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  1. Bulldodge

    Patched  Into FIB Building

    Kinda useless but I want 2 share it anyways. Tp needed. Face the building and on pause map menu place the cursor right in the middle on the grey spot so you have the blue star north of you the race marker in the south west and the capture south east from you. Warp and voila you're in.
  2. el jugador


    Hey peep, this Wall breach is located just up the road from Los Santos Custom's on the eastern side of the map. It is in a handy location, but you will not be able to shoot out of the walls (unfortunately) and will need to choose the easy way out to exit. You are able to shoot out of the upper...
  3. aT IM FRESH


    FOUNDER -aT IM FRESH https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWbdSFtirgkKA2QTfx8t6dg VIDEO FOR BETTER UNDERSTANDING IF ^^^THAT LINK DON'T WORK HERE'S A LINK TO MY CHANNEL AND THE VIDEO IS ON THERE:] https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWbdSFtirgkKA2QTfx8t6dg [1st method steps] 1.go stand on top of the...
  4. DaddyCool NL

    Video  Wallbreach inside the Slaughterhouse

    This is a Dutch video, but you understand what iam doing to get inside
  5. mathmattx

    Patched  [LG] Epsilon Flowerbox of Protection

    Here are two Epsilon breaches. The first is useful and the second is just another place to get into. Both employ a last gen method to breach. The first tiny breach will allow you to shoot out all weapons and since no one else can get in you are invincible. This is a great troll location in a...
  6. mathmattx

    Patched  Give Street Car to Friends - LG for now

    This method is confirmed for last gen but will work for current gen if wallbreach is located. This wallbreach method was patched on current gen but some spots still work so let me know and I will update. This allows you to enter LSC in any mission or job. This works off the same principle the...
  7. Treestandzml

    Patched  New *INSANE SOLO* Open Area Wallbreach Glitch *AFTER PATCH 1.36*

    CHECK THE VIDEO OUT. TEXT: 1. Go to this location on the map: 2. Make sure you have a motorcycle and park it on the steps of the house that the waypoint, in the map, is set on. 3. Get off your bike and get some distance from it. 4. Run towards ot fast and then click to jump, so you jump on...
  8. Treestandzml

    Patched  *AWESOME SOLO* Wallbreach Glitch *AFTER PATCH 1.36*

    CHECK OUT THE VIDEO! TEXT: 1. Go to the location on the map: 2. Get a car and park it on the wall of the industrial warehouse. 3. Get out of the car and jump on top to get onto the roof of the warehouse. 4. Walk over to the left and you'll see a pipe. 5. Get out your gun and walk onto the...
  9. Worldofpossible

    All  Watchdogs 2 Wallbreach Glitch!

    [Video] While I was escaping from a someone during a failed invasion in Watchdogs 2, I wallbreached beneath lake. What luck to stumble on to this because it literally saved me and allowed me to make my escape. Going the location and swimming toward the pylon in the water glitch beneath. Strange...


    Tutorial: Needed: Payload: FTL-Jump Guide: 1- Come to the outside of the plane and walk to the frontside. 2- Line yourself up in the line showed in the video. 3- Run-Jump-Slide-Jump-Use ''FTL-Jump'' underneath the frontside of the plane. 4- After breaching you can go behind the cockpit by...

    Patched  GTA V Online tree expolit/glitch

    Little exploit that allows you to get inside a tree in GTA V. Seen these exploits before but not at this certain part of the map. Step 1, go to race track step 2, go to front entrance at main road looking at the building (the tree is the first one to the right after driveway) step 3, go to gate...
  12. Treestandzml

    Patched  New Rockford Hills Building Wallbreach Glitch *AFTER PATCH 1.36*

    TEXT TUTORIAL: 1. Go to this location on the map: 2. Grab a high vehicle or a Mule. 3. Go to the back of the building where the firemen are. 4. Park your vehicle on the door at the end on of the left side. 5. Get out and on top of your vehicle. 6. Walk up to the left side of the door and click...
  13. Paul Huijs

    Patched  Wallbreach/Funny something in MC ?

    Hello All,.. Bare with me as this is my very first "Thread" I post here and it's even the first "glitchy" thing that happened to me. I don't know if it is out there already or even heard about though, so: sorry if it's already posted somewhere. I take NO credit at all as I stumbled on in by...
  14. Wiggly


    Tutorial: 1. Find the pickup truck on the map 2. Climb into the bed of the truck 3. Go prone
  15. mathmattx

    Patched  Gigantic Floor Breach: Run Around Under The Map

    Last Gen method. This breach is pretty sick. The first breach leads to another wallbreach then you can drop down and run around under the map on an invisible floor. 1. Come to this spot at the Del Pero shops. 2. Hide on wall by railing. 3. Have character looking towards the railing...
  16. mathmattx

    Patched  Secret Party Patio: Chill Spot or Sniper's Nest

    This breach allows you to get into your own private patio on top of Astro Theater. Great spot to chill in the sun or destroy your enemies. You can shoot out all weapons and are invincible once inside. 1. Get helicopter and land on top of Astro Theater. 2. Jump down onto this glass covered...
  17. D2syg

    Patched  Mount chiliad building wallbreach wierd block inside

    I found this video on youtube by Mr glitches gta showing you how to get into the building on mount chiliad and inside he find a random cube of concrete inside which is pretty weird considering there has been speculation before of the jet pack maybe been there Tutorial 1. Get a Cargobob and pick...
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