the protection of a wall. Once inside you can shoot at all directions and are technically under the map so can get great angles on enemies. Tested on PS3. 1. Climb the wall at the corner. 2. When you hit hide you must go into crease...
  7. Wiggly

    Working  Under the Stairs WALLBREACH (Black Ops 3)

    Tutorial: 1. Load up the map Breach 2. Go stand in front of the stairs 3. Jump to the right of them 4. Wall run underneath 5. Jump up and land on the ledge
  8. mathmattx

    Patched  [LG]*Solo* Run In Theater + Player Launch

    This will allow you to mess around in all the movie theaters while in freemode. The past method had you join a mission. This one you back out. You must be quick on this. 1. Go to movie theater and get option to watch movie. 2. Open phone and select quick job, race 3. Immediately open phone...
  9. mathmattx

    Patched  Sawmill Massacre: Easy Solo Survival Win + Wallbreach

    This method has you hiding behind a railing for invincibility or using a safe room for complete invulnerability. They are both right next to each other so you can jump between to speed up your domination. The railing spot seems to work best as the hicks usually keep streaming towards you from...
  10. gta5astuces


    Please scuse my english because i'm a french guys :wink: Today I will show you guys a NEW INVINCIBLE WALLBREACH glitch in GTA5 ONLINE , to be invincible follow the tutorial and you can watch the vidéo :smile: : 1) Take an insurgent and go to the lombank building 2) place the insurgent same me...
  11. mathmattx

    Patched  In the Bum Shack, Dumpster Diving & Breaches

    Get your trash suits on. Get in trash bins and also some new sweet wallbreaches. There are different types of bins, some you can shoot out and some just for invincible hide spots. There are many locations I'm sure and here are a few. This first spot has best of everything. The bin allows for...
  12. mathmattx

    Patched  Two New Wallbreaches @ Cypress Flats Ammunation/Crossfire Deathmatch

    There are 2 wallbreaches + a container breach located by the Ammunation in Cypress Flats. They are also at Crossfire Deathmatch start location. The first one is very easy. 1. Climb on container and hide against it. 2. Now walk, don't run towards opposite end. 3. You will bump against the...
  13. mathmattx

    Patched  Morris & Son's Massive Wallbreach: Easy

    This is a very easy breach and is a great place to hide if on the run. Once inside you can run around the entire floor without falling through the map. 1. Go to the back of the building and climb on dumpster. 2. Hide against wall as close to air conditioner as possible. Look to your...
  14. mathmattx

    Patched  [PS3 & X360 Only] Destroy Processed Survival: Easy Solo Method

    This is like shooting pigs in a barrel. This will allow you to beat Processed Survival with ease and completely solo. If done right you will take no hits at all. 1. Come to this spot and hide against wall. You cannot just walk into crease. 2. Look to your left then slide to the right and you...
  15. mathmattx

    Patched  Continued Ninja Moves: Get in Shipping Containers

    This will allow you to get in shipping containers if setup is correct. This can be frustrating. You will need to find a container at a slight diagonal direction placed by a wall or another container. You are not invincible from explosives and people can shoot you if they get correct angle but...
  16. mathmattx

    Patched  [ALL PLATFORMS Confirmed] Ninja moves: Hide in electrical boxes

    Confirmed all platforms. You will need to find an electrical box connected to a wall to hide against. There are different types of boxes you can breach. Here are the 5 confirmed types of boxes: 1. Climb on top of electrical box. Where 2 boxes meet works very effectively but single...
  17. mathmattx

    Patched  [Last Gen & XB1 Confirmed] Inside Trevor's Trailer: Easy

    This is the only way to get into Trevor's trailer. Cannot shoot out but also cannot take any damage. The best car for this is the Panto but mini should work also. The short hood allows for easy access. There is a tire on the ground that seems to only be there to mess this up. Run over it until...
  18. mathmattx

    Patched  LomBank Wallbreach: Difficult

    This wallbreach is located in the alley of Del Pero Apartments. You will breach into the LomBank building. This can be very difficult to gain access. Good breach since so many people have this garage so always lots of action. Everyone will think you are just hiding behind the bins. Bounty...
  19. Gummby

    Patched  [PS3 Confirmed] Behind Rob's Liquor Wallbreach

    Greetings Kids, Welcome back to The Dork Group's instructional tutorials. In today's tutorial I will be showing you how to wallbreach Behind Rob's Liquor - Vespucci Canals. My objective is to educate and to give users that don't know a tutorial for them to use. I have forgotten more...
  20. PsYcHoZiZm

    Video  Cool Wallbreach [1.29]

    Just watch this, Follow my steps and enjoy the vid.
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