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  1. iiCe CReaM MaNn

    Discussion  In search of vehicle services

    i am in search of all 62 chameleon colors on Xbox and willing to pay, PM if you have or can direct me somewhere where I can find them. Thank you!
  2. C

    Question  GTA V Online modded veichles

    Is there a way to modded vehicles on gta v online for pc?
  3. Native Pride 1988

    Working  How to use your personal vehicle in New mission finales.

    1. Drive your MK2, Kuruma Armored or any car you like to put in your normal garage. Make sure normal garage only. 2. Now you go to Auto Shop and start final Moody contract mission 3. Now start it and drive to your normal garage then you can drive your personal vehicle *I never know this...
  4. Trond

    Discussion  Vehicles with only PRIMARY color

    I've been trying to find a list or something with all vehicles wich only have primary color. I know of some, but I would like to know more. I'm just gonna write down those I remember on top of my head right now, and I will fill in more when I remember. Please help me make a 'complete' list of...
  5. THP070

    Solved  Glitched in facility but door to vehicles is closed

    Any idea how i can get to my vehicles? The door won't open. After a glitch i spawn in my heist room with Lesters message. Doors from canon and heist room are moving and my staff is walking around. Maybe there is an older glitch where this also happened...
  6. D

    Solved  Recovering special vehicles on PC

    Hi everyone, So a while back, I replaced 6 of my special vehicles in the special vehicle warehouse with other vehicles. All of those slots are bricked now, since they patched it last year. I'd like to put my special vehicles back in there so that I can use them. I've seen and tried some...
  7. JONNY0

    Discussion  Nightclubs All New Vehicles (Spoilers)

    These are all the new vehicles and new weapon that will be in the game when the update comes out. They look amazing! However I hope you have a lot of money as this update is going to be exspensive. VEHICLES WEAPONS All credit goes to FoxySnaps for providing these images...
  8. GrayRat

    News  Vehicles Are Finally Coming To Fortnite, Sort Of

    Ever since the release of Epic Games’ Fortnite, the entire gaming community has been wondering whether the developers will be introducing vehicles in the game. Well, it seems our call has been heard as vehicles are coming to Fortnite. Well, if you can call it that as the upcoming vehicle is not...
  9. Flavv

    Solved  How to import vehicles from story mode into online mode (search for 1.43)

    Hi I'm looking for how to import vehicles from story mode to online mode. I moddeling vehicles with Save Wizard for PS4 Thank you for your help
  10. aaronBLUEeyes

    Solved  What Vehicles Don't Show Crew Emblems?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to compile a list of vehicles that can be owned as PV which don't display crew emblems. An example would be an Insurgent. Please post any additional vehicles that are also like this. Thanks much!
  11. tails_prower_2040

    Working  Storing Chasing Vehicles from Contact Missions

    Morning Se7sensins! With apologies for the delay in posting this I was a little tired after my shift at work yesterday and I still had to make/upload the video to go with this tutorial but I can now share with you all the method for storing some mission cars that are not normally obtainable...
  12. Dynasty007

    Solved  Best way to remove vehicles on bike rack

    So with a previous glitch I managed to get 3 vehicles on my bike rack and now I want to remove them however im not sure what the best way would be without creating dead spots or causing bugs. There are a few different choices I have but im not sure what to choose. 1) Replace street bicycles...
  13. R

    Solved  Glitched Vehicles

    Which vehicles are able to be glitched (ex. the Panto w/o sides, topless Casco, etc.)? I was just wondering as I remembered that there used to be a good amount of these back on old-gen consoles.
  14. Swiftyste

    Patched  Change Parachute with Custom Ruiner 2000 in Races

    Hello Guys & Girls we have a way to change the parachute with custom Ruiner 2000 in Special vehicle Races Since R* are only allowing Stock Ruiner 2000 to change the Parachute (We as always have away around this) Instructions Step 1 Start up any of the Brand new Ruiner 2000 Special vehicle...
  15. WTFox

    Code  [REF] GTA V Vehicle hashes list 2

    These are all the vehicle hashes in the game. I am creating this new topic with the intention of keeping this OP updated and provide a complete reference. **This is an update to the original 2015 list NAME HEX uint32 int32 CATEGORY UPDATE NAME LOW PRICE HIGH PRICE ASBO 0x42ACA95F...
  16. spikebsb

    Patched  Import/Export - Always get High Range vehicles, or get the specific vehicle model you want

    Start importing your vehicles to the warehouse and go up to 32!! Don't go past that. I know the warehouses can source up to 40 vehicles, but the magic number is 32. If you already went past 32, next time you go to your warehouse, list your vehicles by name and check which model(s) you will have...
  17. toofaces2

    [REL] Buzzard Turbo Modus + Explosive Bullets

    PC|XBOX|PS3 BUZZARD TURBO MODUS with 4x Line and 2 Line is Explosive unstoppable Works with any Vehicles [Activate the Mod & Press (X) / (A) Button for Shot] Download // Virus Scan Credit: Blender88,Toofaces2,BLOODY Do not Release it without my Permission!
  18. JONNY0

    Patched  Save All Rare Kifflom Vehicles

    This was made last year December, but it still works for all consoles because its single player and they never patched it. The glitch allows you to save all the Kifflom vehicles during the Michael missions and keep the 2.1 million at the end of it. You'll need to not have finished the mission...
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