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visual studio

  1. F

    Question  Cod 3 (2006) Open source Menu

    So i got a Open source for the old school cod 3 (2006). I have put a lot into it already and need more help putting some things in it. So if anyone who can Write xex code and that knows Visual Studios. I need someone to either wright me something for it or teach me more about writing code. I...
  2. Glorius Reyten 117

    Question  Request link sdk xbox 360 and installation guide ?

    saludo quisiera saber si es posible que me faciliten los siguientes enlaces: Xbox 360 SDK Y una guía de cómo instalarlo en visual studio (cualquier versión). Soy nuevo y quiero aprender para luego aportar.
  3. S

    Xbox 360 stealth server wont allow clients to fully connect

    Hello there. I have compiled a stealth server and everything seems to be working, etc... I'm using the Shadow OG Stealth source code (leaked). I install the xex as a plugin in dashlaunch and try to connect by turning Xbox on. In the server console, there is an error: (IP-removed) has crashed...
  4. Raxe Modz

    Xex debugging problem

    When i'm changing my configuration in visual studio for xbox i'm always get this error someone can help me with this please..
  5. C

    C# RPC Tool Troubles

    Greetings Se7ensins community, I'm struggling to get either of my computers in my household to communicate with my RGH X-Box 360 through Visual Studio. I'm trying two computers, both 64-bit Windows 10, one has Visual Studio 2015 along with X-Box Neighborhood installed (NOT SDK); the other...
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