1. Rezhz

    Unsolved  RGH VPN help?

    so iv decided to put a VPN on my RGH but im having trouble getting it set up. if anyone could help or assist me onto getting it resolved would be much appreciated
  2. computeur

    Discussion  Buy Red dead Redemption 2 PC for €33 on Rockstar Games (launcher & website)

    Hi I'm sorry is this thread come to late but I don't want writing you about this news before trying it HOW DO TO BUY THE Red dead Redemption 2 PC GAMES with Rockstar Games for €33 (or €47 for ultimate version) ? Necessary: VPN with Russia cover A fresh email adress (with a rockstar games...
  3. XxUnkn0wnxX

    Possible Cheesy Method for boosting lobbies when game is out

    I’m pretty sure this is doable, since MW will allow for cross play support why not run multiple instances (more than 1 copy) of the game on PC or if that not possible run an instance in different VM's (Virtual machines). game settings can be set to minimum as you don’t need graphics here. &...
  4. Karoleiro

    Solved  Can I change my account's region or country somehow at a different location, So I can play Poker?

    Hello friends :) Recently someone told me that I cannot play Poker on RDR2 Online, cause I live in Greece and in my country it is illegal (even with fake money LOL) I am trying like CRAZY to join poker online!! I posted a thread and someone answered me that if I change my country or region I...
  5. Salacious Mind

    Solved  Help with setting up NFO

    So im kinda new to the nfo servers, and wanted some help setting up my nfo into a vpn, i have putty and openvpn installed aswell but just dont know how to set up the nfo ? if some one could please help? i ordered the VDS with 400 gb if that helps with anything? did i buy the wrong server? i want...
  6. XEXDIRTY420

    What vpn to use and how to do it?

    What is the best vpn and how do you set one up? I've never had any luck even watching videos idk what I'm doing wrong.
  7. DiipzayXEX

    1. Windows
    Fast VPN for gaming w/ servers in the Netherlands?

    Title says it all. Any suggestions on a fast VPN for gaming with servers based in the Netherlands?
  8. J

    Solved  How to get open NAT type when using a VPN?

    On my RGH Xbox 360, I use a VPN because I have other retail consoles in my house. I just want to know how to get an open NAT type when using a VPN.
  9. O

    Unsolved  VPN TROUBLES

    so i have followed every video known to man 3 different computers and all sorts of different ways to connect and 2 vpn companies and still can not get my computer to allow internet to be shared from vpn to ethernet port(xbox) it says its shared but the vpn will have internet and the xbox wont...
  10. B

    Unsolved  Anyway to have jiggy pretty loaded when launching bo2 through xex

    Basically injecting gsc files over wifi is a pain in the butt.. but. I have a vpn on top of that. So it's going to take a year, is there anyway I can have jiggy already loaded when I launch bo2?Omg... RIP title.
  11. Ricky carrazco

    Solved  Help running my RGH Sharing network with PC and VPN

    Ok i have been trying to figure this out a week so please any one help!! My computer is an HP windows 10. I am trying to run my RGH though network sharing from my PC. I bought a vpn and am trying to figure out the network settings but am lost. First of all i cant figure out how to share my pc...
  12. Hybrid_Mods

    Solved  Can someone please help me with jtag vpn?

    ive literally tried every tutorial on youtube. Ive tried setting everything up right and it still wont work. I have IPVanish and a laptop. If someone can PLEASE help me out with what im doing wrong id love to know. Ive manually added ipvanish and my laptop ethernet port going to my xbox says...
  13. JAlbeHD


    Must have: 2 controllers A mic Write your gt below and i'll invite you in a min PS: Now it work my party so i can invite you :)
  14. JAlbeHD


    Must have 2 controllers and a mic write below your gt and i'll invite you in a mim
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