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visual studio 2010

  1. B

    Question  Data Breakpoints in Visual Studio 2010 never Break when value changes in game.

    Hello, my xbox 360 is running RGLoader 0v400 (from Github, installed it 3 weeks ago) with the 17150 dashboard files. I'm able to debug the xbox360 in Visual studio, Pause and Resume works, and on Pause it prints out the disassembly. Here's two screencaps: one is of me creating a data...
  2. JModsYT

    Mod Menu  NEW GTA 5 Mod Menu Base for RGH/JTAG Consoles Only! + Download Link (Made By Jxckyy)

    I've worked on a small basic menu design for GTA 5 RGH/JTAG... I only advise you using this if your experienced with pulling Coordinates and able to know the basics of Visual Studio, Between version 2010-2017. Must make sure that you have Coordinates before adding the code into Visual Studio^...
  3. OvaKill

    C/C++  RDP - Viewer

    This is my lil program I made still in beta stages you can see what your doing on the PC through the RDP - Viewer Window more testing will be done too see if it can work on VPS (Server) http://www.mediafire.com/download/8bf176csvjyxfr5/RDP+-+Viewer.rar...
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